Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rip my heart out if you want

Fucking hell

today i was suppose to do school work

but ended up editing my music on my comp

ended up deleting the freaking music library

luckily not off my comp


besides that i was okay

except thinking about him ><"

i missed him more that usual today

fucking just wanted to see him

but ended up not

i called like 1000000000 times

most times were no answer

or someone said he wasn't home ><"

yeah i didn't call his mobile

cause why bother when he doesn't carry it around anyways

fuck fuck fuck

i hate him but i LOVE him more

><" why must my feelings for him be so strong

well i feel like shit

and just want to cry

idk why ?!

like i'm not mad at him or anyone

and i'm not really sad

just a bit annoyed at not seeing him

i guess thats why i'm crying idk ><"

well i’ma leave it there

i miss HIM sooo much its killing me


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