Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts 5; Enemies At War

Hey, heres a new thought for you all.

Have you ever hated someone so much, you just want to kill them?

Everyone goes through it so don't deny it. Here is my story.

I have a lot of enemies, some i don't see anymore, which is good and other are just new. I used to be friends with these people but like now i hate them so much. It's a war between us and like i wonder why is it we feel this way towards each other.

Me and some of my old friends started fighting and like we're like fighting for friends from our group. Yes it sucks most days to have to compete each other for certain people's attention and also to lose other friends to the other person. But it happens and it brings out the true self out of people.

I hate This girl so much i just want to kill her sometimes but like i'm not gonna do it cause she is still friends with some of my friends.

So for my thought of the day i ask, why is it we do make enemies? and why is it that sometimes particular situations can not be resolved?

here is what i think, We make enemies because there is some aspects of people's personalities that are not compatible to our own personality. Because of this we feel that our difference mean that we can never get along. In most cases this is true and in others it may be for from it. We don't get a long with people we have bad experiences with and because me and my friend eventually had a clash we just ended up enemies. Enemies are people we can't stand and people who make our lives difficult and this is what my ex friend does to me. The reason we make enemies is we feel threatened by them and we try to destroy each other.

Sometimes conflicts can't be resolved because there is nothing we can do to satisfy everyone involved, we feel we are always the person who is right and the person who is the victim, it's just human nature. Most conflicts can be resolved depending on the extent of the problem but in the one like mine it is more difficult to fix when everything that happened in the past makes everything worse.

So i leave you all with this thought, We make enemies and we have problems because it is all apart of finding out the true inner self of the people around us and it helps us connect with them.

Sorry if this blog entry is pretty crap but like i wasn't sure what to write about and like this has been going on in my mind for the day.

Comment me you worse situation & i'll try and write a better thought tomorrow.

Tc & Keep Updated

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