Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Day 2

Okay.. so nothing was really that memorable today.
I guess it ended up being an ordinary day.

I think i might start writing people's names by the first letter of their name. In honor of "Gossip Girl"

I would love to say everything is all HAPPY but i would be lying. So it seems the war between me and B.R is getting bigger and i'm not gonna lose this fight.

well that's a bit extreme but like whatever. I don't want to just give in cause she is bitching about me gosh that would be an easy win for her. I really don't want to be her friend anymore so i'm just gonna leave it at that.

Anyways that was one thing today but it wasn't major which is all good. I hung out with the guys, S.C & A.P today which was cool cause like i miss hanging with them like heaps. It's cause of this fight, i don't want them to have to choose who to hang out with. Anyways that was at lunch and recess and i did hang out with the same group of girls i always do.

There was no classes today that was really very interesting. I had double Cafs & Ancient History with A.C, Music with J.M and Religion with K.M

In music, we have this assignment which is we have to present like create a presentation about an artist between the years 1950s - 2008. I have chosen to do Queen because they are like awesome. I didn't do anything in class cause me, J.M & this guy in my class we talking about all these old artists and stuff. I didn't know a lot of them. He showed us some songs and i didn't recognise some which was really funny and that basically the most interesting thing that happened during any of my classes today LOL.

It wasn't a really interesting day. We had an assembly which was boring like every time.

I promoted my blog to my close friends for them to read and comment, ooooh i also read out some more dedications to some more people who don't have facebook. Did i mention how much i love FACEBOOK... well i love it HEAPS, can't live without it.

Well i really can't talk about a lot of things that happened in school cause to be honest, NOTHING happened. LOL

Well that might as well be it for now..
Maybe tomorrow will be much more interesting for you guys
Tc and Keep Updated

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