Friday, January 29, 2010


YAY it was great
i loved it
especially at the end ;)
i went to the shops with him
it was fun
oh how i love spending time with him
sorry i haven't been writing for a while
been a bit busy
but anyways
school was good
i love being back at school
Anyways funny stuff happenned
well at first i couldn't find him
then i found out he came late LOL
then i didn't talk to him until like lunch cause N.A wanted to meet up
so i invited him to come with me to see her
she ended up bailing but more about that later
well there we were at lunch talking
i totally didn't even realise the bell rang LOL
yeah we were talking and like i asked where my b-day was
he full said it was a surprise and i would get it on monday
now i am full excited ><"
well it was after school
and like me and him said we'd catch bus
but i couldn't find him
and then the bus got full so i full walked
and it was soooo hot ><"
anyways i called my friend asking where thingy was
and he said that he was with him
(lol confusing)
i ended up catching up to them and like grrrr it was the worst
i full hit him LOL
in a friendly way of course
well then i got a message from N.A that said she couldn't make it
so it was just me, my friend, his girlfriend and HIM
well it was fun
felt like a double date LOL
i ended up dragging him everywhere i wanted to go
while the love birds were somewhere else
i asked him for his watch
and he gave it to me
and i wasn't gonna give it back until he got off the bus to go home
he felt sad i had his watch so i gave him my jumper
casue like my jumper was like a "security blanket" as my friend would say
so it seemed fair
me and my friends gf, went to the bathroom and like
we talked and stuff
and then she brought up him
and asked me what happenning
and i was like nothing, we're just friends
and she was like "for now"
she said that we are still getting used to each other's company
and that eventually we'll like each other
and be together
which made me smile in my mind
but i didn't want to put my hopes up LOL
i didn't want to get hurt again
my friends gf ended up catching train home and so it was the three of us
he was talking to a friend of his so me and my friend started talking
as he got off the bus i gave him is watch and got my jumper back
and that was it
it was funn in a crazy way

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was such a busy day
i like had so much to do
and like i am soooo tired
but before i go to bed i wanted to write to you guys
well today
was a good day
for once in a long time
i wasn't sad about him
well thats good enough for me
i did think about him
but because of all the stuff i did today
i barely
i'm feeling good
well tired but that doesn't matter
if i could right now i would say good night to him
well Good Night honey bun
i miss you terribly
and i wish i could see you right now
even if it's almost 4am
oh how i miss you
i hope to see you soon
love always me
idk if i love him yet
but i know i like him
and hope someday maybe he'll feel the same
well that all for now
i LOVE you guys
GOOD NIGHT or Morning as it is 4am

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was the day

The day of what ???
NOTHING i guess hahaha
well i spent the day with the family today
it was alright
but the funny thing was that i couldn't stop mentioning him
it was like everything that had ever happened in my life involved him
it was like i was finding a reason just to talk about him
OH GOD i'm way in over my head here
as we drove down the route that me and him walk
i just remember the fun we have
i can't wait to do it again
oh how i like him so
i wish he thinks about me
maybe not the way that i do
but at least in some way
he makes me feel like me
like no-one else can
except N.A & A.P (the girl)
i so can't remember my codes now ><"
i can't wait till school starts again
i can see everyone everyday again
Except N.A
i miss her sometimes
i hope you're reading this :(
i still wish we went to the same school
i'm tired
so i'm gonna sleep
good night readers :)
oh how i LOVE you guys
whereever you are

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fuck you HEAT

anyways i'm not gonna talk about that
well i went shopping today with N.A
she's the best i swear :)
she helps me out
Helps me forget about HIM
yeah i bet you thought i wouldn't mention him
but guess what
i'm going to :P
i can't stop thinking about him
i caught bus this morning to the shops
and all i did was look out the window and day dream
i can't wait to see him :)
well idk if he feels the same about me
but i don't give a shit
i like you
i like you
i like you
i like you
i like you

Question to everyone out there: when do you know you're in love with someone?
when is the right time to bring it up?

well comment!!! let me know
i know he is loveable
and i know i could love him forever if thats what it took


I wanna still be me, with you attached
I wanna be seen, nowhere without you
I wanna prove, that jerks like you are still be sweet
I wanna be, that girl who can look at you and smile
I wanna
I wanna
I wanna
OH GOD i just wanna be with you
Stuff what everyone else says about you
You'll always be AWESOME to me


Yep totally don't want to talk about how i feel
but guess what
i'm going to anyways
so suck it hahaha
today was great
stayed home for a bit
went BACK TO SCHOOL shopping
but oh well
i get to see people
i look out the window
and think about him
but true
i keep these pics in my head of me and him
fucking hell
cause he's my guy bestfriend
thats it for now

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it corny to say

i just want to know is it
Cliche to say
that walking me home is the sweetest thing
well if it is
i love our walks, i love our talks
i love the way you make me feel

OH BOY !!!!

when i close my eyes, what do i see
i see a future of just you and me
i make a wish as i look above
that someday you'll tell me
i'm the one you love :(

Another One

Yep, still thinking about him
nothing really has changed
i haven't talked to him much these holidays
well school is next week
that should be fun
i'm gonna give it some time
it needs to feel right
i need to feel right saying it
it's not i love you
even when i want it to be
cause i don't want to love him
until i know he actually feels the same
so much love is going around nowadays
it makes me feel left out
maybe he's the one
maybe the person i have been looking for is right under my nose
maybe it's been him all along
i won't know until that time
i wish it was now
to take away all confusion
i miss him and just want to be next to him right now

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay, i want to be with him
so what, well theres so much to say
its hard to sum up this guy
he is everything
the good and the bad
OH GOD !!!
i just want to spend time with him right now
he makes me so damn happy
like no other guy can
my guy bestfriend and the one i want to love ><"
why the f*** did my heart choose him
with millions of others in the world
grrrrr my blogs start to not make sense.
i want to live in a dream
where everything works out
or at least i think it will
well i'm damn tired
and i know he's not around to read this
damn him
well off i go
good night my lovely viewers
if you're out there :)
thanks to everyone for support :)
comment and leave a name or initials
<3 you guys

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its been a long time

havent blogged in a while so here i go
i'm feeling helpless about the most common thing
grrrrr i wanna kick it in the ass hole
well okay i'm not in a relationship but still
i'm helpless in the way
that i can't stop thinking about this one guy
notttt gonna give a lot away
i can't stop wondering and seeing what could happen
in the past i've given up on pursuing it
but this time i don't give a damn
i'm gonna stick to it till the end
but like i know its totally different with him ><"
which kills me more
i wanna be with him
but he always wants to be with someone else
He's a guy
he's sweet but can be inconsiderate
he listens but interupts
he's funny but mean
he's nice but rude
he's wise but immature
he's kind but a jerk
he's smart but stupid
i like him but can hate him
he's perfect and so i wanna be with him
in my eyes he is the most perfect guy
because he is everything a guy should be
he is the postive and negative
but he's not mine ><"