Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reverting Back

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to make a quick post to say that i've officially made a new blog for my book blogging YAY!!!

I will be making this blog a personal one again and hopefully write on it on occasion but will be mainly focusing on my other one. I hope you will join me on this new journey of mine as i talk about things that i am passionate about and enjoy doing and that's talking about books.

If you'd like to find my other blog the url is : 

Thank you for your constant support 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hey all,
I will be creating an entire new blog separate from this one dedicated to my book blogging because I really want to take this seriously. It has been pointed out to me that I need to start fresh and put in the effort to create a great new blog. So this week I will be in the process of creating my new blog here on blogger but don't worry I will repost all my past book posts onto that blog as well. I have so exciting posts to share with you all and I hope to hear your feedback once I get the blog up and running.

I will keep you all posted :)


Hello Again,
I forgot to mention in my last post that i am now on Goodreads :)
i have placed a link in my websites side bar, so if you would like more daily posts rather than waiting for my reviews on here, i would recommend you visit my goodreads pages as i would be putting up at least 3 reviews and ratings each day for books i've already read.
hope to hear from you all

Updates ... What's Coming Up?

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to make a quick post to apologise for not posting much in the last few days since my last post. Things have been getting a little crazy on my end with work and also i got really sick for the last couple of days and so i wasn't able to write but i'm feeling much better and hope to write more posts this week :)
I have wonderful posts to write to you all including:
- Review: of a series i had just finished (which i'm sure everyone has heard about )
-Update on the book i am currently reading and hoping to finish
-Book haul #2 (and possibly #3)
-Review: of a short story that i absolutely adore

so those are just a few things i will be writing about during this coming week and i hope to you guys will stay tuned :)

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Haul #1

This is my first official post for my new blog YAY!!! and of course it is a BOOK HAUL :) and i'm not gonna lie, it's not gonna be the only one for this week hahaha.

Today after work i went book shopping at Dymocks and found some good finds for such cheap prices and so i thought i would share them with you :)

Below is a photo of the books i bought :)

Honestly when i go shopping, i only look for things that i already know about or what looks good but for a change today, i took my time as i was going around the store and if the title interested me, i gave the blurb on the back a read :) and these were the ones that really made me wanna read them :)

I'll start with the non fiction books;
I buy a lot of humor and factual books as well as fiction and i found a couple today that i just couldn't help but pick up.

Title: Real Cheesy Facts About... By Camille Smith Platt
So i bought 2 of these books today (one about famous authors and the other about tv and movies). I love learning new facts and finding out little trivia about really popular things such as television characters and motivations of authors. These books provide that kind of information in a humorous way as well as bringing up facts that seem cliche or typical for whichever figure they are speaking of.
I am looking forward to going through these books and sharing the quirky facts with other people :)

Title: The Truth About Chuck Norris By Ian Spector
We have all heard all those little "jokes" or "Quote" things about Chuck Norris and so now there is a couple of books that compile all these sayings together to create one amusing book. This is the first book of the set as i'm sure there is always new ones being made. I've been meaning to buy this book for a while but it always seemed too pricey for what the book is and so when i saw it in store for only a couple dollars i just couldn't pass it up. I'm sure once i finish going through this book, i'll have a Chuck Norris saying for every occasion ;)

Now onto the FICTION :) i love fiction books, i love the idea of people developing such creative concepts to create storylines that speak to the reader. Lets start with the most boring one out of my pile...

Title: Love The One You're With (A Carlyles Novel) By Ceceily Von Ziegesar
I'm sure you've heard of the tv show, "Gossip Girl" whether you watched it or not, But what most people didn't know was that the show is based off the series of books written by Ceceily Von Ziegesar. I started reading the series, way before the show was being made but have only recently in the last couple of years, started to collect all the books in the set. This book is actually the last book in a different series of books which is based around the same concept as these events follow those of Gossip Girl (a sequel if you will). The Character and website "Gossip Girl" is still very present in this series with the only difference of who the main characters are (No longer Serena & Blair). I haven't read this series yet, as i'm sure it may be similar to the Gossip girl series, but i am still keen to have a read of the set of books. I was not intending on buying this series for a while but i saw this book in the store for only 50c and just couldn't say no to that, and now i just need to buy the other 3 books in the set.

