Saturday, November 21, 2009


Alright i know i was ranting about it but i got an account now ><"
sorry guys but i couldn't help myself
it seems to be the new thing now and so yeah
well i'll be writing on both blogs so don't worry
i still love you guys more but i'm trying new things
keep updated

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogger Rant!

So heres the problem,
i love blogging when i get the chance but everyone seems to be looking for an easier way to do it
Blogspot should be the original blog site unless people create their own sites which is a different story
may look interesting but its killing blogger.

i want people to go original but they are all moving on


anyways on a happier note i got 4th in ancient history and i got to go home early.

Love you all and will write again soon

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm quite obsessed with my music :)
Have a listen to some of these songs:
  1. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
  2. Three Cheers For Five Years - Mayday Parade
  3. Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don't - All Time Low
  4. Whoever She Is - The Maine
  5. You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds - Mayday Parade
  6. Gone - Holiday Parade
  7. Break Your Little Heart - All Time Low
  8. Walls - All Time Low
  9. Circles - All Time Low
  10. Six Feet Under The Stars - All Time Low
I love these albums:
  1. So Wrong, It's Right - All Time Low
  2. Nothing Personal - All Time Low
  3. The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne
  4. Hold On Tight - Hey Monday
  5. A Lesson In Romantics - Mayday Parade
  6. Move Along - The All-American Rejects
  7. The All-American Rejects - The All-American Rejects
  8. Critically Ashamed - Fm Static
Check it out

Thats all for now
lately its all about the music

I'm gonna try and make covers and post it here so stay tuned

<3 yous

Guess What!!

And so now i have entered the twitter world
and yes i am quite excited.

i'm following basically the members of bands i love so you should check it out

i just need some followers and hopefully i start to get familar with the way it works ><"
still very confused
<33 you all

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey there


okay i haven't been a good blogger lately because i haven't been writing but honestly sometimes i have no idea what to write.

well i have been babysitting for like a really long time and today is my only day off this week.
I baby sit a one year old girl who is turning 2 in November. Her name is Ysabella (which is the same as Isabella)

She is adorable. taking care of her for like 11 hours a day makes me want to have children, well not now but when i'm older.

i haven't got much to write but like i miss writing to you guys and i'm so sorry i haven't been writing.

well i'll leave by mentioning that i have realised that there are many things in this life that are worth living for and that no matter what happens to us people out there will still care about us. Even if we don't know it now

i love all you guys who are supporting me in this blog and like i promise to write when i have something to write

keep updated and stay safe

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying so hard to keep writing

sorry guys
i try so hard to write as much as i can but it is so hard
i've been having exams and as mentioned before my mum loves going online
i swear i will try more but i'm really busy
and i haven't got much inspiration to write much
i will explain more in the near future
love you all
Tc and Keep updated

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sorry guys for like not blogging, school is like killing me and like my mum is addicted to facebook and literally spends hours on the computer so none of my family can ><" well i promise promise i will write to you guys asap.
<33 yous

Tc and Keep updated

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm Back Again

Well hi everyone,
i'm back to writing LOL, i finished all my assignments for year 11
ummm i still won't write a lot everyday but like i'll try to write every now and again.
well in 2 weeks i'll have exams and that will be the end of my year 11 schooling, i'm soo excited.
wells i have missed writing here but school has been so hectic.
i will be studying a lot so i'll try and write to you all when i can

check out my new blog which you should find on my profile. It's my poetry so yeah anyways, i'll start writing in it when i finish the school term.

well HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there

a lot has been happening since i last wrote here. I realised my feelings for someone new and like it's really retarded but whatever LOL

well umms i still got school in my mind and like yeah hahah
i haven't gotten time to write in my blog books so yeah

just keep updated and i promise i'll try and write more

Tc & Keep Updated

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saddness Of The Day

Hey guys,
just thought i'd let you all know that i might not be able to post some entries for some time.
I seem to be behind on a lot of school work and i'm like really cramming of these assignments.
I will still be writing in my blog booklet and then when i am less stressing i will post all the things i have written of the past few days.

So yeah, i won't be writing for a few days but i will post everything i have written for the week by the next weekend

Well i leave you all today on a good note,
For the next few days i want you guys to listen to NOT 5, NOT 10 but 20 random ipod songs
  1. Fading The Kisses - The Lyndsey Diaries
  2. All I Ask Of You - Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack
  3. Thunder (Acoustic) - Boys Like Girls
  4. Everything I'm Not - The Veronicas
  5. You Got It All - Britney Spears
  6. If All Else Fails - Matchbook Romance
  7. Mixtapes And Memories - The Lyndsey Diaries
  8. What A Sight - Matchbook Romance
  9. Never Enough - Holiday Parade
  10. Under Pressure - The Used
  11. Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
  12. Woe - Saves The Day
  13. Much Like Falling - Flyleaf
  14. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
  15. Arizona - Hey Monday
  16. Born To Make You Happy - Britney Spears
  17. Damn Regret - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  18. Everything But Mine - Backstreet Boys
  19. You Don't Mean Anything - Simple Plan
  20. Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World
5 for each day i don't write, i'll put up more if i take longer to come back.
Have a listen and tell me what you think

sorry guys for not writing but i promise i will talk to you all soon

Tc & Keep Updated

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Songs Of The Day 6

New day, New random songs
Here we go :D
  1. Boys Will Be Boys - Backstreet Boys
  2. The Next Big Thing - Fm Static
  3. Penholder - Flyleaf
  4. Jukebox Break - Saves The Day
  5. What Went Wrong - Blink 182
I love how its random LOL.

Have a listen and Comment what you think :D

Tc & Keep Updated

Thoughts Are Limited

Hey Guys a small message for you guys.
As you all know i write thoughts everyday. WELL these are limited so i decided to let you all know that i won't be writing a thought everyday. I'll try to write one every now and again but i can't seem to think of something to write everyday. When i do think of some think i will write about it i PROMISE.

Also, i have started a new blog,
Starting from next week i'll be typing up all these different poems i have written about and for people in my life. It is from over the years and so i would like to share it with you all.
Have a read and Follow It if you like it

anyways that is it for now, sorry if you were expecting a thought of the day, but like i said, Thoughts are limited. I don't think people ever read this lol

Tc & Keep Updated

Straight As In Procrastination

Today was a good day, i woke up and remember i had to go to A.C's house this afternoon. I forgot to ask my parents last night so i asked them this morning. They said yes, but it was still early so i didn't have to get ready yet.

