Thursday, April 29, 2010

JB !!

2010-04-29 21-04-33.527

i got the album

Justin Bieber – My Worlds :)

so happy

i love my parents <33

What cd do you guys like listenning to?


What cd did you guys just buy?


Last day, Here i come Queensland

i didnt see him until lunch

but because it was a thursday

we only have one lunch

towards the end i called his name

and reminded him it was my last day

he forgot and full hugged me

i hugged him back

but that wasnt all

he didnt let go of me

and carried me off the floor

and shook me, it was so cute

i full smiled and yeah

he told me he felt bad

that he hadn’t hung out with me much

this week

i told him not to feel that way

i reminded him that we hung out

yesterday and he smiled

it made him feel better

i hugged him a bunch of times

one time while we were hugging

i asked “are you gonna miss me?”

he looked at me and said “of course i will”

i just love him more whenever we hang out

i told him i knew what i was gonna get him

but before i said anything he said it first

the exact thing i was thinking

a magazine

like those free ones casue thats what he got me  when he went overseas, its like a joke

we joked and laughed, he told me it would of been funnier if i didnt tell him

that was my original plan  but it just came out

we planned on hanging out this afternoon

but he has a meeting for debating

and like he totally forgot

he asked me to wait for him

and so i did

at first i thought this other girl would be there

cause she was giving me a lift to my community service

but like she didnt

i waited for like 1 hour outside by myself

once they went in the class room

and so i call L.S the person who is giving me a lift

i told her to pick me up at the school cause i am waiting for him to finish his meeting

He then comes out and tells me to come inside and listen to him practice his speech for tomorrow

i full came in

and everytime he spoke

i smiled and clapped at the end

L.S then calls me telling me she is outside the school

i look at him and lip the words

“i have to go”

he says back (like lips the words)

“i’m sorry we didnt hang out”

i replied “its okay” and smiled

i then walked up to him and said next time

and then i hugged him

the teacher saw us mid-hug

and said “nawww look at that” and like i could tell he was embarassed

i was too

i then walked out of the classroom

towards L.S

that was my last day with him before i leave

its only a week but still

i’m gonna miss him

Everyone didnt want me to leave,

they said they’ll miss me, i’ll miss them too

Especially A.C the girl and A.P the girl and Of Course

HIM !!!!

i love him more after today

i miss him already

well thats all

i got to go pack now


if i dont right for a week

you know where i am :)

love you guys


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


2010-04-28 19-30-16.691

Big Bang Theory <3

i have the dvd but its

Double episode tonight :):)

@ 9:00 PM on TV

what shows do you guys like watching ??

Spending the day with HIM :)

well as the title says

i spent this after noon with him

but more on that later

well i saw him this morning

i was talking to A.P the girl

and he comes up to me saying how happy he is that he came to school early

cause he usually comes late LOL

well i gave him a hi five then went to tutor.

i didnt talk to him until lunch time after that

and that was only to get him to get someone for me :P

after period  5 i was walking to english

and i saw him

we stopped and talked

asked what each other had now

and then i asked him to walk with me to the station this afternoon

he said yes

and then we said some other random stuff

then i went to class

i was already a bit late LOL

he told me to meet him at the gate

i thought he meant the first gate

so i panicked

then i walked to the second gate

in case he was there

and as i was talking to someone

i saw him

and went to him

he was with 2 of his boys

one being A.C the guy

he’s really nice

but then his boys wanted to catch bus instead

so they told us they would meet us at the station

so we walked

we talked about how he plans to leave home with this other girl in our school

and i told him how me and A.P the girl planned on living together

then he was like we should get houses near each other LOL

i like the idea

then we talked about what has been going on

i told him how tomorrow is my last day cause i’m going Queensland

and he was like oh yeah

i was like are you gonna miss me

and he was like yeah i’m  gonna miss you


i know right

then we kept walking

and he put his arm around me telling me how he is happy i got into Bedford

and i was like i am too :)

