Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yesterday & Today

i didn’t have time to write about yesterday, YESTERDAY

so i’ma do it today :)

well i went to school early yesterday cause i wanted to bum around until my speech time :P

Then he came to school early & so i wanted to say hi to him so i went up behind him and hugged him around his neck from behind

He was like What The Fuck LOL

and he saw me and was like “Oh hi :P”

i full laughed and went in front of him to hug him again :)

i hugged him heaps :P

ummms that was really it hahahaha

i wanted to hang with him more but he ended up hanging with B.R who i hate ><”

so yeah i didn’t see him for the rest of the day

Which brings us to today :)

well i didn’t see him in the morning but he had an exam at the same time as me :)

well i saw him enter later and after the exam and ran to him and jumped on his back

full hug him from behind :)

and then i went in front of him again and hugged him

i asked him to stay with me, until 1pm which was 2 hours away

but he kept saying he needed to go home to study physics

well i full begged and stuff kept hugging him and shit


and then he was like “ sorry i really can’t, i have to study for my test tomorrow, you know i would of done it any other day but really today i can’t”

i was like FINE and gave him a big hug and said you owe me :P

well ima ask him to walk home with me every thursday

starting next week

idk how long that will last LOL

well i’ma try and walk home every thursday

only if i have someone to walk with LOL

i walked home with my sister today

i reason why i had to stay back

me and her caught up and stuff

it was good

we talked heaps and really deep stuff

i cried at one stage

well idk if i told you

but i REALLY hate my mum

idk she just pisses me off

and i hate her for not treating me right


she thinks of me lowly

and it really annoys me

thats what i was telling my sister

yeah i don’t like my mum

she was also telling me some of the things going on with her

and it was really good

well i miss him now :(

i finished exams finally :D

but i don’t get to see him till monday :(

well i hope he does well tomorrow


i love you babe especially, good luck to you

and good luck to bestfriend KO!!!

A.P (the girl) i love you

i hope you both ace the physics exam :)

i love you


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