Friday, August 21, 2009

School Day 5

Alright, Btw J.M, the girl is gonna now be J.D.M and the boy, J.M will now be J.M LOL
I woke up late today, which made me almost late for school. I went to tutor and like we had to nominate people to be SRC. Of course J.T and J.M were nominated cause they were nominated last time. Then Sir said maybe some girls should go for it cause there was only guys so far. J.T, being stupid put my name down and there was nothing i could do about it. We also put down H.R's name so that i wasn't the only girl. Sir told us to campaign and as a joke, he said, H.R and J.M are gonna be campaign managers for each other, A.C is mine, and E.M is J.T's. We also had to fill out an evaluation form for the excursion on Wednesday. It was funny, cause J.T didn't know it was a 2 sided sheet, Then a teacher on the loud speaker mentioned that the sheet was 2 sided to all the students and so we just laughed at J.T. LOL

The bell rang and i headed to maths. I didn't do much in maths cause like i was soo lazy. Math was a double period and so i really didn't want to do anything. I just listened to my ipod and played solitaire. I also just read old messages on my ipod. The second bell rang quickly, I'm surprised that for the first time, i didn't do any work in maths. I felt very sleepy, i think i might have fell asleep LOL like most people in this class. Just kidding, i just had a nap. I just remembered it's my math teacher's last day cause he was just filling in for my real teacher. This teacher is so cool and is such a good artist/painter and teacher. We're gonna miss him. He'll be back for our fund raiser to build schoolsfor the poor though so that should be cool.

This morning i asked A.P if she wanted to come over this afternoon. She said, she might so yeah, i was thinking of asking the guy i like to come over but in the end i didn't. I was too afraid.

Oh Yeah A.C also told me she read my blog about her and it made her sad. I told her it's all true because on my blog, I NEVER LIE. Okay, i'm getting a little off track LOL.

At recess, we just talked about people coming over this afternoon, after school. Which was alright, but more about that later. By then it was S.C, M.C, A.S and A.P going to my house.

In religion we did this ritual thing for Islam which was funny and embarassing. It wasn't really an interesting class. But It's always fun to sit and talk with K.M.

In EXP, i finished all the class work and then did my religion homework. Other Than that, there was nothing interesting.

Lunch was boring, i just played games on J.D.M's phone cause it's fun lol. A.S also told me she wasn't coming over anymore.

Cafs we didn't do much and in music Me and J.D.M talked to this guy in our class about the Philippines and also about names. We also talked about where we went school before our current one and where we live. It was an interesting chat, we had a different teacher cause like yeah our teacher was at exams.

Anyways, it wasn't the most interesting day today but like man i was too lazy to do anything.

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