Friday, August 21, 2009

School Day 4

Okay, so i didn't get to go online yesterday to blog cause my little sister needed to do her assignment. Let me update you on whats been going on from yesterday. I Wrote this all yesterday in my brother's room when he wasn't around so it sounds like i wrote today was yesterday, if you get what i mean. Anyways sorry for the late post.

Today was a short day at school cause it is thursday. Every thursday we finish at 1pm instead of 2:30pm cause of sport. It's a good thing sport isn't compulsary because then i would be such a fail LOL.

I woke up this morning and i swear i was soo tired. I like seriously did not want to get up, i was that lazy. When i finally decided to get ready to go to school, i didn't open my eyes for a while LOL.

Okay, so remember how i thought S.C was mad at me yesterday, well when i got to school A.S straight away told me he wasn't. He came up to me and said he wasn't mad at me and that it would take heaps for him to be mad at me. I was full like WTF!!! He told me, that when i yelled out his name, he turned around and couldn't see us so he turned away and kept walking. I told him how guilty i felt and how i talked about it on my blog and he was full like LOL and said it would take much more to get him mad. So I'm glad me and him got that sorted out and like everything is cool now between us. Apparently, he also didn't receive A.S's Text when she messaged him to ask if he was mad. Grrr, oh well it's all over now so lets move on.

There's this girl in my English, Exp & Ancient History class, L.A and we're like heaps close now cause every second thursday we have the whole day together which is funny and we like to joke about it. She is a great person.

Exploring Early Childhood (Exp), was the first 2 periods of the day. We basically read out of the text book and discussed it which is always fun in that class. Obviously our class is made up of just girls and its funny cause next door is the construction class and there is only boys in the subject. We then had to design playground equipment that is suitable for both genders and for people who are disabled.

My design is basically a flying fox that has a kind of cubicle tha has a pole in the middle. The front is clear in order for the child to enjoy the view and there is enough space in the cube that allows prams, wheel chairs and even just for children to stand up and be safe. There is also a kind of rope thing that the adult holds to and uses in order to control the speed of the ride so that the child doesn't get too frightened. The ride goes down hill so that it is easier for the disabled or very young child to get out of the cube. There is also a ramp in order to get the child to the top of the slope.

English was the next 2 periods. We have 4 straight periods on thursday and only one break because the day is shortened which means the periods are shorter than usual. We basically read poems and answered questions about it. The poem really interesting because it was about how in this poets opinion, God wants us to be uncomfortable and In pain so that when we die we will be comfortable and happy or something like that which is retarded. Anyways, that poem just really interested me.

Then it was our break time and like i started hanging out with my normal group of girls but than A.S called me over to her cause B.R had went library and like left A.S alone. So it was me, A.S and the boys, S.C & A.P.

Oh yeah BTW i'm going to say that A.P the girl is now, A.J.P cause it would just be less confusing for you guys and for me.

Anyways back to the lunch break. A.P bought S.C food and me and him kinda shared it. I took like 3 or 4 bites and like it was really nice. Idk what it was but it was good LOL.

Lunch seemed to go fast cause before i knew it the bell rang. The Last 2 periods of the day was Ancient History. We were in the library and so after lunch i walked with A.C. I just worked the whole lesson on summarising the text book and i plan to finish the chapter by next week. That was basically it and then the bell rang. I went and got my bag and saw A.S and like i hadn't seen her the whole lesson, even though we had class together, if thatb makes sense. We said bye to each other and i walked A.C to this classroom for her to wait and get picked up. I bumped into A.S on the way out of the school again and whispered to her, asking if she tells B.R anything i say about her on this blog and she says she doesn't and i said thank you and bye. I went to the front and waited for my parents.

That was my school day for yesterday and it does sound like i was talking about today and i'm sorry if i got you all very confused lol.

Comment me on what you think of my idea for the play ground equipment.

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