My sister had to bring her car to the mechanic, so me and my sister drove in her car, following my dad, to the mechanic. We then ate breakfast at Maccas and it was cool LOL. On the way back home i found $2 in the car which was cool haha.

When we got home, i figured it was still early so i gonna play some Guitar Hero. As i was about to play, my dad asks me if i could vacuum the house. Of course i said yes and yeah thats what i did to kill some time. After i cleaned the house, my sister's friend came over and they left to go pick up their other friend. It was still too early to get ready to go to A.C's so like i went to play Guitar Hero but like my brother already got there before me. So i watched him try to play on Hard and like i just continued doing this puzzle i have been doing for a while. After a while he gave up and i had 40 mins before i the time i planned to get ready. I played on different instruments and different levels for that time and then i decided to finally go and get changed to go A.C's.

When i finished getting ready, my dad already finished cooking and so i ate his spaghetti and like i started eating and My sister came home with all her friends. Okay fine it was like 2 friends LOL. Anyways, after i ate, it was like time for me to go to A.C's house. I was already like kinda Late so yeah LOL.

I walked there was cause it wasn't far and like yeah, i just listened to my ipod. When i got there, i knocked on the door but no-one answered so i messaged her telling her i was at her door LOL. I guess i didn't knock hard enough. She came to the door and like was full happy to see me LOL. Anyways, when i went in her house i said hi to her mum and dad and the first thing i saw was all these photos of her growing up, like a timeline it was so cute cause she smiles the same in all the photos LOL. We went into her room and like it was soo cute, i was like fascinated for like about 10 minutes. WE didn't do much work at her house but like we did a little bit. We started to talk a lot and then we looked at my blog. Then we read so secrets on secretblog and some stuff off Fmylife. It was sad to read some of the stuff but some were funny.

We then watched videos on Youtube. We watched some failblog and some niga higa. I Love Niga Higa LOL he is sooo funny. Anyways, we eventually started working on our assignment. I put on some music and like she kept changing the songs. We listened to A LOT of high school musical cause she was like obsessed LOL. I dictated to her while she wrote stuff on the powerpoint. We sang Heaps !!! LOL It was fun. Eventually we got side tracked again and like yeah, i was walking around her room looking at her books, cds and dvds. It's so cute the stuff she owns cause its all like children stuff. And she kept telling me it was from her child hood lol. She was so embarassed. She was reading stuff about my ex on my ipod. She said she felt like crying and told me to make her cry. So she read heaps of stuff. Then we went back to work but it wasn't long before we like started talking again LOL. We full had a deep and meaningful conversation about like everything. It was really nice to talk to her. I finally did make her cry, thats how deep it was but it's all good.

WE then listened to like heaps of music LOL. and we looked at photos on my ipod of people when they were younger LOL. I Love her hamtaro stuffed animal. We then got like bored cause i was going home soon. We read old conversations we used to have on MSN, it was really funny, we just couldn't stop laughing. After a while, Me and her took heaps of Photos and then the battery died just before we were gonna take photos with her hamtaro. My sister then came and picked me up and i went home.

I liked Hanging out with A.C today. Her mum was really nice to me, and i hardly saw her dad but he looked like a nice person. The family is very friendly and like i can't wait to hang out with her at her house again soon.

After i got home, my sister was watching "He's Just Not That Into You" which is such a sweet movie. I loved it LOL. It made me want to say nawwwwwww at the end. I recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a dating movie.

After we watched a bit of "Suddenly 30" which is a sad movie but really good and also "Notebook" which is also a great book and movie.

That was basically my day cause yeah i spent most of it at A.C's house LOL but it was LOTS of fun :D We're suppose to do our assignment but we ended up having heaps of fun doing other things :P

Tc & Keep Updated

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boring Is An Overstatement

So okay, school finished for the week and like i planned to have some friends over.
S.C straight away starts annoying me about letting A.J.P come over but like i couldn't let him cause i told my parents only one guy is coming. They have been a bit like hesitant since this incident with my ex bestfriend who was a guy.

Here's like a quick story of what happened, i was bestfriends with this guy for like ages. I told him everything and like we had fun together. One night i asked him to come to this birthday party cause it was my crush's and like i would give him a lift there and back to my house so he asked his mum and told me she said yes. He got dropped at my house and my sister dropped us to the party. He gets a text from his mum saying he is getting picked up at 11 and i asked him if his mum knows my dad isn't picking us up until 11:30 cause like it'll be after he goes to work. He tells me he just told his parents that he was going to my house. He tells his parents where he is and then they come pick him up and his mum yells at me in front of the party. I started to cry and it was relaly bad. When my dad picked me up i told him what happened and he said that he better not see that guy again. Since then it has been a bit hard to bring around guys cause that really upset me.

Anyways back to my day. I got on the bus which was late and was fully packed. I sat at like the back with some of my other school friends and talked about random stuff. Anyways, A.P and M.C got off at this shop near by my house and me and S.C went straight to my house. When we got to my house my brother and his girlfriend was watching "Friday the 13th", its such a gruesome movie but good. Really scary. B.R and her Bestfriend with A.S were out side my street just sitting there. A.S told me not to go outside my house cause she is such a good friend. They were there for like 2 hours i reckon and like it was soo creepy. A.P was the first to go home then M.C and then finally S.C. We didn't do anything we planned on doing cause we ended up just watching movies with my brother and his girlfriend.

I don't feel like typing heaps so yeah that was the basic things that happened in my day after school. I just blogged, facebooked, MSN and Youtubed

Sorry for the boring day with all my writings of the day.

Tc & Keep Updated

Songs Of The Day 6

Well a new has come and gone.
Here is a new list of songs for all of you to listen to
5 Random Ipod Songs
  1. That's What You Get - Paramore
  2. Heavily Broken - The Veronicas
  3. See You Smile - Natz Blazin
  4. Headfirst Slide Into Coopestown On A Bad Bet - Fall Out Boy
  5. Why Worry - The All-American Rejects
Today's list was a good one in my opinion so yeah
Have a listen
Remember it is always random so what comes up is a mystery

Comment me what you think of todays random list

Tc & Keep Updated

Thoughts 5; Enemies At War

Hey, heres a new thought for you all.