i told him how he will make it into the uni he wasnt to go to

cause hes scared he wont

i know he will

we talked about other stuff but like yeah

not very important to share LOL

well he did mention that he is THE BESTfriend again

and like yeah i know

cause he is my bestfriend :)

well then we got to the station

and his boys were already there

he needed to buy a math book

so me and A.C the guy went with him

cause the other boy went home

we got back to the station and started talking all these people the boys knew

i didnt really talk to them

but i did know who they were

he kept introing me to people i already know it was funny

then A.P the guy came to us with his girlfriend

i gave her a hug

and then yeah

C.B came along

i think she was sad so he took care of her


i cant help it

he put his arm around her to comfort her

he hugged her

she like dug her face on his shoulder

he kissed her on the head

and then she left

FUCK that was hard to watch

at the time i was also talking to A.C the guy

Him then introed me to this one guy

who he went primary with

he’s a nice boy

but funny thing was that A.P the girl had a crush on him like last year


but yeah i talked to him

asked him if he knew some people i knew then that was it


We ended up missing like 3 buses LOL

cause on him

me and A.C the guy were just waiting for him


A.C the guy ended up giving us all a ride home :)

so nice

in the car i was talking to him

like about stuff

our legs were touching

and like i was close to him

cause i was in the middle seat

and yeah


i then got out and walked home like everyday

it was a good day

jokes were made

smiles were created

and it was the best :)

i love him


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


wow i have some followers on Daily Booth



2010-04-27 16-51-53.661

Thank you guys for following :)
much love to you guys :)

check them out guys :)

i love all my followers on Blogger too :)

or even anyone who reads this

you guys are awesome

i also love my followers on Tumblr and Twitter :)

makes me feel good :)

follow me guys :)

<33 you

Picture Time

2010-04-27 15-07-24.092

Wet hair from showering :)

walked home from school

and took a shower to take away the yucky smell  of sweat LOL

how is everyone else today ?


3 More Sleeps

almost going to Queensland guys :)

well anyways

today i didnt talk to him until like lunch

he came up to my group and said hi to all the girls until he said my name last

i was like why me last

and so he said all the names again but my name first LOL

then me and him started talking about like other shizzz

you know the usual

then i just stood in front of him and talked about lots of stuff

most of the time we were with A.P the guy too

then S.B came up to us and full started talking about gross shit LOL

then the bell ran

and him just walked away

and i was like “rude no good bye”

and he was like sorry and gave me a hi 5 and hugged me :)

man it has been a while since we hugged :)

it felt nice :)

well that was practically my day

i am so excited to go Queensland :)

everyone is telling me they are gonna miss me

i’m gonna miss them too :(

i told A.P the girl

to take care of L.A cause she might have no one while im gone

and i also told her to keep an eye on him cause like he might do shit with the other chick :(

so yeah


thats all

picture of the day coming REALLY soon just havent had the chance to take it yet LOL

<33 you guys

Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Holiday

Its been an interesting day

first i wake up and its like freezing cold

then i go downstairs to watch the Justin Bieber concert

on the sunrise morning show

but it was cancelled

early in the morning

because there was too many people attending

and it became very dangerous

with many girls being taken to hospital for fainting and such


well then there was all this news from where the show was filmed

cause people thought he would go there

which wasnt even a plan

so yeah

eventually he did turn up

but in the building

and sang one ONE song - “baby”

and a shot interview

they thought if there was anything more

well the crowd would go too crazy

Justin Bieber loves his fans and wanted to sing for them

and so he got to

even if it was just one

well that was my morning

and basically the only interesting thing

heres my photo of the day

2010-04-26 15-10-50.119

WOW guys
its starting to be cold
Its starting the Autumn season
heading towards Winter, YIKES
Hows the weather where you are ?

well only a few more days till Queensland :)

can’t wait

<333 you all


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos for the weekend

Hey guys these are the photos of the weekend

theres a few but like hahaha whatever :P

2010-04-24 13-59-45.420

Saturday; Justin Bieber Arrives in Australia

Justin Bieber is in the country and so i wanted to greet him a BIG Welcome To Australia :)
He will be performing on Monday in the city but i can't make it :( but i'll see him on the little screen ;)

i put up the link of this photo on twitter

and sent it to him

hopefully he saw it :S

2010-04-25 10-59-48.696

Sunday 1; Waking up

i just woke up and wanted to take a picture to show my followers what i look like in the morning

My Morning look, Bed hair ><"
what do you look like in the morning?

