Monday, May 31, 2010


well another school day
and guess what ><"
i was late again
well almost the bell rang and i ran to tutor
and i just made it and told sir to mark me off
as i went out of class
i saw him
and hugged him
and like told him
he should of come on friday
i was full crying on friday cause i was scared of the cops that came
><" needed him to comfort me
well then i was about to tell him what happened
i told him a bit and then told him i'd see him at recess
i then hugged him and walked to class
i had english
which went by pretty fast
and then i had ancient
and i was talking to A.C the girl
and i told her
how i love HIM very much
but i'm not gonna pursue being with him
AS MUCH as i did
like with the jealousy and stuff
i still wanna be with him
but right now i just wanna be a good bestfriend
and like thats all that matters
i love him
and if we get together thats great
but if we dont
i might meet someone else
and i'll still be happy
she is very happy and proud of me
i like feel so happy
i was joyful all day :)
idk he makes me happy
even by just being my friend
i love him very much
it was then recess
and i went out of class and saw him
i started to tell him again about my sister's party
and like told him
how i got sad and stuff
and yeah everything
and yeah
i hugged him again
and got pulled away by L.A cause she wanted to talk to me
i then went to cafs
after recess
and like i saw him heading to class
and he was like late already
and i was talking to him
making him more late LOL
cause i'm mean like that
then i went to cafs
then i saw him at lunch
for a bit
when he was with A.P the guy
also when i was talking to this other group
he came up to me and told me how he was 69th
and i found it so funny
cause he is dirty minded
Also A.P the guy told him how i was being dirty minded on the weekend
and like HIM was like laughing at me
and i was like i blame you
LOL and yeah
it was alright
i was going around asking everyone if i should make up with B.R for HIM
cause i didnt want to really
so i didnt end up doing it
well at the end of lunch A.S gave me his Itouch
and i full played and joke and full ran with it
and had it for the last period LOL
me and K.C were just running to class
it was soo funny
well then at the end of class
i tried figuring out his passcode
i tried 3 times
but it was always wrong
i was like to K.C faaaa he told me but i cant remember
i then saw him on my way out of the school
and i called his name
and he came to me
and i gave his itouch back LOL
and he told me how he was looking for me LOL
he told me how he would of got mad if i didnt give it back
and i was like of course i would
cause i'm not mean like that LOL
he then walked with me to the station
talking about random shizz
and then him and his boys went a separate way
so i said bye
and hugged him :)
and that was the end of my day

Friday, May 28, 2010


well i came to school on time lol

but i didnt see him until recess

First i saw A.P the guy

he was sad cause he just broke up with his girlfriend

well i was hugging A.P to comfort him

HIM saw me and smiled and waved

i did the same back

and then i saw A.P the guy go up to him

then i went up to HIM and like talking and stuff

i hugged HIM :)

everything i said today sounded wrong

like we were talking to A.P  the guy

and i was like

“if you ever need anything, just call me, you have my number”

HIM thought i meant it in a wrong way

and like i was full like

not in that way

hahahah then i said

“ i mean i’ll get my ninjas on top of this”

LOL and i was like NOT IN THAT WAY


i said some other dirty shit but that was the main shizz

well we continued talking for the whole recess

and HE kept saying how he didnt want a girlfriend cause of all this drama

and because most girls are clingy

and it made me sad :(

cause i wanna be with HIM

well then the bell rang

and A.P the guy walked off somewhere

and so it was just me and HIM

and like we talked a bit

and then he said bye to me by giving me a hug

and as i was walking away

me and Him started talking to A.C the guy

so funny LOL

anyways then i went to class

i didnt see him until lunch

but that was for like a second

i saw him

and he was like sad how someone took down all his cans :(

and i was like :O:O:O:O

but he then got over it

he then told me how he’s going Queensland in the holidays

for 4 days

and i told him to get me present

and that was it

i  went to my next classes

i saw him as i walked to ancient history

he walked into my class

cause yeah he knows my teacher

then the teacher left for a min and he wrote something GAY on the bored

and then people walked in

and i was like

thats why people think you’re gay

i full jumped on him

then he left the class

and i said bye :)

