Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos for the weekend

Hey guys these are the photos of the weekend

theres a few but like hahaha whatever :P

2010-04-24 13-59-45.420

Saturday; Justin Bieber Arrives in Australia

Justin Bieber is in the country and so i wanted to greet him a BIG Welcome To Australia :)
He will be performing on Monday in the city but i can't make it :( but i'll see him on the little screen ;)

i put up the link of this photo on twitter

and sent it to him

hopefully he saw it :S

2010-04-25 10-59-48.696

Sunday 1; Waking up

i just woke up and wanted to take a picture to show my followers what i look like in the morning

My Morning look, Bed hair ><"
what do you look like in the morning?

2010-04-25 11-01-15.037

Sunday 2; Anzac Day

It’s Anzac day here is Australia

And so we take a moment to remember all the people who have fought in the wars throughout history especially the war in Gallipoli (if thats how you spell it)

And we remember all those who have died, who fought for our freedom
I pray for all those still fighting, May God Bless You <3

2010-04-25 13-59-23.749

Sunday 3; A new look

i was thinking about what my hair used to look like when i blow dried it back in the days;

I used to blow dry my hair everyday like a year ago
i havent done it in a while
so today i decided to see what it looks like
i think it looks good, but it kills my hair
so i won't be doing it again haha
What do you guys think? :)

well thats all the photos of the weekend

its public holiday tomorrow

so i’m gonna watch Justin Bieber on TV all day :)

i miss him

and BTW guys, only 4 more days till i go Queensland :)


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