2010-04-25 11-01-15.037

Sunday 2; Anzac Day

It’s Anzac day here is Australia

And so we take a moment to remember all the people who have fought in the wars throughout history especially the war in Gallipoli (if thats how you spell it)

And we remember all those who have died, who fought for our freedom
I pray for all those still fighting, May God Bless You <3

2010-04-25 13-59-23.749

Sunday 3; A new look

i was thinking about what my hair used to look like when i blow dried it back in the days;

I used to blow dry my hair everyday like a year ago
i havent done it in a while
so today i decided to see what it looks like
i think it looks good, but it kills my hair
so i won't be doing it again haha
What do you guys think? :)

well thats all the photos of the weekend

its public holiday tomorrow

so i’m gonna watch Justin Bieber on TV all day :)

i miss him

and BTW guys, only 4 more days till i go Queensland :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo 2

2010-04-23 18-34-35.756

Well it’s Friday

and i’m major bored

so i’m catching up on these websites that come with my calendar :)

What do you do on a Friday?


One More Week Till Queensland

Well i didnt talk to him until recess

but it was more like half way through recess

i was talking to L.A and she was like to me

whats the cans about

cause him and A.P the guy are competing with my sister to see who can get the most cans up on the railing under the roof before the end of the year

i was like to her

Ask Him

and he heard me and turned to me and L.A

he fully yelled hi to L.A saying her name to prove he hasnt forgotten.

he then turned to me and said hi

but instead of saying my name

he said my sisters name

and i full laughed and hit him

which in all honesty hurt ALOT


he then explained to her about the cans and then walked off

cause someone gave him another can to put up

that was the end of recess

i didnt see him again until lunch time


well i was by myself for a bit

and then A.P the guy came and talked to me :)

then Him came to us

we gave each other a hi 5

and then he was like

“i’m the BEST friend”

which was funny cause he was both our bestfriends


then A.P the guy was explaining how his gf thought he was using her for sex

and him was like “you are arent you”

and A.P the guy was like no

and then him was like but she’s hot or something like that

and A.P the guy was like you and your one track mind

and i was like

thats why he’s the best friend

and we all started laughing LOL

idk it was funnier at the time


it prob didnt go like that

but it was similar hahahaha

after that like it was the end

i said my byes

and went to class

then i didnt see him

cause he had to stay back at school

i love him :)


If you’re from Australia, Have a great long weekend :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photo of the DAY

2010-04-22 18-03-39.051

My internet is sooooooo SLOW today

and a bit yesterday

And its STRESSING me out ><”

well thats my photo of the day

guys i’m gonna be in Queensland in a week :)



so today was a good day

i didnt see him until the long lunch

cause its thursday

well at the long lunch i didnt really say anything to him

until towards the end

where i sat with him and just talked to him

well we started talking about what i told him y-day

but like i was scared people were listenning

so like i tried to get off topic

the bell rang and i then had to go to class

it was so cute at recess

we were just there

sitting side by side

and my side was practically touching him

it didnt feel wrong

not a little bit

then after that i went to class

i dont really hug him anymore

i miss it

but idk it just never happens

well the next time i saw him was in the afternoon

my community service got cancelled so i just decided to go home

but i really didnt want to

well then i saw him with some of his boys

and like i ran up to him and jumped on his back

and he was like WTF and said he thought i was a guy trying to tackle him

i just laughed

i then walked with him a bit but ended up walking more with L.C who i’m kinda friends with now which is cool

