Monday, August 17, 2009

School Day 1

School Today;
Alright so this girl that is like a little sister to me from school was at school today which was AWESOME!! cause she was on some sort of work placement thing last week and i missed her like heaps.

I wrote this blog thing on my facebook yesterday, so today i asked people if they read it. It had dedications to some of my close friends cause i was like really bored and felt like writing.
This was like before i started blogging again LOL
Anyways At recess i read some of the dedications to those who didn't have facebook. It's funny they don't cause like i can't live without my facebook. Even at school i am facebooking LOL.

I got an assignment for Exploring Early Childhood Today; we have to create a toy and write an explanation on it's benefits.

If anyone has any ideas, Comment ME.
When i get some ideas, i'll be sure to post it and you can comment what you think

It's funny, cause i have a feeling no-one reads my blog but hopefully one day i'll have heaps of Followers hahaha.

Anyways back to my day; so far for my ideas i have
- Pull along - Mouse or Duck
- Figures representing Transport
- Spoons, forks, knifes and plates
- Shapes in different colours and put it together to get different images (large pieces)
I'm thinking of the last one, i might end up doing it anyways haha

At lunch i hung out with the boys for the first time in a long time. It was alright cause i had fun. i usually hang out with these other girls since my group split but like today they were studying in the library which was good cause i got to catch up with the boys.
One thing that made me kinda sad and angry is when my friend got called by my other friend who i sorta have feelings for and guess what i saw.
Obviously me and my friend turned around and saw the guy i like with his arms around his ex.
Okay they didn't go out for that long but still it's an ex.
It shattered me, me and him are like really close friends and like he knows how i feel about him cause we're really honest to each other.
I guess i should be okay with it but like seriously.

anyways they looked like they were dancing and they like smiled at us. I DON'T like her. i never have so why should i start now.
i thought he liked someone else and like that girl (his friend) is like such a flirt from what i've seen.

Okay this blog is not suppose to be about bitching but i can't help it LOL

There was this guy in my community and family studies class who would not shut up and everytime i started to say something to my friend next to me, he would tell me to shooosh.
It really bugged the crap out of me. Even when i was trying to help my friend cause she left her glasses at home. I read the board for her so she could copy it down and you hear him say " hey i thought i told you already, you're disturbing my learning" and to be honest he is like the laziest person in that class and he never really does his work.

English i got another assignment, but the good thing about this assignment is that its an in class essay in like 2 weeks which should be fine. At least i don't have to do anything at home LOL. but he did give us this practice task to do. We have to write this essay that due next week. I do advanced english which is sooo hard sometimes and the teacher expects so much from us.
The rest of that lesson was fun cause we were had to create a drawing about a poem we are studying and mine was a bird in different colours flying in the sky.

Anyways thats my school day summaried, sorry if it's too long

Tc, Keep updated

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