Saturday, March 20, 2010

Barely Walking

Alright, this isn’t about him but i thought i’d let you guys know


well yesterday i was on the train

and as i was about to sit

a sharp pain striked my knee

but the weird thing is that nothing hit it

well now i can hardly walk

and if i put pressure on it,

it fucking kills bro

anyways now i am told by the rents

that my knee can't hold my body weight

and so now i'm gonna lose weight ><"

it's like my mum just had to find a reason to tell me

i was FAT

well yeah thats what happens

what kills more is that i have to keep drinking water even after lent

nothing else

and i can't eat any meat until they know for sure what is wrong ><"

oh how now i'm kinda annoyed

yesterday was heaps bad though

i was like full in tears

it hurt that bad

good thing my brother and his girlfriend helped me

i'm greatful

well now its getting better 

but still hurts

i'm barely walking

but its an improvement

i’m worried about going back to school on monday if the pain is still there

well i’ll have to wait and see

<3 love you guys

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