and A.P the guy

us three went to the tafe cause A.P the guy had to get some info

so him and his others boys went to the shop

i guess i should have gone with them

but i got to see my cousin

who goes tafe near my school

it was so funny

i was like texting her

but i thought i heard her voice and turned and she was there

but she didnt see me

so i surprised her :)

after the tafe

the three of us went to the shops

to look for him and the others

we went around the shop to all the places he would go

but he was no where to be seen

so we gave up and like went back to the bus bays

and there he was with the guys LOL

well we all went

and i felt weird with all the guys around me

but i was with him 

so it wasnt too bad

as we waited for our bus

i shared my lollies to the guys

and they told me about some guy who was a creep

and from the stories

they werent kidding

then our bus came

we said bye to A.P the guy cause he went to the gym

and we said bye to L.C who catches a different bus

when we got on the bus i told him to sit next to me

and he told me to sit in the back

the back was full so we just sat like in the middle somewhere

i did sit next to him though

again our legs were touching

but it didnt feel weird

not at all

and the whole trip

we talked about games

with A.C the guy

a new guy for my blog :)

all past A.C was the girl BTW


i then had to get off the bus

so i said bye

and before i started to walk across the road i saw A.C the guy and him wave bye to me :)

that was my day

<3 i love him 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

forgot to explain

i'm suppose to explain the picture
i came home from school and went upstairs to say hi to my older sister
cause my mum told me to
and when i put my bag down in my room
on my computer keyboard
was this set of winnie the pooh soft toys
and like it had on top "<3 from...."
they wrote their names but i didnt want to put it up
and so i hugged my sister
cause i love it :)

New thing

well ima try a new thing
most days (hopefully everyday)
i'm gonna put up a picture of me or something
that was exciting or such
about the day :)
i'm joined a new website
so yeah follow me

its where i put up my photos
but i'll post it here too :)
well heres todays photo


hahaha i really couldnt think of a title
well guys today was different to yesterday
well today i spent time with my baby ;)
hahaha well my bestfriend
i saw him in the morning when he just arrived
and i said hello
cause he came late
which in all honesty did not surprise me LOL
i hi fived him hi @ recess
and talked to him for a short time before he moved on to talk to other people
he came up to me once or twice to hang out but that was it
well i told him something
like that i was planning
cant put it up here in case someone reads it
but yeah
and he full got excited about it
more than i was LOL
the funny thing at recess was that i hid his engineering text book
and he thought A.P the guy did it
but then i gave it to him
and told him to say sorry to A.P the guy LOL
i was full like
"i'm gonna be late for class" and full told him to stop making him late
he was full like "i'm sorry LOL"
i just kept laughing
i was kinda late to class hahahah
but oh well
then i saw him at lunch again
well, me, K.C, A.P the girl and J.M the girl
are like a group
and wednesday its usually just me and J.M the girl every wednesday
cause on wednesday K.C goes to uni
and A.P the girl is in this school group thingy LOL
but today i couldnt find J.M the girl
so A.P the guy stayed with me
him came and went alot from me to B.R
but i didnt mind
i care more when he is with C.B
well then funniest thing was my friend L.A is in his chem class
but he kept forgetting her name
which was funny
so i told him to tell me her name or i'll slap him
and her necklace has her name on it
so he was looking at it trying to figure out how to say it
and like it looked like he was looking at something else ;)
so L.A felt awkward LOL
then i got late to class again LOL
cause of him
and then i saw him when i got to the station but walked passed as if i didnt see him
and then he got on the same bus as me
and he gave me a hi five and sat at the back with the guys again
then when i was getting off
he didnt yell my name
until the bus was drving away
and i saw him waving at me so i waved back smiling :)
well i'm sure there was more stuff
but i cant remember
the day went fast
well that is all
oh yeah i talked to L.A today about exs and stuff
it felt good
and like him and A.P the guy kept saying all this random asian stuff
but they are not asian so it was funnier
OHH i just remembered a convo M.C had with him
about how he is bestfriends with A.P the guy
and she was like arent you bestfriends with me
and he was like i'm everyones bestfriend
im the BEST friend LOL
and i just laughed
and was like you're my bestfriend
but idk if your the BEST friend for everyone LOL
OKAY that was def all i have to say
<33 i love him

