Friday, August 21, 2009

The Little Things

Okay so as mentioned previously, i didn't get to post this yesterday and i hope it doesn't confuse you this is what happened yesterday after school and also a little bit about what i did at clare the night before.

Okay, my parents picked me up after school today. I was talking to that girl i mentioned who is getting married. She was telling me how she was getting stressed by planning the reception and stuff. I'm not trying to be a gossip but you got to know some stuff about this. She has been dating the guy for just a bit more than a year and he is just less than times 2 of her age. Yes!! i creeped me out too. But you have to be happy for a new couple that has found that special love i guess.

Anyways, so me and my parents were in the car and like i was hungry so my dad bought me some food. My mum won $14 on her scratchy so she was really happy, it was funny. After we bought the food, my dad bought me credit for my phone cause i ran out like ages ago cause i called a long distance phone.

My dad has been tired of having to pay $30 for credit every month for me and told me to change me rate plan so that it will last longer. I didn't really want to but i had to.

We got back into the car and my dad wanted to go buy some new fish for our pond in the back yard. Did i tell you that i have a fish that like mine in that pond LOL. It's a black fish, so you can hardly ever see it but i love it. It's name is Jasper :D in honor of my favourite character in twilight. On the way to the place that BTW is like heaps far away. I was eating my food in the car cause like yeah i was really hungry and didn't want to wait until i got home cause i know that would be ages away.

After we bought 4 fish and then went home, so the fish would quickly adjust to our pond. When we got home i went straight to the home phone and called my mobile service. I had to follow this machine voice thing that didn't understand me so transfered me to a worker. I talked to this indian chick who helped me out and told me what rates i can change to. I was starting to get sad cause none of the ones that last long had free internet and like i always go on the internet on my phone. i told the woman if i could call back later so i could think about it. I told my dad what the lady said and he told me it was up to me what i wanted but he wasn't gonna pay $30 every month for my credit to last. So i knew what i had to do. I went on the computer to research more about all the rates and then it froze on me which really frustrated me.

After i gave up with that my little sister got hungry so we went out to get her food. She was the only one eating so we only went in the drive through. Her food smelt so nice but i was too upset to ask for any. We then went to a plant place which was also pretty far away. Me and my little sister stayed in the car and waited for our parents. I was on my phone, facebooking like always. I put my status as no more free internet on my mobile. I was really sad. Me and My little sister just listened to the radio as Hamish and Andy talked, they are soo funny. It was funny cause there was this random quiz Hamish asked Andy about if he was suitable to drive on the other side of the road cause they are going to America tomorrow. The questions were very random.

Finally when my parents came back to the car we drove back home and there were heaps of cars driving past so it was hard to enter the road. Hamish and Andy were now making prank calls to like the president of America but because of the time difference it didn't work LOL. Then we got home and i called my Mobile service again. I talked to that machine again and like then talked to i think it was a filo woman or an american LOL. Then i changed my rate to one that lasts 6 months. The lady said all my current credit would go away such as my Mbs of internet i had left and free call minutes. I said it was fine but i felt it was a waste. I then was told to turn off my phone for 20 minutes and wait for a text to come before i recharge. I turned my phone off aftee hanging up and watched "gossip girl" with my big sister. She already finished it but started again and now i'm starting to get the story.

After like 1 episode i turned the TV off and turned my phone back on. I got the text message and recharged my credit. When i message the people to tell me my balance they messaged back saying i had all my minutes and internet credit was still with me which made me happy but like i don't want to get heaps excited so like i'm gonna see if it's still there tomorrow so yeah i get heaps happy cause that means i can still use internet for free until my internet credit finishes which seriously takes ages.

I also got a message that i won a prize. I won $30 extra dollars of credit for my phone, meaning i have $60 credit :D
IT's so cool.

Then like i came up here and started typing on notepad, in my brother's room cause he is at work and my sister is doing her assignment. I also went downstairs to ask my parents if my friends can come over tomorrow which should be fun. My parents said yes but my dad did ask a lot of questions, i thought he was sleeping but apparently not. It was funny cause my dad would quietly ask a question to my mum and then she would repeat it to me lol.

I had an interesting chat with my little sister about God wanting us to suffer and so i told her what i learnt in english today, as mentioned before. I told her, what sir told us. Jesus said that it is more likely for a person in poverty to get into heaven than a wealthy person. Because a poor person is suffering in their life and not giving up while a wealthy person has more temptations in their life and so it is harder to accept God. Some people who aren't in poverty can't deal with their life and so they end it. I told this to my sister and like she was like WOAH hahaha

Anyways that was my day outside of school, sorry if it is long and boring but like yeah lol lots happened.

Comment Me what you think about God wanting his people to Suffer

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