Saturday, August 22, 2009

Straight As In Procrastination

Today was a good day, i woke up and remember i had to go to A.C's house this afternoon. I forgot to ask my parents last night so i asked them this morning. They said yes, but it was still early so i didn't have to get ready yet.

My sister had to bring her car to the mechanic, so me and my sister drove in her car, following my dad, to the mechanic. We then ate breakfast at Maccas and it was cool LOL. On the way back home i found $2 in the car which was cool haha.

When we got home, i figured it was still early so i gonna play some Guitar Hero. As i was about to play, my dad asks me if i could vacuum the house. Of course i said yes and yeah thats what i did to kill some time. After i cleaned the house, my sister's friend came over and they left to go pick up their other friend. It was still too early to get ready to go to A.C's so like i went to play Guitar Hero but like my brother already got there before me. So i watched him try to play on Hard and like i just continued doing this puzzle i have been doing for a while. After a while he gave up and i had 40 mins before i the time i planned to get ready. I played on different instruments and different levels for that time and then i decided to finally go and get changed to go A.C's.

When i finished getting ready, my dad already finished cooking and so i ate his spaghetti and like i started eating and My sister came home with all her friends. Okay fine it was like 2 friends LOL. Anyways, after i ate, it was like time for me to go to A.C's house. I was already like kinda Late so yeah LOL.

I walked there was cause it wasn't far and like yeah, i just listened to my ipod. When i got there, i knocked on the door but no-one answered so i messaged her telling her i was at her door LOL. I guess i didn't knock hard enough. She came to the door and like was full happy to see me LOL. Anyways, when i went in her house i said hi to her mum and dad and the first thing i saw was all these photos of her growing up, like a timeline it was so cute cause she smiles the same in all the photos LOL. We went into her room and like it was soo cute, i was like fascinated for like about 10 minutes. WE didn't do much work at her house but like we did a little bit. We started to talk a lot and then we looked at my blog. Then we read so secrets on secretblog and some stuff off Fmylife. It was sad to read some of the stuff but some were funny.

We then watched videos on Youtube. We watched some failblog and some niga higa. I Love Niga Higa LOL he is sooo funny. Anyways, we eventually started working on our assignment. I put on some music and like she kept changing the songs. We listened to A LOT of high school musical cause she was like obsessed LOL. I dictated to her while she wrote stuff on the powerpoint. We sang Heaps !!! LOL It was fun. Eventually we got side tracked again and like yeah, i was walking around her room looking at her books, cds and dvds. It's so cute the stuff she owns cause its all like children stuff. And she kept telling me it was from her child hood lol. She was so embarassed. She was reading stuff about my ex on my ipod. She said she felt like crying and told me to make her cry. So she read heaps of stuff. Then we went back to work but it wasn't long before we like started talking again LOL. We full had a deep and meaningful conversation about like everything. It was really nice to talk to her. I finally did make her cry, thats how deep it was but it's all good.

WE then listened to like heaps of music LOL. and we looked at photos on my ipod of people when they were younger LOL. I Love her hamtaro stuffed animal. We then got like bored cause i was going home soon. We read old conversations we used to have on MSN, it was really funny, we just couldn't stop laughing. After a while, Me and her took heaps of Photos and then the battery died just before we were gonna take photos with her hamtaro. My sister then came and picked me up and i went home.

I liked Hanging out with A.C today. Her mum was really nice to me, and i hardly saw her dad but he looked like a nice person. The family is very friendly and like i can't wait to hang out with her at her house again soon.

After i got home, my sister was watching "He's Just Not That Into You" which is such a sweet movie. I loved it LOL. It made me want to say nawwwwwww at the end. I recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a dating movie.

After we watched a bit of "Suddenly 30" which is a sad movie but really good and also "Notebook" which is also a great book and movie.

That was basically my day cause yeah i spent most of it at A.C's house LOL but it was LOTS of fun :D We're suppose to do our assignment but we ended up having heaps of fun doing other things :P

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