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hi guys again
you know today was pretty average
i suppose
like i didnt really say anything to him
only at recess when i was talking about big bang
and he smiled at me in saying hello
Other than that
we just looked at each other
and like that was it
nothing really happened today
i got stressed by L.A's ex boyfriend problems
but like i just didnt want to interfere
you know ><"
A.P the guy told me stuff about his girlfriend
how they can be officially together in 6 months
and M.C told me how mean M.U is to her friend
i love him
miss him already ><"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Night with Sister & First day of school

man i have missed you guys LOL
well today was back to school
but more about that later
well last night, me and my little sister were talking
like about a lot of things
we then ended up talking about him
yeah it was weird i guess
well she asked me if i had to choose
on the day of my wedding
between the perfect guy i'm gonna marry
or him
who would i choose?
she said if i still had feeling for him for all these years
who would i choose?
i told her i would choose him
always him
if i still loved him
i also found out i had a type LOL
here is my type
-Preferably Asian (doesn't really have to be)
-Taller than me
-Older than me
-Wears glasses
a guy doesn't have to be all of these
but like if i ever found the guy who was all
he would be perfect :)
HIM is 4 out of 7 of these things
-Taller than me
-Older than me
when it was long of course LOL
i love him so much :)
this convo went on for a while
back to school today
the first day back and really i didn't want to do work
well i didn't see him in the morning
cause i was a tad late
i didn't see him until recess
he saw me and smiled and waved
i smiled back :)
i then ran to my other bestfriend, A.P the girl
and told her how i got into Bedford, which i am sure i would of mentioned already
if not well, GUYS I GOT INTO BEDFORD :)
that means i'll still get to see him
i know he'll make it to the uni he wants to go
i realised i didnt hug him today LOL
but i did smile a lot
after i told A.P the girl i got in
i then told him i got in
cause he was asking me about it on wednesday
if i knew yet
he full was happy for me
and full hi fived me LOL
he said he knew i'd get in
well LOL
i was also telling my group
about how i have a type LOL
it is so funny
yeah it was really fun
full like talking about how their gonna look for a guy for me LOL
and cause i thought A.P the girl's cousin is cute
she kept bringing it up LOL
then it was the end
i didn't see him again until lunch time
i had got a present off E.M
cause she went to the Phils
well it was a sort of body spray
well i asked him if i could spray it on him to see how it smells
he was like no, i dont wanna smell like a girl
and i just full laughed
and said how do you know its girl spray
and he was like HELLO its pink LOL
after that we didnt say much to each other
i was talking to my group again about types
and then i saw him with C.B
and full got jealous and annoyed
cause she flirts with him
and like she has a boyfriend
i was full telling A.P the girl
and she kept telling me shes a bitch LOL
there was also this thing at the back of the body spray
the spray is called "So In Love"
and at the back of the can it says
"With each rainbow comes a drizzle
That meets the sun and starts to sizzle
You and i on that bridge above
Forever One and SO IN LOVE"
it is sooo cute
i was full telling the group id say it to someone
and they kept thinking him LOL
well then i didn't see him again after lunch
well i walked up to the station with E.M
and at one stage she asked me how was it going between me and him
and i said i was still waiting for my time to come
and i told her how he was at my house and saw the i love you on my board
and yeah
she was full like awwww
then she went with her boyfriend
into the shop and i walked to my bus
i saw him but pretended i didnt
as i had my ear phones in
i then got on the bus and soon after he did too
he smiled at me again
and told me to come sit at the back with him and the guys
but i just shook my head, saying i didnt want to
a look of saddness seemed to cross his face
i felt bad
but i wanted him to sit with me
not me with him and the guys
i just sat on the bus a bit sad waiting for my bus stop
for the first time
i was getting off the bus earlier than him
cause of my new walking habits LOL
i still had my earphones in
and like my volume was loud but as i was getting off
i heard him yell "Goodbye LOUISE"
so loud so i could hear it over my music
it was very sweet
i was happy today
except for the times when i was alone
and i just kept thinking about him
i love him very much