Title: Fishtailing By Wendy Phillips
I honestly don't fully know what this book is about yet but the blurb really interested me as it simply says "High School. Four lives - Natalie, Tricia, Kyle and Miguel - caught up in an intense game. The problem with games is that there are always losers." (Taken from the book) I became interested in the book after that and began to flip through it to get an idea of its lay out. I noticed that the whole book is set up as a book of poems used to tell the story. Each page is written by the perspective of a different character to help the story progress. I must admit that if i was going based on the book cover, i would not have purchased it but i took the time to look at it and it really is one of the books, i am excited to read. I will definitely be having a read of this book when i get the chance. 

Title: The End Of The World As We Know It By Lesley Choyce
Again this book doesn't have the best cover but the front cover contained a quote that hooked me on the story which was "Carson hates the world and everything in it and that includes him." After i read that i just had to read the blurb and find out more. From the blurb on the back i find out that it is about a teenage boy who is unhappy with his life until he meets a girl who is just as unhappy and struggling in life like himself. Together they find a way to face the world together. I find this story wonderful despite if it sounds cheesy. I somewhat find myself relating to this story line in the slightest way as i'm sure we've all felt low about life at some point in our life. I like the idea of two people who have many lows, finding a way to get happy and live life. It is a message i think is a vital one to get across, especially to teenagers. I am looking forward to reading this book and diving more deep into the details of the plot.

Title: Katie Be Quiet By Darcy Tamayose
This book too has a sadder side to it as is about a girl that has had one too many negative events occur in her life but on top of that strange things to occur following her father's death. It's got a little mystery to the story by the sounds of it as it says that Katie is to uncover what is happening as she is in danger of something. This book at first didn't interest me but as i had a second look, i saw that it wasn't a large book and its more of a short story which i have been thinking about reading more kinds of short novels. I am curious to discover the turn out of the plot and to see how the present all the occurrences and events in this girl's life after the tragic death of her father. I hope it unfolds in an intriguing manner.

OKAY, so the next 3 books i am VERY excited about as i had just discovered this author and from the reviews i've read of her and of all her story blurbs, i already have high hopes for these books and can NOT wait to get stuck into them :) 

Title: The Invisible Circus By Jennifer Egan
This is the first book released by Jennifer Egan in 1994. It is set in 1978 and follows the story of a teenage girl who continues to hold on to the memories of her passed sister. It follows her as she goes on a journey that closely resembles to travel life of her sister from America and across Europe. I am really looking forward to reading this book and then continuing on with her other books as i feel this is the kind of story line that i enjoy reading. It's different to have a story that links siblings rather then parents or lovers or friends. I love reading about siblings especially sisters since i have like 3 sisters who i love dearly. I am also so in love with the cover of this book, the layout is just beautiful. I really like the painting look they used to create the back layer of the image as it creates the american flag. I'm so glad i picked up this book and for really cheap :) Also there is a film that was made based off this book staring Cameron Diaz in 2001 which i look forward to watching once i've completed the book.

Title: Emerald City & Other Stories By Jennifer Egan
What first appealed to me about this book was it's title as i love ANYTHING that sounds like Wizard of OZ, but after reading the blurb i realised it wasn't what i thought it was but still i started to think, this is something i would read.This book is a compilation of short stories that depict the life of different kinds of people such as "models and housewives, bankers and schoolgirls". Each of these stories contain a plot of a character searching for more in their lives and is set around the world. This was the first book of hers i picked up as i was walking around Dymocks and i absolutely love the cover. The colours all work together and create a thoughtful atmosphere of calmness as well as longing. I do enjoy reading short stories and love seeing how with such a small amount of space, authors are able to fill in such excellent stories. I look forward to reading this book and learning from the different lives of each other characters in each of the stories.