Have you ever hated someone so much, you just want to kill them?

Everyone goes through it so don't deny it. Here is my story.

I have a lot of enemies, some i don't see anymore, which is good and other are just new. I used to be friends with these people but like now i hate them so much. It's a war between us and like i wonder why is it we feel this way towards each other.

Me and some of my old friends started fighting and like we're like fighting for friends from our group. Yes it sucks most days to have to compete each other for certain people's attention and also to lose other friends to the other person. But it happens and it brings out the true self out of people.

I hate This girl so much i just want to kill her sometimes but like i'm not gonna do it cause she is still friends with some of my friends.

So for my thought of the day i ask, why is it we do make enemies? and why is it that sometimes particular situations can not be resolved?

here is what i think, We make enemies because there is some aspects of people's personalities that are not compatible to our own personality. Because of this we feel that our difference mean that we can never get along. In most cases this is true and in others it may be for from it. We don't get a long with people we have bad experiences with and because me and my friend eventually had a clash we just ended up enemies. Enemies are people we can't stand and people who make our lives difficult and this is what my ex friend does to me. The reason we make enemies is we feel threatened by them and we try to destroy each other.

Sometimes conflicts can't be resolved because there is nothing we can do to satisfy everyone involved, we feel we are always the person who is right and the person who is the victim, it's just human nature. Most conflicts can be resolved depending on the extent of the problem but in the one like mine it is more difficult to fix when everything that happened in the past makes everything worse.

So i leave you all with this thought, We make enemies and we have problems because it is all apart of finding out the true inner self of the people around us and it helps us connect with them.

Sorry if this blog entry is pretty crap but like i wasn't sure what to write about and like this has been going on in my mind for the day.

Comment me you worse situation & i'll try and write a better thought tomorrow.

Tc & Keep Updated

School Day 5

Alright, Btw J.M, the girl is gonna now be J.D.M and the boy, J.M will now be J.M LOL
I woke up late today, which made me almost late for school. I went to tutor and like we had to nominate people to be SRC. Of course J.T and J.M were nominated cause they were nominated last time. Then Sir said maybe some girls should go for it cause there was only guys so far. J.T, being stupid put my name down and there was nothing i could do about it. We also put down H.R's name so that i wasn't the only girl. Sir told us to campaign and as a joke, he said, H.R and J.M are gonna be campaign managers for each other, A.C is mine, and E.M is J.T's. We also had to fill out an evaluation form for the excursion on Wednesday. It was funny, cause J.T didn't know it was a 2 sided sheet, Then a teacher on the loud speaker mentioned that the sheet was 2 sided to all the students and so we just laughed at J.T. LOL

The bell rang and i headed to maths. I didn't do much in maths cause like i was soo lazy. Math was a double period and so i really didn't want to do anything. I just listened to my ipod and played solitaire. I also just read old messages on my ipod. The second bell rang quickly, I'm surprised that for the first time, i didn't do any work in maths. I felt very sleepy, i think i might have fell asleep LOL like most people in this class. Just kidding, i just had a nap. I just remembered it's my math teacher's last day cause he was just filling in for my real teacher. This teacher is so cool and is such a good artist/painter and teacher. We're gonna miss him. He'll be back for our fund raiser to build schoolsfor the poor though so that should be cool.

This morning i asked A.P if she wanted to come over this afternoon. She said, she might so yeah, i was thinking of asking the guy i like to come over but in the end i didn't. I was too afraid.

Oh Yeah A.C also told me she read my blog about her and it made her sad. I told her it's all true because on my blog, I NEVER LIE. Okay, i'm getting a little off track LOL.

At recess, we just talked about people coming over this afternoon, after school. Which was alright, but more about that later. By then it was S.C, M.C, A.S and A.P going to my house.

In religion we did this ritual thing for Islam which was funny and embarassing. It wasn't really an interesting class. But It's always fun to sit and talk with K.M.

In EXP, i finished all the class work and then did my religion homework. Other Than that, there was nothing interesting.

Lunch was boring, i just played games on J.D.M's phone cause it's fun lol. A.S also told me she wasn't coming over anymore.

Cafs we didn't do much and in music Me and J.D.M talked to this guy in our class about the Philippines and also about names. We also talked about where we went school before our current one and where we live. It was an interesting chat, we had a different teacher cause like yeah our teacher was at exams.

Anyways, it wasn't the most interesting day today but like man i was too lazy to do anything.

Comment me

Tc & Keep Updated

The Little Things

Okay so as mentioned previously, i didn't get to post this yesterday and i hope it doesn't confuse you this is what happened yesterday after school and also a little bit about what i did at clare the night before.

Okay, my parents picked me up after school today. I was talking to that girl i mentioned who is getting married. She was telling me how she was getting stressed by planning the reception and stuff. I'm not trying to be a gossip but you got to know some stuff about this. She has been dating the guy for just a bit more than a year and he is just less than times 2 of her age. Yes!! i creeped me out too. But you have to be happy for a new couple that has found that special love i guess.

Anyways, so me and my parents were in the car and like i was hungry so my dad bought me some food. My mum won $14 on her scratchy so she was really happy, it was funny. After we bought the food, my dad bought me credit for my phone cause i ran out like ages ago cause i called a long distance phone.

My dad has been tired of having to pay $30 for credit every month for me and told me to change me rate plan so that it will last longer. I didn't really want to but i had to.

We got back into the car and my dad wanted to go buy some new fish for our pond in the back yard. Did i tell you that i have a fish that like mine in that pond LOL. It's a black fish, so you can hardly ever see it but i love it. It's name is Jasper :D in honor of my favourite character in twilight. On the way to the place that BTW is like heaps far away. I was eating my food in the car cause like yeah i was really hungry and didn't want to wait until i got home cause i know that would be ages away.