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Guys, check out my youtube :)
i would upload the videos here but it would take too long
so check it out
they are covers i sing
and some other random stuff
i'll try and do a lot
some of me alone
and some with friends
but take a look
and comment me :)

Last Night & Today

well i called him last night
to ask him if he was coming today
it was funny
cause his brothers like annoying me
and like them and their neighbour kept trying to bug me
like by yelling in the back ground
or dialling numbers on the phone
so i could hear the beeping noise
it was funny
well i talked to him about coming today
cause i really wanted him to come
and then he told me he'll go
cause he also wanted to beat A.S on smash brothers
to understand this you need to know some back up
i'm not quite sure if i ever wrote about this event so like bare with me
well around a year ago
A.S and him had a battle on smash brothers for fun at my house
it was funny cause he was on a winning streak until he bet $10
the match after he made the bet, he lost
and so he lost his money too
then he wanted to try and win it back
and so he betted $20 and said if he wins he gets his $10 back as well
he ended up losing again
and therefore lost $30 in one day
and now a year later he wanted to have a come back
and so today was his day
more about that later
i told him on the phone not to bet again
cause he always loses
so he told me to take his wallet
and i said i would record the match
if he loses i delete it
if he wins i keep it
upload later maybe in youtube.
well he came over :)
i was so excited to see him
he gave me a hug
i would of hugged him back but i had my guitar with me
it was a fun day
he did end up beating A.S
and i did record it :)
then when A.P the guy and A.I went to get food
it was just me and him
and we just talked
he also laid down at one stage and i sat on top of him
full asking if i was heavy
which he said i wasn't
then he went home
but before that i got to talk and spend some alone time with him as we waited outside
it was a great day
him and A.P the guy also went into my room
i didnt want them to
but they did
and i'm sure he saw on my white board where it says "I Love you, ______ <3"
but he acted as if he didnt
but he knows that i love him
so its not too bad
well i get to see him next week at school
didnt hug him again
which is sad
and i didnt take a photo with him
which is also sad
but oh well
it just wasnt the moment
he is the greatest guy
and it was really cute how as he was leaving, getting in the car and driving away
he just kept waving bye
and smiling at me
it made me smile
<333333 the best day
i love him
<3 it only sucked that we didn't play a lot of games
like board games
i wanted to play :(
oh well
OHHH and also i forgot to mention
that i kept talking about him yesterday with my friends, A.C and M.C
and then M.C said, "when are you guys gonna go out"
and i was like "i really dont think we will"
and she's like "i'm praying for you guys"
and A.C said "mee too"
and i said "aren't we all"
i love him

Sunday, April 11, 2010


we talked today

on msn, of course

i’ve been planning a games day for the crew

and he might be coming

we then talked about like the future

and how i miss him

and he was like, “why its just me”

i told him how hes my bestfriend

and how i dont wanna lose him and everything

and he understood

i hope he come to games day

i miss him


Thursday, April 8, 2010


he never replied
but i then found out he was replying to
my other bestfriend, A.P (the Girl)
totally crushed
i wanted to sign off
but A.P the girl
didnt want me to
so i stayed on for just a little bit
but then i couldnt take it anymore
so i signed off
and wrote in here instead
A.P reckons it might of been his brother or something
i doubt that
i still love him
just sad he wouldnt talk to me


he was online for like 2 seconds
he went online
and then all of a sudden he was gone
all i got to do was say his name
and him saying hi
He then signed on again
i said "i miss you bro!"
and there was no reply for a long time :(
i'm currently still waiting for him to reply
so i'll fill you in tomorrow
i miss him so much