i saw him then at the end of the day

i hugged him as i exited the gate

i waited ages for the hug

i felt like i forced it

then i walked to the station

and then A.P the guy came up to me

and we talked a bit cause he was sad

then the rest of the boys came

we then all went on the bus

and i talked to A.P and Him

it was cool

i had such a dirty mind

i kept like trying to make an eye with my bag

but it ended up looking like a @$!%@$^@%#!@

yeah not gonna write that word LOL

well i was full like to A.P the guy

thats why he’s my bestfriend

cause of his retarded and and dirty mindedness

i full got this all off him LOL

he tried reading me

he knows when i lie

and shizz

but there is one thing i wont tell him even if i wanted to

and that something about M.C cause she is like a sister and she trusts me

anyways he eventually got off the bus

and i miss him already ><”

well i miss him very much

and might go to this rocket launch tomorrow

since he couldnt go to my sisters party

i wanna be right next to him

right now

i miss him lots

and love him even more

<33 I LOVE YOU for your retardedness

Thursday, May 27, 2010


i actually came to school late today ><"
anyways i didnt spend a lot of time with him today
just a bit
which was during the break
and we only had one cause its thursday
i was hi fiving my friend
and he saw me
smiled and waved
and i smiled and waved back
lol and i was like nawww no hug
and he gave me that look saying
"alright :P"
and walked up to me
opened his arms and hugged me
i asked him if we was coming tomorrow
and he said he wasnt sure
hopefully he does
i want him to
i just realised his has debating ><"
i'll ask him tomorrow
grrrr i bet he'll say no
well then i went up to him again at the end of lunch
i told A.P the guy that he went home before me
and like yeah hahahah i laughed
A.P hit him
like in a friendly way
and he like my mummy was there LOL
i found it cute
then i started telling him how i was pissed at my sister
and stuff
and the we went to class
i saw him at the end of the day
like at the gate but i just walked passed
he didnt wave at me
so i dont wave LOL
idk if thats a laughing moment or what
well i walked with E.M
and then when i was waiting for my bus i saw him with his boys
and like yeah sad he wasnt catching bus :(
i went home
and yeah just hope the best for tomorrow now
RANDOM FACT: yesterday i was like telling him how his friend got me into korean music and he told me he likes korean music too and stuff LOL

well also today i was thinking of talking to B.R
and like making a bit of piece with her
even if i dont like her
just for him
but i didnt end up doing it
but like i'm think if i should
idk i'll let you know
thats all about today
i miss him already
dont ask me why
i love him very muchb

