Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 More Sleeps

almost going to Queensland guys :)

well anyways

today i didnt talk to him until like lunch

he came up to my group and said hi to all the girls until he said my name last

i was like why me last

and so he said all the names again but my name first LOL

then me and him started talking about like other shizzz

you know the usual

then i just stood in front of him and talked about lots of stuff

most of the time we were with A.P the guy too

then S.B came up to us and full started talking about gross shit LOL

then the bell ran

and him just walked away

and i was like “rude no good bye”

and he was like sorry and gave me a hi 5 and hugged me :)

man it has been a while since we hugged :)

it felt nice :)

well that was practically my day

i am so excited to go Queensland :)

everyone is telling me they are gonna miss me

i’m gonna miss them too :(

i told A.P the girl

to take care of L.A cause she might have no one while im gone

and i also told her to keep an eye on him cause like he might do shit with the other chick :(

so yeah


thats all

picture of the day coming REALLY soon just havent had the chance to take it yet LOL

<33 you guys

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