After we bought 4 fish and then went home, so the fish would quickly adjust to our pond. When we got home i went straight to the home phone and called my mobile service. I had to follow this machine voice thing that didn't understand me so transfered me to a worker. I talked to this indian chick who helped me out and told me what rates i can change to. I was starting to get sad cause none of the ones that last long had free internet and like i always go on the internet on my phone. i told the woman if i could call back later so i could think about it. I told my dad what the lady said and he told me it was up to me what i wanted but he wasn't gonna pay $30 every month for my credit to last. So i knew what i had to do. I went on the computer to research more about all the rates and then it froze on me which really frustrated me.

After i gave up with that my little sister got hungry so we went out to get her food. She was the only one eating so we only went in the drive through. Her food smelt so nice but i was too upset to ask for any. We then went to a plant place which was also pretty far away. Me and my little sister stayed in the car and waited for our parents. I was on my phone, facebooking like always. I put my status as no more free internet on my mobile. I was really sad. Me and My little sister just listened to the radio as Hamish and Andy talked, they are soo funny. It was funny cause there was this random quiz Hamish asked Andy about if he was suitable to drive on the other side of the road cause they are going to America tomorrow. The questions were very random.

Finally when my parents came back to the car we drove back home and there were heaps of cars driving past so it was hard to enter the road. Hamish and Andy were now making prank calls to like the president of America but because of the time difference it didn't work LOL. Then we got home and i called my Mobile service again. I talked to that machine again and like then talked to i think it was a filo woman or an american LOL. Then i changed my rate to one that lasts 6 months. The lady said all my current credit would go away such as my Mbs of internet i had left and free call minutes. I said it was fine but i felt it was a waste. I then was told to turn off my phone for 20 minutes and wait for a text to come before i recharge. I turned my phone off aftee hanging up and watched "gossip girl" with my big sister. She already finished it but started again and now i'm starting to get the story.

After like 1 episode i turned the TV off and turned my phone back on. I got the text message and recharged my credit. When i message the people to tell me my balance they messaged back saying i had all my minutes and internet credit was still with me which made me happy but like i don't want to get heaps excited so like i'm gonna see if it's still there tomorrow so yeah i get heaps happy cause that means i can still use internet for free until my internet credit finishes which seriously takes ages.

I also got a message that i won a prize. I won $30 extra dollars of credit for my phone, meaning i have $60 credit :D
IT's so cool.

Then like i came up here and started typing on notepad, in my brother's room cause he is at work and my sister is doing her assignment. I also went downstairs to ask my parents if my friends can come over tomorrow which should be fun. My parents said yes but my dad did ask a lot of questions, i thought he was sleeping but apparently not. It was funny cause my dad would quietly ask a question to my mum and then she would repeat it to me lol.

I had an interesting chat with my little sister about God wanting us to suffer and so i told her what i learnt in english today, as mentioned before. I told her, what sir told us. Jesus said that it is more likely for a person in poverty to get into heaven than a wealthy person. Because a poor person is suffering in their life and not giving up while a wealthy person has more temptations in their life and so it is harder to accept God. Some people who aren't in poverty can't deal with their life and so they end it. I told this to my sister and like she was like WOAH hahaha

Anyways that was my day outside of school, sorry if it is long and boring but like yeah lol lots happened.

Comment Me what you think about God wanting his people to Suffer

Tc & Keep Updated

Songs Of The Day 5

YAY!!! a new day;
everyone knows what that means, my favourite part of the day.
5 Random Ipod Shuffle Songs
What will my ipod choose today?

1. Hard To Say -The Used
2. All We Know - Paramore
3. Just Watch The Fireworks - Jimmy Eat World
4. Only One (Acoustic) - Yellowcard
5. Lie About Us - Avant

Have a listen to what came up. Remember it is all random.
Listen & comment me what you think of the songs of the day

Tc & Keep Updated

Thoughts 4; Dreams Were Made For Understanding

Guys guess what?! i have a new thought for you all

Do you ever have a dream that you don't completely understand? It may be happy or it may be sad.

So my thought for today is Dreams.

Here's my story. 3 nights now this week i've had a dream about one of my closest friends, E.M and her boyfriend. It's really embarassing but it got me thinking. So for you to all understand i have decided to tell you about each of the dreams, or at least parts that i remember in the dreams. I hardly ever remember my dreams, so it scares me to remember these. If i remember a dream i feel theres a message but seriously i hope there isn't one.

Dream 1; E.M and her boyfriend got into a huge fight and i wanted to help get them backa together. So i called him and told him to come to my house to talk to me and E.M about what happened. I told him to knock really hard so that we can hear and answer the door. For some odd reason, i didn't know there was a party at my house. E.M was already crying and like i really hoped her boyfriend would be here soon. He never arrived but when my little sister came hom she said to me that she saw him walking out of the street. She said she asked him why he wasn't at my house talking to E.M about what happened. He replied, " I knocked as hard as i could but no-one would answer, so i just gave up and decided to go home." I told E.M about what happened and this made her even more upset.

Dream 2; Somehow E.M and her boyfriend were back together but then of course they had another fight. Me and A.C were hanging out at my house when E.M came and told us that she had another huge fight with her boyfriend. A.C said she was going to a birthday party for this girl who went to our school and like she also has history with E.M boyfriend. E.M tells me that her boyfriend is also going to the party. She doens't want him to go by himself to that girls party so she says that she will go and find him there. A.C offers her, her present she was gonna give the girl and decides not to go so then E.M went to go to the party to meet up with her boyfriend.

Dream 3; Alright, again E.M gets back with her boyfriend but guess what?! thats right they had another big fight but this one was serious because they officially broke up. It hurt E.M a lot but she seemed to move on really fast. Before i knew it me and her boyfriend were together and like E.M didn't know about it but everyone else did. I didn't want to hurt E.M and seriously i have no idea how i got with her boyfriend We bumped in to E.M at some park and like she was crushed as and the obvious thing happened, she cut me out of her life and never wanted to talk to me again.

So my thought of the day is what do all these dreams mean? Why am i dreaming about someone else's sorrow? Why do people dream good things some night and Bad dreams other nights?

