Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping Should Be A Subject

Okay, as mentioned in another entry; i do have a life outside of school. LOL

I went to the shops today with S.C & A.S which was fun, we walked there straight after school. A.S went home early so it was just me and S.C which was fine cause i hardly ever talk to him anymore cause of the previously mentioned war. It was fun, we went and ate in the food court and caught up on some stuff that had been going on.

I tell this guy he has to go through with something to see what the outcome is but he just plans to let the opportunity pass. Anyways, we walked around A LOT. We went and bought a cork board for me after we ate and i was soo surprised to see my sister at the shop with her friends. She full scared me hahaha. Me and S.C then went and bought some other stuff for his dad and like we were so lazy to carry stuff that we were just pushing a trolley everywhere which was funny. He was like to me " It looks like we're married" and i was like laughing.

It was fun and i miss hanging out with him. B.R is going back to school tomorrow i heard cause she has been away for like 2 days so i won't be able to talk to him then. Well i'll try and hang out with him more.

At the end of the day my older sister came and picked me up and we went to put petrol in her car. I like her car even if it is a bit cramped, LOL. It was annoying cause this car moved and then the car in front of us move forward and didn't start filling up their car until the girl in front of them came and drove away which meant we had to wait for them to finish and move when there was a spare place in front of them. This really annoyed my sister. Anyways

I'm not sure if any of this made sense but yeah that was my dayd out side of school.

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