Friday, January 22, 2010

Fuck you HEAT

anyways i'm not gonna talk about that
well i went shopping today with N.A
she's the best i swear :)
she helps me out
Helps me forget about HIM
yeah i bet you thought i wouldn't mention him
but guess what
i'm going to :P
i can't stop thinking about him
i caught bus this morning to the shops
and all i did was look out the window and day dream
i can't wait to see him :)
well idk if he feels the same about me
but i don't give a shit
i like you
i like you
i like you
i like you
i like you

Question to everyone out there: when do you know you're in love with someone?
when is the right time to bring it up?

well comment!!! let me know
i know he is loveable
and i know i could love him forever if thats what it took


OpinionatedPig said...

:o you forgot about D.C

- N.E

Geezlouise said...

oops :S well at least we know he was there LOL