This is what i think, People dream what they fear and what they want. If we are frightened or scared in dream, it is a fear we have. My fear from these dreams is that my friend E.M will get hurt. I guess i'm a bit over protective of the people i care about. In the first 2 dreams i tried to make things better and i tried to make her happy again. I never want her to be hurt by anyone especially her boyfriend. In the last dream my fear is me hurting her. I never want to be the cause of her saddness and pain. IT's one of the things i never want to do. I also have a fear of losing her as a friend or maybe lose her as family.

Obviously these dreams were fears cause when i woke up i was terrified and scared and also a little confused. People dream about what they want in life and from others. But some people don't realise that dreams also show you some of your deepest fears. It helps people realise what they are truly scared of and in my case it is losing someone really close to me or one of them ever getting hurt from someone close to them.

I've realised, over the years, that if you think of something so much and especially before you sleep, that thought could effect your dreams, it may appear in it in the oddest way. It shows you if you are scared or if you are excited. It's a matter of taking in what you have seen.

I'm not an expert but this is what i believe. I know there are other meanings for particular dreams besides fear or desire. I know that it could mean unfinished business or something but i'm not professional. But i know that most dreams are usually about what we want and what we wish will never happen.

Dreams are weird experiences everyone goes through. It's a matter of remembering a dream and learning from it.

If you do wish to know about your dreams, look it up in dream interpretation sites or books. Even ask a professional if you are really interested.

Just keep dreaming and remember It's Just A Dream.

Comment me some of your scariest, happiest or weirdest dreams you have ever had, if you can remember that is.
Also comment me if you get a professional interpretation and tell me what particular dreams mean.

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School Day 4

Okay, so i didn't get to go online yesterday to blog cause my little sister needed to do her assignment. Let me update you on whats been going on from yesterday. I Wrote this all yesterday in my brother's room when he wasn't around so it sounds like i wrote today was yesterday, if you get what i mean. Anyways sorry for the late post.

Today was a short day at school cause it is thursday. Every thursday we finish at 1pm instead of 2:30pm cause of sport. It's a good thing sport isn't compulsary because then i would be such a fail LOL.

I woke up this morning and i swear i was soo tired. I like seriously did not want to get up, i was that lazy. When i finally decided to get ready to go to school, i didn't open my eyes for a while LOL.

Okay, so remember how i thought S.C was mad at me yesterday, well when i got to school A.S straight away told me he wasn't. He came up to me and said he wasn't mad at me and that it would take heaps for him to be mad at me. I was full like WTF!!! He told me, that when i yelled out his name, he turned around and couldn't see us so he turned away and kept walking. I told him how guilty i felt and how i talked about it on my blog and he was full like LOL and said it would take much more to get him mad. So I'm glad me and him got that sorted out and like everything is cool now between us. Apparently, he also didn't receive A.S's Text when she messaged him to ask if he was mad. Grrr, oh well it's all over now so lets move on.

There's this girl in my English, Exp & Ancient History class, L.A and we're like heaps close now cause every second thursday we have the whole day together which is funny and we like to joke about it. She is a great person.

Exploring Early Childhood (Exp), was the first 2 periods of the day. We basically read out of the text book and discussed it which is always fun in that class. Obviously our class is made up of just girls and its funny cause next door is the construction class and there is only boys in the subject. We then had to design playground equipment that is suitable for both genders and for people who are disabled.

My design is basically a flying fox that has a kind of cubicle tha has a pole in the middle. The front is clear in order for the child to enjoy the view and there is enough space in the cube that allows prams, wheel chairs and even just for children to stand up and be safe. There is also a kind of rope thing that the adult holds to and uses in order to control the speed of the ride so that the child doesn't get too frightened. The ride goes down hill so that it is easier for the disabled or very young child to get out of the cube. There is also a ramp in order to get the child to the top of the slope.

English was the next 2 periods. We have 4 straight periods on thursday and only one break because the day is shortened which means the periods are shorter than usual. We basically read poems and answered questions about it. The poem really interesting because it was about how in this poets opinion, God wants us to be uncomfortable and In pain so that when we die we will be comfortable and happy or something like that which is retarded. Anyways, that poem just really interested me.

Then it was our break time and like i started hanging out with my normal group of girls but than A.S called me over to her cause B.R had went library and like left A.S alone. So it was me, A.S and the boys, S.C & A.P.

Oh yeah BTW i'm going to say that A.P the girl is now, A.J.P cause it would just be less confusing for you guys and for me.

Anyways back to the lunch break. A.P bought S.C food and me and him kinda shared it. I took like 3 or 4 bites and like it was really nice. Idk what it was but it was good LOL.

Lunch seemed to go fast cause before i knew it the bell rang. The Last 2 periods of the day was Ancient History. We were in the library and so after lunch i walked with A.C. I just worked the whole lesson on summarising the text book and i plan to finish the chapter by next week. That was basically it and then the bell rang. I went and got my bag and saw A.S and like i hadn't seen her the whole lesson, even though we had class together, if thatb makes sense. We said bye to each other and i walked A.C to this classroom for her to wait and get picked up. I bumped into A.S on the way out of the school again and whispered to her, asking if she tells B.R anything i say about her on this blog and she says she doesn't and i said thank you and bye. I went to the front and waited for my parents.

That was my school day for yesterday and it does sound like i was talking about today and i'm sorry if i got you all very confused lol.

Comment me on what you think of my idea for the play ground equipment.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping For A New Friend

Okay, after the excursion me, A.S, S.C and some of his friends walked up to the shops cause i was getting picked up by my sister again. We got back earlier than i thought so i spent more time at the shops than i thought i would.

As we walked i could see in a distance that guy i like and his ex. Why are they so close all of a sudden? Anyways i won't make this about them.

When we got to the shop me and A.S kept stopping to go into shops looking for particular nail polish and finally gave up doing that. WE ended up in this like technology store that sells dvds, cds, games and other kinds of technology. We went around looking for the Lion King on Dvd but never found it.

S.C wanted to go to the food court with his friends and like me and A.S weren't done yet so we told him we'd meet him there. We went out of the shop and went into many different stores looking for "The Lion King" but couldn't find it so we gave up on that too and ended up just buying a book about world war II.

We finally went to the food court thinking they would still be there cause like we were ussure how long they were going to take. We didn't end up finding them and so we walked away. As we walked away i spotted S.C with this girl in my English class. I yelled out his name, he turned, looked at us and turned back and walked away.

