Saturday, February 20, 2010


1777.) We met in elementary school when we were 9. He crushed on me ever since. He was the first boy ever to give me a love letter. But we separated and went our ways to high school. When I graduated, I asked for his email from a friend of mine.
We started to talk again. I checked my phone a lot for his text messages. We talk on the phone occasionally. Then he asked me out on Valentine’s Day. I was excited, I blushed. I was scared cause my mum is a very strict parent.

But finally I made it for our date. It was only a movie and I had to go home after that but in the cinema I went to hold his hands and he held back. He sought for warmth for his cold hands. I almost wanted to kiss him because feelings developed fast and deep but I didn’t.

Ever since that date I didn’t have the chance to go out with him anymore. Slowly, he stopped texting and calling. I’ve always been the one initiating calls and texts. My heart slowly sank. I noticed the changes but I kept quiet.

It slowly came to an end and we don’t talk anymore. Every morning on the way from college I would think of him. I would think of him when I was in class. I would think of him when I shower. I would think of him and wonder if he ever thought about me. He said he liked me back. He said he still kept the photograph of me that I gave him before we separated when we were 12.

It had only been a couple of months when I found out on his Facebook that he has a
new girlfriend. I cried so bad. I wanted to kick his nuts. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to punch him. I wanted to do all these things for the sake of my broken heart.

How could he?! He was my first Valentine.

It is fated that we don’t meet each other coincidentally when I’m out. If we do, I would still want to hurt him physically. Cause I know I can’t hurt him emotionally, I can’t hurt his heart like how he did to mine.

I was naive to think maybe we can be something after all these years but I guess people change for the worse.


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