Friday, March 5, 2010

Y-day & T-day

Well y-day  he came with me to buy big bang theory, season 2

it was fun

then C.B was like showing us this thing she wanted from Bras N Things and like he got really excited and stuff

well OKAY i got jealous

but i didn’t show i was


well then today he did the cutest thing

well i went up to him after recess

and then i thought he wanted to go to class so i said bye and like was about to walk away

but then he goes, “awwww hug”

and i found it so cute that i was like “nawwwwww” and hugged him

:) i had a good day

he makes each day worth it  :)

well i don’t get to hang out with him for like 2 weeks cause of exams ><”

thats upsets me

i miss him already


ohs wells

i love you guys


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