Title: A Visit From The Goon Squad By Jennifer Egan
The final book of this book haul, is the latest book of Jennifer Egan which was released in 2010. from what i've discovered online, it is her most recognised and favored book from her collection. It is the 2011 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, as stated on the book and is greatly praised by many critics. I honestly do not know much about this book other than the fact that it presents the story of many characters which is separated by each of the chapters. I didn't want to go online and find out what it was about as i know it would just spoil the story for me and so i am going into this book with a totally open mind and curiosity. Again, the cover of this cover is absolutely gorgeous and is probably my favourite one so far. I love these new prints as i'm aware that each book did have their own covers but have been reprinted with this type of covers with i love. I am extremely excited about this book the most due to its positive reviews and interesting blurb which did not reveal any greatly important information. 

 Well that is the end of my FIRST EVER BOOK HAUL :) i apologise if it was very long and repetitive, i'm still trying to find my ground in this field and finding the right wording and layout to present my purchases.

ALSO i would just like to state, i've read a few books over many years and would love to review books for you guys but i figured it would be pointless to review a book that i read ages ago as even i may not even remember much about it and my judgement would have changed from then to now. It latest books i've read, i hope to put a review up soon and i will re-read some of my favourite books so i can give a more better review. 

Thanks you for reading today, bear with me guys, its gonna be a long journey to perfect this blog lol but i love you all for your support over the difficult years :)

Keep posted 
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Renovating My Blog

So it has been so long since i have even thought about writing a post but over the last few days i have been so eager to write but had no idea what to talk about .... UNTIL NOW :)

I used to write about my life on this blog which i don't regret although i know now i could of approached some topics without revealing too much personal information... since then i stopped writing in fear that i would offend or hurt more people than i really intended to...

I have decided to renovate the running of this blog now (partly because i am not bothered to make a completely new one and i wanna stay true to my blog that i've spent years writing on). I will still write every now and again about things in my life which you can also follow on my other sites (mainly my twitter or instagram) but it won't be as frequent as it used to be...

I'm so excited to be writing again :)

OKAY i better stop beating around the bush and get to the point right?!

SO... this blog will now mainly contain images of things i think are cool as well as talking about BOOKS!!!!! because if you know me personally or look at my instagram, you would be aware that i love books and have a problem when it comes to buying books hahaha.

So i will begin to write about books i wanna read, that i have read and books i own that i haven't read yet (which is like more than 70% of my collection)... I'll review books i've finished recently and in the past cause i'm always reading a new book every couple of weeks depending on how long it takes me to finish a story lol.

I will be beginning this journey with an introduction to my LARGE collection which contains over 1200 books (mixed fiction, children's books and non fiction books). So you can tell that it may take a while to get through them all. The posts will contain the following:

  • At least 10 books 
  • Images of the covers of each book
  • The blurb of each book or concept depending on the book (either taken from the book or from good reads)
  • My review (if i have read it) or why i bought it (if i haven't)
  • Where i got it from
To some the concept of my new blog may seem boring but i'm obsessed with books :) i have just recently discovered book haul and unboxing videos on youtube which i LOVE and hopefully will be able to share with you guys ones that i love the most :) I personally may not make any of this videos just cause i'd much rather write about it :)

I should probably mention that i work in a bookshop which is like a dream come true really cause i'm constantly surrounded by books but it also makes me buy so many books that i don't end up reading till later on cause i am just always looking out for more books when i haven't finished my current one haha. I just wanted to make this point to kinda make sense of why i have so many books but have only read a few of them (Don't worry i am making my way around to them) 

The way i will organise these posts is that i will have separate posts just for book series and my bundles posts will be of individual books that doesn't have a set, i figure it is just easier that way :)

Anyways i hope all of this explaining makes sense and i hope that i will be motivated enough to keep going with my blogging :)

I hope you stay posted and i will post my first new blog in the next couple days if not today :) 

Love anyone who still supports me even till now and anyone who may just stumble upon me in passing :)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW i did not write for a while...
sorry guys i didnt do the christmas post or any of my current purchases...
been so caught up and forget to post
i will keep trying

anyways i just thought you guys may want to know,
i have instagram and pinterest for those who dont know
so now you can see my post and current obsessions on that too
it may be as well to be connected as i am always on there

if you would like me to follow you feel free to leave a comment with your username and ill check you out

all links to my sites are on the side bar on the left :)

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