Friday, March 26, 2010

Late posts

SORRY guys

i haven’t been writing

well i’ll fill you in what has been happening


was careers day

it was a day for us year 12s to figure out where we want to go after school and what we want to do

well in the morning i hugged him from behind

and then we had to sit for a meeting

i sat next to A.P the girl  and then she was basically sitting next to him

well then i didn’t see him until recess

recess; me, M.C & A.P the boy were having an arguement about what is more important, Family or Jobs

i was obviously saying families

at the end, i was talking to him tell him what was going on

and then me and M.C started arguing again

he like full slowly walked away and i found it funny LOL

Next time i saw him was at the careers market

i was going around by myself looking for like particular courses and so i went up to him when i saw him standing by himself

i jumped behind him like i always do and gave him a hug

we then talked more about what he wants to do and where he wants to go after school

then we separated and i saw him again later in the same place LOL

well i asked him if he could sit with me in the next seminar cause i thought i’d be alone and he said yes :)

well then we talked more about after school

and figured out we are going to 2 different places

and i’m scared we’ll separate and stop talking :(

well i hope not

i haven’t spoken to him yet about it

well the next seminar came and i was with him but also i found out A.G was in it too

so i felt i had to sit with her

there was seat next to him but like not enough for me and A.G

he told me to sit next to him

but i told him i had to sit next to A.G

so he let me go

and A.P the boy sat next to him instead

before the talk started he was poke me and i poked him back

friendly of course

and when the talk was over i hugged him from behind and walked with him out of the room

we talked more

and i asked him what he had to go to next

he had some science thing so like i just left him LOL

well i gave him a BIG hug saying goodbye

and headed for my next talk

i didn’t see him for the rest of the day

i don’t know how he caught bus but alright LOL

and that was my wednesday :)


He was away on this day. i didn’t know why cause he wasn’t sick the day before and i didn’t even notice he wasn’t at school till A.P the girl told me

well i got worried and started missing him heaps

well because he was away theres not much to talk about just




Today :)

well idk why there was a smiley face lol

well the night before i was talking to my bestfriend A.P, the girl

about her birthday party which is on sunday

well i was talking to her about how she didn’t invite the guys to her party

and she was like she wasn’t sure if she was allowed

i convinced her to at least invite him

but she told me that her mum said yes but i’d have to act like i was with him

like in a relationship

which wasn’t too hard

cause i was close to him anyways

well today she asked him if he could go

but at recess she told me he couldn’t cause he had flight lessons

which i was fine with cause i know how much he has been waiting for them

honestly i was sad though :(

in study which was a period before recess, i was talking to K.C about how i wanted him to go to the party cause i wanted to be able to spend a day in the weekend with him considering the fact i never really do and how i was scared we’re drift apart when school is over

well i was sad he can’t go but i’m okay with it at the same time

The gay thing about today was that i didn’t hug him or talk to him today

which made me very sad :(

because all the times i wanted to her was talking to B.R and i HATE her LOTS

but what made my day was at the end of the day when he smiled goodbye to me on his way out the gate :)

and i smiled back :)

that was basically my day with him <3


for the last couple of nights i’ve been having dreams about him

yeah very corny ><”

i wrote them down so i wouldn’t forget LOL

dream 1;

I was going home from school

and i see him about to enter the school

i then give him a hug and ask him whats he doing at school

he says he’s at school for physics and so i walk him to school

it all of a sudden becomes recess or lunch and i was sitting in front of him

we’re just looking at each other and then he hugs me and i lean on him

people then start coming up to us, wondering if we’re together

and we smile and say

we’re bestfriends

and that made me happy

dream 2;

i told him to stay with me cause we were on a train or something and then at one moment i jumped to hug him from behind

and as i did this he picked me up and gave me a piggy back ride

i then got off and he asked if i wanted another one

so i jumped on his back again and he gave me another piggy back ride :)





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