It crushed me and i started to get scared that he was made at me and A.S. This wasn't good cause he is good friends with B.R and like if he is mad at me he might take her side. He would also take A.P (the guy) with him to that side cause their like bestfriends. A.S said she would call him while she was on the bus to ask and that she would text me what he says but she never did and now i'm scared i just lost a friend.

He was a good friend and i would hate to think i lost him. If you read this S.C, I'M SORRY.

A.S, bought me food and then left to go home. i finished off my food and went up to the usual place to meet with my sister. We went to go buy some take out for the family but for some reason her card was declined which was weird so we cancelled the order and went home. The guy working at the take out sounded like the guy i like but he told me he didn't have a job so obviously it wasn't him.

We went home and she fixed up the problem and so we went again to get take out. Technically now i've eaten heaps LOL.

Tonight i'm going to my old high school to promote a subject to the year 8 students. My old school only goes up to year 10 thats why i'm at a different school now. My little sister told me that one of the teachers want me to come in and help so i decided to go. The subject is History Elective and like it was heaps fun. I don't exactly know what i'll be doing so i'll find out soon. Well i might write about it tomorrow when i go on again to talk about my day.

Oh yeah, i put up my white board and cork board last night, it was so hard to do cause it wouldn't stay still. It keeps annoying me still but jot as much as when we had to put it up . LOL

Anyways i think thats it for the day. I'll See you all tomorrow
Comment me what you think i should do to make it up to my friend

Goodnight Everyone and have a good day
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Songs Of The Day 4

Another Day Guys,
5 new random songs to listen to.
  1. Drugs Or Me - Jimmy Eat World
  2. Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
  3. I'm So Sick - Flyleaf
  4. Franklin - Paramore
  5. Can't Make You Love Me - Britney Spears
Listen to the one in bold yeah?!

P.S It's random, its always a mystery. Have a listen to the songs and comment me what you think about what has been chosen :D

Have a great day full of music
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Thoughts 3; Happiness For Someone Whose Killing You

Hey guys, i have another thought for you.

Have you ever had someone you like had feelings for but didn't know what to do cause he/she was your friend?

I have and my thought for the day is, why do we force ourselves to be happy for someone we care about, when secretly deep inside us their happiness is killing us?

I have feelings for this guy who is a really good friend of mine and like he likes someone else. I don't like that someone else but i want him to be happy. He knows how i feel about him cause we are very honest to each other about what we are thinking and what bothers us. He understands how i feel and doesn't feel the same but he doesn't want to lose me as a friend either and so we stayed friends. I see him hang with this other girl he likes and i get jealous and i'm sure everyone has felt that. He is really close to his ex and like it hurts me to see it but i still try to feel happy for him cause i can't afford to make him feel uncomfortable around me.

We have feelings for a person but they have feelings for someone else. We can't force them to feel the same or else it would be fake. We force ourselves to be happy for them when they are with someone else cause they are a friend. We don't put them down cause thats not the role of a friend. But why? Why do we hurt just to make them happy?

Here's What i think, We are really good friends with this person and upsetting them with the truth that their happiness is killing us would just cause a lot of trouble in the friendship. We don't want to risk losing someone close to us especially if it is someone so close to us that we have strong feelings for them as more than a friend. We don't want to change anything, we want things to remain the same and if anything were to happen between them and someone else, we feel it is our role as friends to support and be happy for their happiness.

Sometimes its not that easy to get rid of feelings for someone to save a friendship. Some, take the risk and try and make something happen and so they lose their friendship while others take the safe road and bury their feelings.

What do you feel is the best thing to do in this situation? In my opinion it depends on the situation and on the people cause everyone is different.

Comment me and tell me what you think is the best way to resolve this problem.
Also comment me and tell me you're story cause i'm sure everyone has been through it.

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School Day 3

Okay, i was on the bus today on my way to this road trauma thing. I was stuck on the bus with the guy i like and his ex. It upsets me to see them so close together. Why are they so close anyways, when like they were having problems as just friends. I really don't like her.

Anyways, as i mentioned before, i had this excursion called the youth and road trauma forum and like it's suppose to teach us safety.

Anyways, i sat on the bus with K.C which was cool and the seats next to us was where A.P (the girl) and J.M sat which was awesome. Me and K.C were really bored on the bus to the venue so we just listened to the radio on her phone and some of the songs she had cause i was stupid enough to decide to leave my phone at home.

When we got there, we like sat in the front row, it was like the best view. And then there was this full on act of a car crash. There was like girl like full bleeding in the car cause she was stuck and like it was soo gross and scary cause she was like spiting up blood. It was teaching us a lesson about drink driving so yeah. Then we heard some stories from people who have been involved in car crashes. One lost his left leg and had a fake leg instead, one had trouble walking and speaking, and one had weakness in her right side. It was soo sad.

Then we had a break for like an hour and it was soo boring. My group just kept walking back and forth and then just gave up and went back to our seats. I saw one of my oldest friends, R.U. I have known her since kindy so it was cool to see her again even if it was a bit awkward. After sitting down for so long time me and K.C wanted to walk around so we went down to the foreground and walked around some more. It was alright, i dared S.C to hit on one random chick, so he gave me all his free stuff and walked to find a chick. He ended up not doing it and so i didn't give him back his free stuff LOL.

I saw this guy who used to go to my school, me and him had this thing for like a week. I wouldn't really call it dating but it was something. It was in the school holidays and like i would go to his house and talk to him on the phone. But i broke it off cause he still had a thing for his ex who was my friend and guess what, He ended up going out with her again when we went back to school.

It sucked when we went back to sit down and like the guy i like and his group sat in our spot. We didn't make a scene and went to go sit next to my other friend E.M and her boyfriend. She was asking me what was going on with the guy i like and his ex and like i don't know so thats what i told her. I think he might like her again but i have no idea. I shall ask him.

There was more talks and then we went back on the bus to go back to school. I sat with K.C again cause like i love her heaps :)

J.M and A.P (the girl) sat behind us and we just did the same thing we did before. We listened to the songs on her phone, we listened to the radio and i played snakes and ladders on J.M's phone. So enough we were back at school and just in time for students to catch their normal buses.

