Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts 4; Dreams Were Made For Understanding

Guys guess what?! i have a new thought for you all

Do you ever have a dream that you don't completely understand? It may be happy or it may be sad.

So my thought for today is Dreams.

Here's my story. 3 nights now this week i've had a dream about one of my closest friends, E.M and her boyfriend. It's really embarassing but it got me thinking. So for you to all understand i have decided to tell you about each of the dreams, or at least parts that i remember in the dreams. I hardly ever remember my dreams, so it scares me to remember these. If i remember a dream i feel theres a message but seriously i hope there isn't one.

Dream 1; E.M and her boyfriend got into a huge fight and i wanted to help get them backa together. So i called him and told him to come to my house to talk to me and E.M about what happened. I told him to knock really hard so that we can hear and answer the door. For some odd reason, i didn't know there was a party at my house. E.M was already crying and like i really hoped her boyfriend would be here soon. He never arrived but when my little sister came hom she said to me that she saw him walking out of the street. She said she asked him why he wasn't at my house talking to E.M about what happened. He replied, " I knocked as hard as i could but no-one would answer, so i just gave up and decided to go home." I told E.M about what happened and this made her even more upset.

Dream 2; Somehow E.M and her boyfriend were back together but then of course they had another fight. Me and A.C were hanging out at my house when E.M came and told us that she had another huge fight with her boyfriend. A.C said she was going to a birthday party for this girl who went to our school and like she also has history with E.M boyfriend. E.M tells me that her boyfriend is also going to the party. She doens't want him to go by himself to that girls party so she says that she will go and find him there. A.C offers her, her present she was gonna give the girl and decides not to go so then E.M went to go to the party to meet up with her boyfriend.

Dream 3; Alright, again E.M gets back with her boyfriend but guess what?! thats right they had another big fight but this one was serious because they officially broke up. It hurt E.M a lot but she seemed to move on really fast. Before i knew it me and her boyfriend were together and like E.M didn't know about it but everyone else did. I didn't want to hurt E.M and seriously i have no idea how i got with her boyfriend We bumped in to E.M at some park and like she was crushed as and the obvious thing happened, she cut me out of her life and never wanted to talk to me again.

So my thought of the day is what do all these dreams mean? Why am i dreaming about someone else's sorrow? Why do people dream good things some night and Bad dreams other nights?

This is what i think, People dream what they fear and what they want. If we are frightened or scared in dream, it is a fear we have. My fear from these dreams is that my friend E.M will get hurt. I guess i'm a bit over protective of the people i care about. In the first 2 dreams i tried to make things better and i tried to make her happy again. I never want her to be hurt by anyone especially her boyfriend. In the last dream my fear is me hurting her. I never want to be the cause of her saddness and pain. IT's one of the things i never want to do. I also have a fear of losing her as a friend or maybe lose her as family.

Obviously these dreams were fears cause when i woke up i was terrified and scared and also a little confused. People dream about what they want in life and from others. But some people don't realise that dreams also show you some of your deepest fears. It helps people realise what they are truly scared of and in my case it is losing someone really close to me or one of them ever getting hurt from someone close to them.

I've realised, over the years, that if you think of something so much and especially before you sleep, that thought could effect your dreams, it may appear in it in the oddest way. It shows you if you are scared or if you are excited. It's a matter of taking in what you have seen.

I'm not an expert but this is what i believe. I know there are other meanings for particular dreams besides fear or desire. I know that it could mean unfinished business or something but i'm not professional. But i know that most dreams are usually about what we want and what we wish will never happen.

Dreams are weird experiences everyone goes through. It's a matter of remembering a dream and learning from it.

If you do wish to know about your dreams, look it up in dream interpretation sites or books. Even ask a professional if you are really interested.

Just keep dreaming and remember It's Just A Dream.

Comment me some of your scariest, happiest or weirdest dreams you have ever had, if you can remember that is.
Also comment me if you get a professional interpretation and tell me what particular dreams mean.

Tc & Keep Updated

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