Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts 1; Marry Young & Become A Mum ??

This Girl says she's engaged to her boyfriend.
It got me wondering, why do people want to go through life at such a quick pace?
16 year olds are getting pregnant and 17 year olds are getting engaged.
Why can't people just wait until they are a little bit older.
Or maybe i'm just a bit behind the times.
Is having children young cool?
Is getting married ASAP the right thing to do?
I'm 16 myself and think it's too early to get married or have children.
Maybe i'm old fashion but i know i don't want that stuff now
but i would totally want that in the future.
I'm not trying to put anyone down but like its what i think
I think i'll just wait and see what the future will bring
And not rush the whole process of life.

Comment me what you think..

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