State Of Origin

It was so awesome last night
even though our team lost
i got to spend it with him
after not spending the day with him
when i got to the school i hung out with A.P the guy
as we began to head in to watch the game
HE turned up
before hand me and A.P were sure he wasnt coming
i full went up to him and hugged him
we then went in
idk but i really didnt want to sit near B.R
so me and A.P sat way
for a little bit it was just use and M.C
but then he came and joined us
i asked him if he missed me yesterday
and he was like yes and nodded his head
he came and went a lot
which was understandable
the game hadnt even started and i already was feeling good
he sat we us every now and again
once was with a drink and he let me have some :)
i lipped it
i started saying how i dont like sport
and he agreed with me
and we hi fived
i then went to the bathroom with M.C
and A.P the guy (btw he was the only A.P there)
walked in with us
but HE was too scared to follow too
A.P then left and so me and M.C finished up
as we went back we saw the boys talking to a teacher
i started talking to the teacher about something
and when i was done i noticed the boys were gone
they then appeared, we went in and started watching
HE explained the game to me cause i didnt get it
we talked more
and always ended up talking about shoes
before i knew it, it was half time
we then all walked out
i was with some of the girls taking pics until he called me to come to A.P's party
i went and then i told him how i felt out of place cause i wasnt in that group
he told me not to worry
that i was there for A.P
A.P cut the cake
and HE gave me offered me some of his cake
and so i ate some
i asked him if i could touch the spoon
like actually put it in my mouth
even though me and him share lots of stuff LOL
he was like YEAH i dont have problems with getting germs :P
and so i ate a bit
and gave it back to him
and as a joke i told him
that i gave him Chlamydia
cause like he doesnt care if we share shizz
he was like OH well
and then i started saying to these people at the party
i gave him Chlamydia
and people just looked at me weird
and i was full like
ewwww not in that way LOL
and we laughted
we then walked out and went back into the room to get seated again
we sat and like talked a lot
i love looking in his eyes
we talked , we sat in silence
we looked at each other
we smiled
he let me wear his jacket :)
cause he felt hot and i was cold
he sat upside down for a bit
and got dizzy and sick
i got concerned
and he got up and sat next to me
it was good
we talked some more
yes there was a lot of talking
we were talking about something immature
and i was like see what you did to me
and he was like
i think i'm a bad influence to you
and i was like siff
if anything its good
he just gave me a strange face
and i looked at him and smiled
and gave him a tiny hug
i then played with his itouch :)
i played with his hair
his bracelet too
but not at the same time
i asked him about his necklace
and he said how he didnt want to lose it
and he asked me if i was wearing the ring
and i was
but he promised me that he will tell me if her ever loses the necklace
i love sitting with him
just talking
looking in my eyes
and me at his
having fun
the game was then over
and we all walked and waited outside
me with the boys
we talked and then A.P left
and told him to take care of me
and i talked to him for a bit
and then he eventually went
no hug
but i guess it would be embarrassing
i could tell he was thinking about it
before he left
gosh he was embarrassed when A.P told him to take care of me :S
idk why
there was too many people i guess
teachers and his MUM
and i went home
the best day with him
well not as great as my sisters party but still as good
sorry this was like out of order
i cant really write everything
cause i can't think on the spot
but yeah
these are the main points
everything i do with him i remember
there most likely stuff i left out
but i'm sure i still remember them
i love him very much
some day we'll be together <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CAFS excursion

Not at school today :(
i didnt see him which kinda made me sad
well i tried not to mention him
but then i did to A.C the girl
and then yeah they were all like NAWWWWW
and i was like shut up
and then A.C the girl was like
and i full like was embarassed
anyways i get to see him tonight
cause i'm going back to the school to watch State of Origin
and yeah
excited for that :)
well i'll write back when i get back

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Wanna Say Happy Birthday To The Following

i’m sorry i didnt say it before but here it is;

My Dad

My Little Sister

My Older Sister


My Older Cousin, Ate A.C

My Beautiful Cousin, Bumble Bee

A.P, The Guy


Everyone else whose birthday is in May

Happy Birthday

u hope you will/had a good one :)


Happy Birthday A.P – the guy

I came to school late


i didnt see him till recess

i went to my locker

and on the way back i saw A.P the guy

and i gave him a hug cause it was his birthday

He was with him and i said hi too :)

i then went to buy my ticket for this school thing tomorrow

he is going too

cause he bought his ticket at the same time

i then went back to our spot with him

and i was telling him how i had this thing with L.A yesterday

soo annoying i’m not even gonna say what happened


well i was telling him

he asked questions

and yeah

then A.P the girl was upset

so i comforted her the whole recess

at the end i told him to take care of her cause they have class together

Then at lunch i saw him and he gave me some of his sandwich

which was yummy :)

and then he went off to talk to his other friends

but i got to ask him if he could hang with me tomorrow

like kinda

cause i dont really talk with his friends

but i might end up just staying with A.C the girl :)

well that was the last i saw him

Oh yeah he said yes to that question LOL

well i saw him walking to the shops

but when i got there he was gone :(

well i can see him tomorrow

day time at least

before my excursion :)

<3 i love him very much

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Brother – Like ?


