Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts 2; Sacrificing For People

I just had a new thought. I have so many but like i won't bore you LOL.

A.C is a great friend of mine but i have to sacrifice my friendship with her when her other really close friends come into the picture. I'm not a mean person so i don't take her away from them. She has know them longer than me. Me and them don't really connect like me and A.C.

This got me thinking, it is amazing what people are willing to do to not interfere with someone else's life and what they would do to keep particular people happy. No-one wants to be the cause for someone else's saddness or pain, and if they did well that would be very creepy.

Why is it that we build great friendships and relationships with different people? The thought of losing them makes us sad. Why do we risk getting hurt in certain situations, when we are better off staying away?

This is what i think, Taking a risk is apart of life. Every friendship we create helps us realise what kind of person we really are. Friendships bring out our true selves. Relationships are the same thing. We risk to get through life, to discover who we really are and to help realise who is the right person for us. In the end we don't hurt as much cause we make the right decisions after continually making mistakes. Its all just apart of life i guess.

A.C shocked me today when we were walking out of Cafs and her friends came to walk her to Recess. I said bye cause i don't hang with her when her other friends are around cause i feel out of place which is alright with me, but it does make me upset to not be able to hang out with her without feeling odd. She told me i didn't have to leave and i knew i didn't want to but i ended up leaving her anyways. She later on told me, i didn't have to leave everytime the others came to get her and i told her how i felt about being around them.

This is what i'd do just for one person. I don't want her to leave her friends just for me and so i would sacrifice our time together for her to be with someone else. It's what i'd do for her as one of the people who helped me discover who i am.

It makes me wonder, what other people would give up just for someone important to them?

Comment me and tell me what you would/have given up for someone you cared about?

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