Friday, August 21, 2009

Boring Is An Overstatement

So okay, school finished for the week and like i planned to have some friends over.
S.C straight away starts annoying me about letting A.J.P come over but like i couldn't let him cause i told my parents only one guy is coming. They have been a bit like hesitant since this incident with my ex bestfriend who was a guy.

Here's like a quick story of what happened, i was bestfriends with this guy for like ages. I told him everything and like we had fun together. One night i asked him to come to this birthday party cause it was my crush's and like i would give him a lift there and back to my house so he asked his mum and told me she said yes. He got dropped at my house and my sister dropped us to the party. He gets a text from his mum saying he is getting picked up at 11 and i asked him if his mum knows my dad isn't picking us up until 11:30 cause like it'll be after he goes to work. He tells me he just told his parents that he was going to my house. He tells his parents where he is and then they come pick him up and his mum yells at me in front of the party. I started to cry and it was relaly bad. When my dad picked me up i told him what happened and he said that he better not see that guy again. Since then it has been a bit hard to bring around guys cause that really upset me.

Anyways back to my day. I got on the bus which was late and was fully packed. I sat at like the back with some of my other school friends and talked about random stuff. Anyways, A.P and M.C got off at this shop near by my house and me and S.C went straight to my house. When we got to my house my brother and his girlfriend was watching "Friday the 13th", its such a gruesome movie but good. Really scary. B.R and her Bestfriend with A.S were out side my street just sitting there. A.S told me not to go outside my house cause she is such a good friend. They were there for like 2 hours i reckon and like it was soo creepy. A.P was the first to go home then M.C and then finally S.C. We didn't do anything we planned on doing cause we ended up just watching movies with my brother and his girlfriend.

I don't feel like typing heaps so yeah that was the basic things that happened in my day after school. I just blogged, facebooked, MSN and Youtubed

Sorry for the boring day with all my writings of the day.

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