Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping For A New Friend

Okay, after the excursion me, A.S, S.C and some of his friends walked up to the shops cause i was getting picked up by my sister again. We got back earlier than i thought so i spent more time at the shops than i thought i would.

As we walked i could see in a distance that guy i like and his ex. Why are they so close all of a sudden? Anyways i won't make this about them.

When we got to the shop me and A.S kept stopping to go into shops looking for particular nail polish and finally gave up doing that. WE ended up in this like technology store that sells dvds, cds, games and other kinds of technology. We went around looking for the Lion King on Dvd but never found it.

S.C wanted to go to the food court with his friends and like me and A.S weren't done yet so we told him we'd meet him there. We went out of the shop and went into many different stores looking for "The Lion King" but couldn't find it so we gave up on that too and ended up just buying a book about world war II.

We finally went to the food court thinking they would still be there cause like we were ussure how long they were going to take. We didn't end up finding them and so we walked away. As we walked away i spotted S.C with this girl in my English class. I yelled out his name, he turned, looked at us and turned back and walked away.

It crushed me and i started to get scared that he was made at me and A.S. This wasn't good cause he is good friends with B.R and like if he is mad at me he might take her side. He would also take A.P (the guy) with him to that side cause their like bestfriends. A.S said she would call him while she was on the bus to ask and that she would text me what he says but she never did and now i'm scared i just lost a friend.

He was a good friend and i would hate to think i lost him. If you read this S.C, I'M SORRY.

A.S, bought me food and then left to go home. i finished off my food and went up to the usual place to meet with my sister. We went to go buy some take out for the family but for some reason her card was declined which was weird so we cancelled the order and went home. The guy working at the take out sounded like the guy i like but he told me he didn't have a job so obviously it wasn't him.

We went home and she fixed up the problem and so we went again to get take out. Technically now i've eaten heaps LOL.

Tonight i'm going to my old high school to promote a subject to the year 8 students. My old school only goes up to year 10 thats why i'm at a different school now. My little sister told me that one of the teachers want me to come in and help so i decided to go. The subject is History Elective and like it was heaps fun. I don't exactly know what i'll be doing so i'll find out soon. Well i might write about it tomorrow when i go on again to talk about my day.

Oh yeah, i put up my white board and cork board last night, it was so hard to do cause it wouldn't stay still. It keeps annoying me still but jot as much as when we had to put it up . LOL

Anyways i think thats it for the day. I'll See you all tomorrow
Comment me what you think i should do to make it up to my friend

Goodnight Everyone and have a good day
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Songs Of The Day 4

Another Day Guys,
5 new random songs to listen to.
  1. Drugs Or Me - Jimmy Eat World
  2. Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
  3. I'm So Sick - Flyleaf
  4. Franklin - Paramore
  5. Can't Make You Love Me - Britney Spears
Listen to the one in bold yeah?!

P.S It's random, its always a mystery. Have a listen to the songs and comment me what you think about what has been chosen :D

Have a great day full of music
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Thoughts 3; Happiness For Someone Whose Killing You

Hey guys, i have another thought for you.

Have you ever had someone you like had feelings for but didn't know what to do cause he/she was your friend?

I have and my thought for the day is, why do we force ourselves to be happy for someone we care about, when secretly deep inside us their happiness is killing us?

I have feelings for this guy who is a really good friend of mine and like he likes someone else. I don't like that someone else but i want him to be happy. He knows how i feel about him cause we are very honest to each other about what we are thinking and what bothers us. He understands how i feel and doesn't feel the same but he doesn't want to lose me as a friend either and so we stayed friends. I see him hang with this other girl he likes and i get jealous and i'm sure everyone has felt that. He is really close to his ex and like it hurts me to see it but i still try to feel happy for him cause i can't afford to make him feel uncomfortable around me.

We have feelings for a person but they have feelings for someone else. We can't force them to feel the same or else it would be fake. We force ourselves to be happy for them when they are with someone else cause they are a friend. We don't put them down cause thats not the role of a friend. But why? Why do we hurt just to make them happy?

Here's What i think, We are really good friends with this person and upsetting them with the truth that their happiness is killing us would just cause a lot of trouble in the friendship. We don't want to risk losing someone close to us especially if it is someone so close to us that we have strong feelings for them as more than a friend. We don't want to change anything, we want things to remain the same and if anything were to happen between them and someone else, we feel it is our role as friends to support and be happy for their happiness.

Sometimes its not that easy to get rid of feelings for someone to save a friendship. Some, take the risk and try and make something happen and so they lose their friendship while others take the safe road and bury their feelings.

What do you feel is the best thing to do in this situation? In my opinion it depends on the situation and on the people cause everyone is different.

Comment me and tell me what you think is the best way to resolve this problem.
Also comment me and tell me you're story cause i'm sure everyone has been through it.

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School Day 3

Okay, i was on the bus today on my way to this road trauma thing. I was stuck on the bus with the guy i like and his ex. It upsets me to see them so close together. Why are they so close anyways, when like they were having problems as just friends. I really don't like her.

Anyways, as i mentioned before, i had this excursion called the youth and road trauma forum and like it's suppose to teach us safety.

Anyways, i sat on the bus with K.C which was cool and the seats next to us was where A.P (the girl) and J.M sat which was awesome. Me and K.C were really bored on the bus to the venue so we just listened to the radio on her phone and some of the songs she had cause i was stupid enough to decide to leave my phone at home.

When we got there, we like sat in the front row, it was like the best view. And then there was this full on act of a car crash. There was like girl like full bleeding in the car cause she was stuck and like it was soo gross and scary cause she was like spiting up blood. It was teaching us a lesson about drink driving so yeah. Then we heard some stories from people who have been involved in car crashes. One lost his left leg and had a fake leg instead, one had trouble walking and speaking, and one had weakness in her right side. It was soo sad.

Then we had a break for like an hour and it was soo boring. My group just kept walking back and forth and then just gave up and went back to our seats. I saw one of my oldest friends, R.U. I have known her since kindy so it was cool to see her again even if it was a bit awkward. After sitting down for so long time me and K.C wanted to walk around so we went down to the foreground and walked around some more. It was alright, i dared S.C to hit on one random chick, so he gave me all his free stuff and walked to find a chick. He ended up not doing it and so i didn't give him back his free stuff LOL.

I saw this guy who used to go to my school, me and him had this thing for like a week. I wouldn't really call it dating but it was something. It was in the school holidays and like i would go to his house and talk to him on the phone. But i broke it off cause he still had a thing for his ex who was my friend and guess what, He ended up going out with her again when we went back to school.

It sucked when we went back to sit down and like the guy i like and his group sat in our spot. We didn't make a scene and went to go sit next to my other friend E.M and her boyfriend. She was asking me what was going on with the guy i like and his ex and like i don't know so thats what i told her. I think he might like her again but i have no idea. I shall ask him.

There was more talks and then we went back on the bus to go back to school. I sat with K.C again cause like i love her heaps :)

J.M and A.P (the girl) sat behind us and we just did the same thing we did before. We listened to the songs on her phone, we listened to the radio and i played snakes and ladders on J.M's phone. So enough we were back at school and just in time for students to catch their normal buses.

That was basically my day summed up and from what i can remember from the day.

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