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


i miss him so much
i feel like crying
Besides that i'm pretty upset
my parents, mean the world to me
and i just wanna make them proud of me
but by not going to university
i feel i have failed them
i have made them disappointed
i love them
i just want them to be proud.

i miss my bestfriend
my baby boy
my everything
i just wish i meant the same to him

Monday, April 5, 2010


i forgot to say
i worked stuff out with my sister
we're all good now
i think our family has hit the point
where we'll all change :)
25 days till we go Queensland
can't wait
what should i bring
i wanna pack already
LOL so early :P

Recall of dreams

They are becoming more clear
and more real now
idk how it is but it is
last night i dreamt about him again
i was clinging to him
and we were walking into the school together
our arms clinged together
then someone starts talking to him
a girl
so he disconnects from me
and walks with her
i walk a lone
and then i am told
apparently we were together
it was only the beginning
but i woke up
there was probably more to the story
like before hand
but like i said before my dreams are more a blurr lately
but i know they are about him
last night it became so real
i felt and said everything i would
it felt real
but it was a dream
i love him more everyday


Through all the emotions of yesterday
i just wanted to pick up the phone and call him
i love him & miss him dearly
i just wanna see his face
and hold him for a while

Starting Fresh

me and my mum are starting new
i'm happy
yesterday was such a renewing day
there was a lot of crying
but in the end things worked out
i love my mum and i NOW know she loves me
just thought i'd let you guys know
its such a LONG story
and i've told it twice so i really couldn't be bothered repeating it
well know i love you guys
i love my family

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guess what

I'm in a shitty mood
but something brought me up just now :)
i just found out that
that means that his uni is across from my college
which makes me heaps happy
we will still be near each other :):)
i didn't know that till just now
which is funny cause of how me and him talked like as if the 2 would be far apart
oh god
i can't wait to tell him LOL
now i really wanna get into bedford
i'ma full enrol asap
like when i'm allow
and like yeah
cause its first come first serve
so i gotta get it in early
faaaaa i hope i get in
just for him :)
well for me as well
but so i could also be near him
oh how i love him
this discovery made me happy, smile
since i am in such a depressing mood
1. i miss him
2. school is almost over
3. i miss my friends
4. my sister is being a bitch
well not really, more like she invited my other sister somewhere and didn't bother inviting me
stupid i know but it makes me depressed
stuff her then
i guess i still love her, just pissed off
and finally
holidays are gay without him
<3 i love him forever
<3 you guys

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last day of term

well the term is over


well today was an interesting day

kinda i guess

well i came school late again LOL

well not really but whatever

so i didn’t see him this morning obviously

then we had mass at like period 3

and he was reading a prayer or something LOL

so that kinda counts as seeing him hahah

after mass i was saying hi to some people and i see him

i smile and wave

and he smiles and waves back :)

at lunch time i saw him again

i asked him if he could go with me to the shops after school cause M.C wants me to shop with her

and like i don’t like going by myself ><”

but he said he couldn’t cause he had to go see A.P, the guy

i said fine yeah then we talked some more about random stuff

i hugged him a few times

saying i was gonna miss him

and yeah

when i told him i’d miss him he said okay

which made me cut ><”

well anyways

at the end of lunch i hugged him again saying bye and to have a good holiday

and yeah

i told him i’d call him and make plans and stuff LOL

In ancient i wrote a letter to him i didn’t intend to give

and like it just said how i felt and how i’ll miss him

i never gave it

i didn’t want to

then i saw him after school and he smiled at me

and i hugged him again saying bye

i thought that would be it 

i wouldn’t be seeing him for a while

but as i was walking around a shop i saw him

ran up to him and hugged him

his friend, the one i was telling you about who was commenting me on facebook about the physicist thing

well he was there and was like “are you the one who wants to marry a physicist”

i said yes and just gave him an evil look LOL

then my bro came to get me and i said my byes again

i told him bye, gave one last hug  and left

i miss him already :(

i hope i can enjoy these holidays

even without him