Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last day, Here i come Queensland

i didnt see him until lunch

but because it was a thursday

we only have one lunch

towards the end i called his name

and reminded him it was my last day

he forgot and full hugged me

i hugged him back

but that wasnt all

he didnt let go of me

and carried me off the floor

and shook me, it was so cute

i full smiled and yeah

he told me he felt bad

that he hadn’t hung out with me much

this week

i told him not to feel that way

i reminded him that we hung out

yesterday and he smiled

it made him feel better

i hugged him a bunch of times

one time while we were hugging

i asked “are you gonna miss me?”

he looked at me and said “of course i will”

i just love him more whenever we hang out

i told him i knew what i was gonna get him

but before i said anything he said it first

the exact thing i was thinking

a magazine

like those free ones casue thats what he got me  when he went overseas, its like a joke

we joked and laughed, he told me it would of been funnier if i didnt tell him

that was my original plan  but it just came out

we planned on hanging out this afternoon

but he has a meeting for debating

and like he totally forgot

he asked me to wait for him

and so i did

at first i thought this other girl would be there

cause she was giving me a lift to my community service

but like she didnt

i waited for like 1 hour outside by myself

once they went in the class room

and so i call L.S the person who is giving me a lift

i told her to pick me up at the school cause i am waiting for him to finish his meeting

He then comes out and tells me to come inside and listen to him practice his speech for tomorrow

i full came in

and everytime he spoke

i smiled and clapped at the end

L.S then calls me telling me she is outside the school

i look at him and lip the words

“i have to go”

he says back (like lips the words)

“i’m sorry we didnt hang out”

i replied “its okay” and smiled

i then walked up to him and said next time

and then i hugged him

the teacher saw us mid-hug

and said “nawww look at that” and like i could tell he was embarassed

i was too

i then walked out of the classroom

towards L.S

that was my last day with him before i leave

its only a week but still

i’m gonna miss him

Everyone didnt want me to leave,

they said they’ll miss me, i’ll miss them too

Especially A.C the girl and A.P the girl and Of Course

HIM !!!!

i love him more after today

i miss him already

well thats all

i got to go pack now


if i dont right for a week

you know where i am :)

love you guys


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