Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey there


okay i haven't been a good blogger lately because i haven't been writing but honestly sometimes i have no idea what to write.

well i have been babysitting for like a really long time and today is my only day off this week.
I baby sit a one year old girl who is turning 2 in November. Her name is Ysabella (which is the same as Isabella)

She is adorable. taking care of her for like 11 hours a day makes me want to have children, well not now but when i'm older.

i haven't got much to write but like i miss writing to you guys and i'm so sorry i haven't been writing.

well i'll leave by mentioning that i have realised that there are many things in this life that are worth living for and that no matter what happens to us people out there will still care about us. Even if we don't know it now

i love all you guys who are supporting me in this blog and like i promise to write when i have something to write

keep updated and stay safe