Monday w/ the bestfriend

today was average

and good

despite my mood swings

due to my time of the month LOL


i saw him after tutor but didnt say anything

cause he was talking to this other girl in year 11

so i just walked past

and then i saw him after period 1

idk why but he was outside my classroom

he was like to me

“dont hug me, i’m sick”

and i’m like idc

and so i hugged him

like twice saying nawwww you’re sick

and i asked him if he was coming on friday

and he said he isnt sure yet

cause he has stuff to do

but i told him to try his very best

so he’s gonna ask his mum

i then went to class

and saw him at recess

hugged him

and then he went to the library

then i saw him at lunch

he talked to me for a bit

i hugged him again

and i tried to get him to eat my chocolate LOL

but it didnt work

i hugged him lots

and like talked to him

while looking up at him

which always makes my heart melt

just looking in his eyes

knowing he’s my bestfriend

i then saw him at the very end of the day

where he was standing at the gate

i walked past

but i was like touching my eye

cause it hurt

cause i just poked myself in the eye

and he asked me what was wrong

and i told him

and he laughed

at me but said he has done it before LOL

man today was pretty average

talking to him

hugging him

and then him hanging with other people

which i’m okay with now

being a better bestfriend

because i love him very much <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i keep talking about him
like every story
is about him or involves him
why can't i get him out of my head

Friday, May 21, 2010


saw him at recess :)

hugged him hello

talked a bit

he was with L.A

and they were talking about some song LOL

Wedding dress or something


then i went to class

it was then lunch

talked to him for a bit

cause he was busy with his assignment

then talking to B.R

pretty ordinary day

i’m trying to be a better bestfriend

there will be jealousy

but i’m gonna not let it take over me

i’m gonna be a BETTER bestfriend :)

because i love him very much :)


Ask me anything

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ask me anything

Dedicated to HIM

If you were a star
That wasn't expected back
In the universe
For a thousand years
I'd wait

If you were the sky
And everyone went inside
When you got sad
And started to rain
I'd stay

And if you were a peach
And the world decided
To get rid of all peaches
I'd pick you up
Put you in my pocket
And keep you



After giving up yesterday
and then sleeping it off
i really just wanted to get to school
so i could see him
to talk to him
to say i'm sorry
to hug him
to show him i love him
to show we're still bestfriends
i saw him at lunch time
like i was heading to the locker
and then i stopped cause i was talking to K.C and L.A
then he rocked up
and said my name
i full just turned and hugged him
i was talking to him very softly
saying sorry and everything
and i hugged him like 50 times lol
and said sorry each time
he was like dw you dont need to hug me to say sorry lalala
hahahah it was good
we worked it out
and like
yeah it was great
i am happy again
i try not to be so jealous anymore
like after venting to my little sister all last night
like i am more better
like i had time to think about it
i knew i was wrong
i said i was sorry
he said he was sorry
and we're all good again
i'm happy :)
VERY happy
he went locker with me after that
and then hung out with me for a bit
i talked to him
and stuff
then he went to do some work with this girl i dont really talk to
that was it
i went into class
and didnt see him
i dont see him until tomorrow
but thats all good
i miss him already
well i'll see him tomorrow
i told him to come to my sisters brithday party next friday
i wanna spend time
with him
and he said he'll try
i love him very much
i say i've been in love twice
once with my ex
and the other with HIM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love you Bestfriend

today was like any other day

except my emotions got in the way

it all started at recess

A.P the guy wanted to talk to me

and as we were talking Him comes in

and when i was done talking to A.P

i gave him the chain i got for him

since he lost the other one

that was all good and well

i still got jealous cause he spent a lot of time

with this other girl, M.D

she’s cool

and she’s my friend but i did get jealous

well then recess was over

and i waited for him to come back to me

but he just stayed with M.D

so i just went to class

the next time i saw him was at lunch

and again he didnt talk to me

spent the time with M.D

then at the end of the day i just got really pissed cause he went on the bus with ANOTHER chick

and so i just walked to the station by myself

full pissed

and then i saw him

and just stormed past him

and as i turned around

he stood in front of me

and asked if i was mad at him for not walking with me

i said i wasnt

but he knew it was about him

i was just so fed up with him choosing other chicks

cause i get jealous so easy

and he should know that

it just really annoys me

and make me feel unworthy

like i’m not pretty enough

or smart enough

or just all together


so i like told him how i felt

and then he didnt get that it wasnt the same as him and A.P the guy

like i like him ALOT

its not the same

i freaking just wish he would see me like he does his other girl friends

but like its like he doesnt

my sisters made me realised i was wrong

and i get it

i over acted

and like we’re bestfriends

not going out or shit

and like i know that kills me inside

but i got to be his friend


our friendship is like so private

compare us at school with us when we’re by ourselves

its different




i know i was wrong and i will speak to him when i can

but right now



i walked from his bus stop

he was with me

but then i was alone

and all i did was cry

i was that upset

like i like him

and i feel like i’m nothing compared to these other girls

even if i’m his bestfriend :(

i still love him very much

but how can i be content with life if he doesnt return the love

he said to me not to kill my self

since i have been so depressed lately

he said he’ll be very sad

and like yeah

but i’ll always be in his heart

i just said in sarcasm

how cute

when i really did think it was cute ><”

