Sunday, February 28, 2010

Convo w/ the ex

idk if you recall but i was seeing this guy for like 4 months almost five when he dumped me. He was my bestfriend and like yeah i fell for him, i loved him very much. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship but after us he went our with some blonde bimbo. After that we fought a lot until we just stopped talking completely. Well since then we’ve had closure, like we both accepted what happened and got past it or so we thought. Today, i am in love with someone else, and i’m sure you guys all know who that is. Well a few days ago me and my ex talked for the first time in a long time since we made peace.

Okay so the first convo wasn’t bad this is how it went

7:12:25 PM - Me: hey
7:13:03 PM - Him: hi
7:13:16 PM - Me: how are you? :)
7:13:26 PM - Him: good u?
7:13:35 PM - Him: lol someones in love
7:14:00 PM - Me: LOL hahahaha yeah
7:14:47 PM - Him: lol or have u got a bf
7:15:12 PM - Me: nah i don't have a boyfriend LOL
7:15:23 PM - Me: kinda just really close with someone
7:16:15 PM - Him: lol like wat i uste to be
7:16:55 PM - Me: yeah, honestly it took AGES to get over you
7:17:17 PM - Him: how long is ages
7:18:14 PM - Me: umms well since we stopped talking in year 10 to like the end of last year
7:18:33 PM - Him: shit
7:18:37 PM - Him: so whos the lucky guy
7:18:45 PM - Me: LOL wouldn't you like to know
7:19:01 PM - Him: yes i would
7:19:27 PM - Me: hahaha well you're not going to :P
7:19:58 PM - Him: lol y not
7:20:13 PM - Me: hahaha you're gonna be a judge LOL i know you
7:20:30 PM - Him: lol no im not
7:20:30 PM - Me: plus we're "just friends" nothing serious
7:20:50 PM - Him: lol o yeh
7:21:13 PM - Him: spit it out
7:21:23 PM - Me: what LOL
7:21:49 PM - Him: tell me
7:22:10 PM - Him: lol it says i love you ur telling me its not serious
7:22:36 PM - Me: well i love him but he loves me as a friend ><" messed up but i'm planning some stuff

Skipped a bit LOL

7:30:48 PM - Me: anyways
7:30:51 PM - Me: enough about me
7:30:56 PM - Me: hows life for you?
7:31:03 PM - Me: any chicks yet ?
7:31:07 PM - Me: ;)
7:31:49 PM - Him: nope don want one
7:31:56 PM - Him: to much trouble
7:32:03 PM - Me: nawwwww why is that ?
7:33:10 PM - Him: meh to busy
7:33:48 PM - Me: nawwww thats sad
7:34:25 PM - Him: lol im bad for girls
7:35:00 PM - Me: LOL i've been that road
7:35:19 PM - Him: yeh i know dont have to remind me that i hurt u
7:36:25 PM - Me: well you did, if i recall well
7:36:45 PM - Him: yeh i know
7:36:49 PM - Him: im an asshole i get

Idk why but our convo turned from talking about who i loved to what happened in the past. Guess we never got over it after all. Okay so this convo wasn’t strange but today’s one was.

Read next post to see convo

<3 you guys

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