Sunday, August 16, 2009

Songs of the day

I'm gonna start doing this thing, everytime i blog.
i'll grab my ipod and write down the first 5 songs that come up on my shuffle.
take a listen to them and give me a comment

Inspired by Facebook :)
  1. Wait For You - Elliott Yamin
  2. Girlfriend (Remix) ft. Lil Mama - Avril Lavigne
  3. Slipped Away - Avril Lavigne
  4. It Was You - Ashley Ballard
  5. Money Honey - Lady Gaga
Remember this is random, so some of the songs are old :P

Hey if you have any questions about me you want answered email me, it should be located on my profile

Alright Tc guys

I'm back

Well hi there,
i don't know if people read this but like i haven't wrote a blog in like ages so i felt i needed to write again.
If you have read the previous blogs you may have understood my problem last year but like i am so over that.

I think i need to start over and so here i go

Hi everyone i'm Geezlouise. I'm 16 years old from Australia but trust me this doesn't make me even close to being Australian. I'm Asian LOL, from the Philippines to be exact.
As you may notice i'm not a professional blogger in any way but i do like reading about people's life and i like expressing myself.

I'm a HUGE and i mean HUGE believer of LOVE
many may think it's stupid but like i love love.
it's just who i am LOL

well i hope i can get more followers and i'll try and blog more and follow some of you guys

well i might as well give some sort of life story. Well i have 3 siblings - 1 Older Brother, 1 Older Sister and 1 Little Sister. I also have a half sister who is like God Knows how old. My dad had a kid with some other women when he was 18 and yeah they decided to keep Her. She is a good person i guess, but i don't know a lot about her cause she lives in the Phils. I only found out about her when i was like in year 4. She is married and has 2 little girls so i became an aunty at such a young age.

What else is there to say about me. I LOVE facebook, i facebook everyday.
I'm like a major nerd but that doesn't stop me from having some problems.

I was in love with this jerk like last year as mentioned in previous blogs but i'm really trying to move on as it has been like more than a year. While i still have feelings for him, i kinda like this other guy from my school who is like the nicest guy out. Like no lie he is really nice. Me and him are really close and like i love joking with him. But its not the same feelings i had for my EX.

Thats my love life for ya LOL. umms with my friends, i have a few that are true friends and i am making some new ones but my old friends, well lets just say i don't like them anymore. Especially between me and this one girl, we were bestfriends and then she like starts making me look like the bad person but like whatever.

As you can tell i am such a teenager.

Please Keep Reading and get to know me

I would love to get to know you too so Follow me, i'll let you into my life ;)

well thats all for now. i'll write more real soon :)

Have a good day everyone where ever you are