idk what to do anymore


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ask me anything

Ask me anything, i'm quite open for it all :)

A Rainy Day

i didnt see him until recess

but guess you could say i didnt really talk to him

only towards the end

when i went up to him and A.S

and he said to me

“she called me a stupid head”

and i was like

“he’s not stupid, he’s smart

and i played with his hair

and hugged him

i was standing on a kinda brick wall seat

so i was taller than him

i then dropped down

and A.S asked me

“who do you like better, me or him”

and i was like :S

i’m not gonna answer that

and yeah LOL

he was like, the obvious answer is me

but you shouldnt say that to her LOL

so i just said i’m going to class

and walked off LOL

the next time i saw him

was at lunch time

which was funny

my whole group went to go to the careers adviser

and so i was left alone

i went up to like A.C the girls group

then L.A comes up to me

and we then go to like him and stuff

i just remember saying bitch alot and hahahah

i was so hyper that lunch

A.S tried again to get me to choose between her and him

and i still didnt


i was majorly high

i remember him locking A.P the guy in the cupboard next to my class room LOL

and a teacher passed by and started to question us

but he then went away and we let A.P out LOL

i gave some of my lunch to him

cause i like sharing with him


lunch was like really hectic LOL

cause i was high

and like very jumpy

and happy

then L.A was like to me

what did he do to make you so happy

so she went up to him

and he was like she’s so happy

i snuck drugs in her LOL

i was like he put it in my food

he was like AGAIN


i then went to class

cause i was about to be late

he then came into the class and sat down

not near where i sit

i was like

man go back to chem LOL

sir was laughing

and asking since when did he join this class

and then this girl he just started being friends with walked in

and idk what happenned i didnt look

but i’m guessing they hugged or something

and then he left

and sir was like

OH he only came for that

and started teasing the girl

and she just kept saying how she has a boy friend and stuff

GRRRRR jealousy is a bitch

and then the bell rang

i went out of class

and saw him

i ran to him

and asked him to walk with me to the station

but he wanted to catch bus

then he ran so he wouldnt miss it

and yeah

then i was full cut he dogged me

he asked me to catch bus

but i needed to walk

i was full just holding on to the strap of his bag

until he ran off

E.M then walked with me

and she made me realise

that me and him are more better

when like we’re either on the phone, on msn, alone or at my house

not really in public

like around other people

and like idk why

i guess cause people think we’re dating or something


but like we were better when others werent around

like who didnt know i liked him

i then got off the bus at the shops

and saw M.C

and she told me she saw the pics from my sister’s party

and like how they were cute and stuff :)

she then asked me what we were now

and i was like

“still bestfriends”

and she was like STILL

and like i told her how he didnt want a girlfriend till after school or something

and yeah

i guess im still cut about not actually being with him

but whatever

i get so jealous when he is more comfortable spending time with other girls

but with me

its like different

like its better when no-one is around

M.C then went home

and i went home too

and that was my day :)

i was happy today


thanks to him

my bestfriend

my life

<333 HIM

Monday, May 17, 2010

School day

SOOO today was interesting

well not really

i told A.P the girl to tell him

that i needed to talk to him

after tutor he came to me

i dragged him away from like his friends

i asked in a whisper

“did you tell your brother i like you”

