Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Night with Sister & First day of school

man i have missed you guys LOL
well today was back to school
but more about that later
well last night, me and my little sister were talking
like about a lot of things
we then ended up talking about him
yeah it was weird i guess
well she asked me if i had to choose
on the day of my wedding
between the perfect guy i'm gonna marry
or him
who would i choose?
she said if i still had feeling for him for all these years
who would i choose?
i told her i would choose him
always him
if i still loved him
i also found out i had a type LOL
here is my type
-Preferably Asian (doesn't really have to be)
-Taller than me
-Older than me
-Wears glasses
a guy doesn't have to be all of these
but like if i ever found the guy who was all
he would be perfect :)
HIM is 4 out of 7 of these things
-Taller than me
-Older than me
when it was long of course LOL
i love him so much :)
this convo went on for a while
back to school today
the first day back and really i didn't want to do work
well i didn't see him in the morning
cause i was a tad late
i didn't see him until recess
he saw me and smiled and waved
i smiled back :)
i then ran to my other bestfriend, A.P the girl
and told her how i got into Bedford, which i am sure i would of mentioned already
if not well, GUYS I GOT INTO BEDFORD :)
that means i'll still get to see him
i know he'll make it to the uni he wants to go
i realised i didnt hug him today LOL
but i did smile a lot
after i told A.P the girl i got in
i then told him i got in
cause he was asking me about it on wednesday
if i knew yet
he full was happy for me
and full hi fived me LOL
he said he knew i'd get in
well LOL
i was also telling my group
about how i have a type LOL
it is so funny
yeah it was really fun
full like talking about how their gonna look for a guy for me LOL
and cause i thought A.P the girl's cousin is cute
she kept bringing it up LOL
then it was the end
i didn't see him again until lunch time
i had got a present off E.M
cause she went to the Phils
well it was a sort of body spray
well i asked him if i could spray it on him to see how it smells
he was like no, i dont wanna smell like a girl
and i just full laughed
and said how do you know its girl spray
and he was like HELLO its pink LOL
after that we didnt say much to each other
i was talking to my group again about types
and then i saw him with C.B
and full got jealous and annoyed
cause she flirts with him
and like she has a boyfriend
i was full telling A.P the girl
and she kept telling me shes a bitch LOL
there was also this thing at the back of the body spray
the spray is called "So In Love"
and at the back of the can it says
"With each rainbow comes a drizzle
That meets the sun and starts to sizzle
You and i on that bridge above
Forever One and SO IN LOVE"
it is sooo cute
i was full telling the group id say it to someone
and they kept thinking him LOL
well then i didn't see him again after lunch
well i walked up to the station with E.M
and at one stage she asked me how was it going between me and him
and i said i was still waiting for my time to come
and i told her how he was at my house and saw the i love you on my board
and yeah
she was full like awwww
then she went with her boyfriend
into the shop and i walked to my bus
i saw him but pretended i didnt
as i had my ear phones in
i then got on the bus and soon after he did too
he smiled at me again
and told me to come sit at the back with him and the guys
but i just shook my head, saying i didnt want to
a look of saddness seemed to cross his face
i felt bad
but i wanted him to sit with me
not me with him and the guys
i just sat on the bus a bit sad waiting for my bus stop
for the first time
i was getting off the bus earlier than him
cause of my new walking habits LOL
i still had my earphones in
and like my volume was loud but as i was getting off
i heard him yell "Goodbye LOUISE"
so loud so i could hear it over my music
it was very sweet
i was happy today
except for the times when i was alone
and i just kept thinking about him
i love him very much

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