Monday, March 29, 2010

100th post

well today was a good day :)
i hung out with him at lunch :):)
well first i saw him in the morning
funniest thing
after period one i walk out to the lockers with A.C
and like i see him and he got a hair cut :O:O
yeah i don't really like it
like its okay but not my thing :P
of course the first thing i said was
did you get a hair cut
and yeah he said yeah and i was like dude its short ><"
well yeah then i hung with him at lunch
which was cool
i talked to him
hugged him
sat with him
it was the best
i was full telling him how i liked his hair before
like a little longer
and stylish
and he was like yeah ><"
it was funny
but oh well i'll get used to it
i asked him to walk with me after school to the station
he said yes obviously LOL
and then we just kept talking and i kept hugging him and stuff
it was really nice
then after school he had a detention for a little bit
cause he hasn't handed in his booklet for community service yet LOL
so i had to wait for him
which i didn't mind
M.C stayed with me :)
well then he came out and we started walking to the station
we asked hypothetical questions
like little situations that may happen
his replies were funny
he said he'd basically do what ever the other person did, to them LOL
i was like wtf
then we started talking about the future
and i was like to M.C that i'm godmother to one of his kids
if we don't get married ;)
and like he was like yeah :P
and i was like i'm nick naming it bubbles and everything just to piss him off
he is soo funny
then we got to the station
and he started talking to these people from school
M.C didn't want to so we walked off
but i wanted to stay
we all ended up back together LOL anyways
well i full kept saying to him when we started arguing
"you wanna argue with me"
and then he'd stop LOL
he is such a cutie
he knows i'm joking
he is such a nerd, esp. when it comes to physics LOL
then we got on the bus and i sat next to A.S and he stood up as it was full
well then i didn't get to talk to him on the bus
until he said bye
i love him soo much
i hope someday he sees me more than a best friend
my weekend was busy as guys
i went to a 18th b-day on saturday and my bestfriend's, A.P (the girl)party
i always ended up talking about him
how we're just friends
seeing how things go from there
i love him lots
and yeah thats basically it
he is my number one
my top priority LOL
i love him so much :)
guys this is my 100th
so like thank you to everyone who reads my blog
there is many more posts to come
but i'm soo proud to finally be up to 100 posts
we're in the 3 digits :)
i love you guys
thanks for the support :)

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