That was basically my day summed up and from what i can remember from the day.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping Should Be A Subject

Okay, as mentioned in another entry; i do have a life outside of school. LOL

I went to the shops today with S.C & A.S which was fun, we walked there straight after school. A.S went home early so it was just me and S.C which was fine cause i hardly ever talk to him anymore cause of the previously mentioned war. It was fun, we went and ate in the food court and caught up on some stuff that had been going on.

I tell this guy he has to go through with something to see what the outcome is but he just plans to let the opportunity pass. Anyways, we walked around A LOT. We went and bought a cork board for me after we ate and i was soo surprised to see my sister at the shop with her friends. She full scared me hahaha. Me and S.C then went and bought some other stuff for his dad and like we were so lazy to carry stuff that we were just pushing a trolley everywhere which was funny. He was like to me " It looks like we're married" and i was like laughing.

It was fun and i miss hanging out with him. B.R is going back to school tomorrow i heard cause she has been away for like 2 days so i won't be able to talk to him then. Well i'll try and hang out with him more.

At the end of the day my older sister came and picked me up and we went to put petrol in her car. I like her car even if it is a bit cramped, LOL. It was annoying cause this car moved and then the car in front of us move forward and didn't start filling up their car until the girl in front of them came and drove away which meant we had to wait for them to finish and move when there was a spare place in front of them. This really annoyed my sister. Anyways

I'm not sure if any of this made sense but yeah that was my dayd out side of school.

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Songs of the Day 3

Hey guys,
A new day, 5 new random songs ;)
  1. Tiffany Blews - Fall Out Boy
  2. Annie Use Your Telescope - Jack's Mannequin
  3. Don't Speak - Jonas Brothers
  4. Everybody - Britney Spears
  5. Hot As Ice - Britney Spears
Well this is my favourite bit of blogging. Just remember it's random so it's a mystery to me what songs come up. The song in Bold is the one i recommend the most to listen to out of the list.

Have a listen and Comment what you think :)

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Thoughts 2; Sacrificing For People

I just had a new thought. I have so many but like i won't bore you LOL.

A.C is a great friend of mine but i have to sacrifice my friendship with her when her other really close friends come into the picture. I'm not a mean person so i don't take her away from them. She has know them longer than me. Me and them don't really connect like me and A.C.

This got me thinking, it is amazing what people are willing to do to not interfere with someone else's life and what they would do to keep particular people happy. No-one wants to be the cause for someone else's saddness or pain, and if they did well that would be very creepy.

Why is it that we build great friendships and relationships with different people? The thought of losing them makes us sad. Why do we risk getting hurt in certain situations, when we are better off staying away?

This is what i think, Taking a risk is apart of life. Every friendship we create helps us realise what kind of person we really are. Friendships bring out our true selves. Relationships are the same thing. We risk to get through life, to discover who we really are and to help realise who is the right person for us. In the end we don't hurt as much cause we make the right decisions after continually making mistakes. Its all just apart of life i guess.

A.C shocked me today when we were walking out of Cafs and her friends came to walk her to Recess. I said bye cause i don't hang with her when her other friends are around cause i feel out of place which is alright with me, but it does make me upset to not be able to hang out with her without feeling odd. She told me i didn't have to leave and i knew i didn't want to but i ended up leaving her anyways. She later on told me, i didn't have to leave everytime the others came to get her and i told her how i felt about being around them.

This is what i'd do just for one person. I don't want her to leave her friends just for me and so i would sacrifice our time together for her to be with someone else. It's what i'd do for her as one of the people who helped me discover who i am.

It makes me wonder, what other people would give up just for someone important to them?

Comment me and tell me what you would/have given up for someone you cared about?

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School Day 2

Okay.. so nothing was really that memorable today.
I guess it ended up being an ordinary day.

I think i might start writing people's names by the first letter of their name. In honor of "Gossip Girl"

I would love to say everything is all HAPPY but i would be lying. So it seems the war between me and B.R is getting bigger and i'm not gonna lose this fight.

well that's a bit extreme but like whatever. I don't want to just give in cause she is bitching about me gosh that would be an easy win for her. I really don't want to be her friend anymore so i'm just gonna leave it at that.

Anyways that was one thing today but it wasn't major which is all good. I hung out with the guys, S.C & A.P today which was cool cause like i miss hanging with them like heaps. It's cause of this fight, i don't want them to have to choose who to hang out with. Anyways that was at lunch and recess and i did hang out with the same group of girls i always do.

There was no classes today that was really very interesting. I had double Cafs & Ancient History with A.C, Music with J.M and Religion with K.M

In music, we have this assignment which is we have to present like create a presentation about an artist between the years 1950s - 2008. I have chosen to do Queen because they are like awesome. I didn't do anything in class cause me, J.M & this guy in my class we talking about all these old artists and stuff. I didn't know a lot of them. He showed us some songs and i didn't recognise some which was really funny and that basically the most interesting thing that happened during any of my classes today LOL.

It wasn't a really interesting day. We had an assembly which was boring like every time.

I promoted my blog to my close friends for them to read and comment, ooooh i also read out some more dedications to some more people who don't have facebook. Did i mention how much i love FACEBOOK... well i love it HEAPS, can't live without it.

Well i really can't talk about a lot of things that happened in school cause to be honest, NOTHING happened. LOL

Well that might as well be it for now..
Maybe tomorrow will be much more interesting for you guys
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Life outside of school

Well i do have a life outside my school life and here it is.
Well not much happened today.
There was some yelling but it wasn't long before it cooled down.
I love my family man!!!
We had a funny fashion kinda show today which was really funny.
My dad took a photo right

Thats him hahaha. There was more photos but that was a funny one
Anyways, my brother's girl friend keeps giving me zappos which i finish in like 2 seconds LOL
I'm addicted to it now and like i have it everyday.
Nothing is really happening here but it's all good
My sister asked me to put the hose inside the gate and my gosh it took forever. It got stuck and like it took me ages to like finally finish which annoyed me and it was soo cold.
I was stupid enough not to wear a jacket

Anyways thats it for now.

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Songs of the Day 2

A new day, a new bunch of random songs
What will my ipod present Today
  1. No Ordinary Love - Jennifer Love Hewitt
  2. What It Feels Like - Fm Static
  3. Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me - Hellogoodbye
  4. What's Up Lonely - Kelly Clarkson
  5. First Date - Blink 182
Have a listen and tell me what you think

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Thoughts 1; Marry Young & Become A Mum ??

This Girl says she's engaged to her boyfriend.
It got me wondering, why do people want to go through life at such a quick pace?
16 year olds are getting pregnant and 17 year olds are getting engaged.
Why can't people just wait until they are a little bit older.
Or maybe i'm just a bit behind the times.
Is having children young cool?
Is getting married ASAP the right thing to do?
I'm 16 myself and think it's too early to get married or have children.
Maybe i'm old fashion but i know i don't want that stuff now
but i would totally want that in the future.
I'm not trying to put anyone down but like its what i think
I think i'll just wait and see what the future will bring
And not rush the whole process of life.

Comment me what you think..

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School Day 1

School Today;
Alright so this girl that is like a little sister to me from school was at school today which was AWESOME!! cause she was on some sort of work placement thing last week and i missed her like heaps.

I wrote this blog thing on my facebook yesterday, so today i asked people if they read it. It had dedications to some of my close friends cause i was like really bored and felt like writing.
This was like before i started blogging again LOL
Anyways At recess i read some of the dedications to those who didn't have facebook. It's funny they don't cause like i can't live without my facebook. Even at school i am facebooking LOL.

I got an assignment for Exploring Early Childhood Today; we have to create a toy and write an explanation on it's benefits.

If anyone has any ideas, Comment ME.
When i get some ideas, i'll be sure to post it and you can comment what you think

It's funny, cause i have a feeling no-one reads my blog but hopefully one day i'll have heaps of Followers hahaha.

Anyways back to my day; so far for my ideas i have
- Pull along - Mouse or Duck
- Figures representing Transport
- Spoons, forks, knifes and plates
- Shapes in different colours and put it together to get different images (large pieces)
I'm thinking of the last one, i might end up doing it anyways haha

At lunch i hung out with the boys for the first time in a long time. It was alright cause i had fun. i usually hang out with these other girls since my group split but like today they were studying in the library which was good cause i got to catch up with the boys.
One thing that made me kinda sad and angry is when my friend got called by my other friend who i sorta have feelings for and guess what i saw.
Obviously me and my friend turned around and saw the guy i like with his arms around his ex.
Okay they didn't go out for that long but still it's an ex.
It shattered me, me and him are like really close friends and like he knows how i feel about him cause we're really honest to each other.
I guess i should be okay with it but like seriously.

anyways they looked like they were dancing and they like smiled at us. I DON'T like her. i never have so why should i start now.
i thought he liked someone else and like that girl (his friend) is like such a flirt from what i've seen.

Okay this blog is not suppose to be about bitching but i can't help it LOL

There was this guy in my community and family studies class who would not shut up and everytime i started to say something to my friend next to me, he would tell me to shooosh.
It really bugged the crap out of me. Even when i was trying to help my friend cause she left her glasses at home. I read the board for her so she could copy it down and you hear him say " hey i thought i told you already, you're disturbing my learning" and to be honest he is like the laziest person in that class and he never really does his work.

English i got another assignment, but the good thing about this assignment is that its an in class essay in like 2 weeks which should be fine. At least i don't have to do anything at home LOL. but he did give us this practice task to do. We have to write this essay that due next week. I do advanced english which is sooo hard sometimes and the teacher expects so much from us.
The rest of that lesson was fun cause we were had to create a drawing about a poem we are studying and mine was a bird in different colours flying in the sky.

Anyways thats my school day summaried, sorry if it's too long

Tc, Keep updated

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Songs of the day

I'm gonna start doing this thing, everytime i blog.
i'll grab my ipod and write down the first 5 songs that come up on my shuffle.
take a listen to them and give me a comment

Inspired by Facebook :)
  1. Wait For You - Elliott Yamin
  2. Girlfriend (Remix) ft. Lil Mama - Avril Lavigne
  3. Slipped Away - Avril Lavigne
  4. It Was You - Ashley Ballard
  5. Money Honey - Lady Gaga
Remember this is random, so some of the songs are old :P

Hey if you have any questions about me you want answered email me, it should be located on my profile

Alright Tc guys

I'm back

Well hi there,
i don't know if people read this but like i haven't wrote a blog in like ages so i felt i needed to write again.
If you have read the previous blogs you may have understood my problem last year but like i am so over that.

I think i need to start over and so here i go

Hi everyone i'm Geezlouise. I'm 16 years old from Australia but trust me this doesn't make me even close to being Australian. I'm Asian LOL, from the Philippines to be exact.
As you may notice i'm not a professional blogger in any way but i do like reading about people's life and i like expressing myself.

I'm a HUGE and i mean HUGE believer of LOVE
many may think it's stupid but like i love love.
it's just who i am LOL

well i hope i can get more followers and i'll try and blog more and follow some of you guys

well i might as well give some sort of life story. Well i have 3 siblings - 1 Older Brother, 1 Older Sister and 1 Little Sister. I also have a half sister who is like God Knows how old. My dad had a kid with some other women when he was 18 and yeah they decided to keep Her. She is a good person i guess, but i don't know a lot about her cause she lives in the Phils. I only found out about her when i was like in year 4. She is married and has 2 little girls so i became an aunty at such a young age.

What else is there to say about me. I LOVE facebook, i facebook everyday.
I'm like a major nerd but that doesn't stop me from having some problems.

I was in love with this jerk like last year as mentioned in previous blogs but i'm really trying to move on as it has been like more than a year. While i still have feelings for him, i kinda like this other guy from my school who is like the nicest guy out. Like no lie he is really nice. Me and him are really close and like i love joking with him. But its not the same feelings i had for my EX.

Thats my love life for ya LOL. umms with my friends, i have a few that are true friends and i am making some new ones but my old friends, well lets just say i don't like them anymore. Especially between me and this one girl, we were bestfriends and then she like starts making me look like the bad person but like whatever.

As you can tell i am such a teenager.

Please Keep Reading and get to know me

I would love to get to know you too so Follow me, i'll let you into my life ;)

well thats all for now. i'll write more real soon :)

Have a good day everyone where ever you are