and he gave me a look

like saying OH SHIT she knows

and i asked again

and he said yeah

i then asked why

and he said cause it is his brother

and said that i tell my sister

and i was like but its my secret so i can tell who ever

and yeah

then he said

why does it matter

like who knows i like him

i just said idk

i just gave him a hug

and went off to class

we were all good anyways

i just needed to clarify it

well after that i didnt talk to him until lunch

he came up to me

and i gave him a hug

and started saying how i was worried bout my sister

and like he promised me

everything will be okay

that whatever it is

it’ll be fine

and that was it

when the bell rang

i went up to him gave him a hug

and went to class

that was my day

not very interesting

but what can i say

i can be pretty average LOL

Little Sister’s Surprise Party

Well yesterday was my sister’s birthday

and we threw her a HUGE surprise party it was great

out of year 12, Him, L.A & A.P the guy came

i spent most of the day with him

i was like talking to L.A and then he enters the house

i full get up from my seat and run to him

and give him a big hug because of what happened on friday

he then sat down with us and like we were all casual

like talking as if nothing happened

i had a lot to do so i was running around alot

trying to set up stuff

i then got some time to sit

i sat next to him

and he asked how i was

and i said i was fine

i knew he was looking at me in the way

asking how i was from the day before

i eventually had to get up again

and organise guitar hero and stuff

but there was SOOOO many balloons


so i got Him to help me move some to the other room

i was soo stressed out

i then set up the guitar hero

and got to sit down again

he was sitting behind L.A

and as people were playing he said to me

“i’m so sorry about yesterday”

i then said sorry

and we full just started , kinda arguing and like talking about the whole thing

i told him how i was sad

how i knew i over reacted

i told him how shit i felt

how L.A told me i had to talk to him

ALL of it

i told him

and he spoke back saying sorry

how my feelings are more important than his own

which is sweet

but like unfair

and shit we just kept kinda arguing about it

but eventually stopped

i hugged him a lot in this conversation

i leaned on him and hugged him

one time his stiff hair stabbed my eye LOL

i had to do other stuff

sooo gay i reckon

he told me i was doing a good job

that everything will be fine

i hugged him lots more

then i went outside cause i needed phone reception

cause my sister or something was gonna call me

then i was just talking with  him and L.A

about random shizzz

it was funny

cause we were talking about the surprise

and like where is everyone hiding

and iw as like to Him

you’re gonna hide behind the fence

and not come out LOL

i also kept making fun of his pants

cause i dont like them

i told him they dont count as clothing

just fabric LOL

then i was told to go inside cause my sister was near

well i was inside with L.A

we were at the front for the best view

she was taking pics

i was video recording

which was a fail btw


i was getting full stressed

but in the end

when my sister entered

and everyone yelled surprise

it was the BEST

she deserved it

after that it was cake cutting time

she blew out the candles

and she cut the cake

she said a speech too

and then everyone headed to the food to eat LOL

i went to give my sister a hug

and then went to Him to give him a hug

i was full calm now

he was full like to me

its over now

you did a great job

and everything worked out LOL

then i told him he could eat LOL

and he got excited

i wanted to eat to

so i pushed in line

it was funny

who cares i had rights

i then went into the living room

where me, L.A and Him ate

i told him to sit next to me

which he did :P

we then just talked

and i was like to him

you have to meet my cousin yeah

and he was like why

and i was like cause you’re my bestfriend

and he was like oh okay


A.P the guy then rocked up

and like me and Him full ran to A.P to give him a hug


then we sat down again

and i got my cousin

i then introed her to my friends

full telling her to read my blog about my bestfriend LOL


she then sat with us for a while

then i went around taking photos of all of my sisters friends

some with my sister

some without

the boys went outside the back

so i then hung with them there

it was so cold

he offered me his jacket

but i told him i didnt want him to get sick

L.A ws taking lots of photos

i was hugging him and looking up at him

gaaaa i love him

i was then going around taking more photos

leaving them outside

i was so busy taking photos

i didnt know where he went

i found out they were outside

so i then gave the camera to L.A to fix

and went out

A.P  and him were talking

and when i came out they let me sit in between them

it was so cold

i clinged onto him

A.P went on the phone to his girlfriend

L.A eventually came out

and yeah we started talking and shizz

we talked about heaps of stuff


i full i was leaning on him

and like had my arm wrapped around his

then it fell silent

his arm leaned on my leg

and my arm still wrapped around it

and i said to him

are you wearing your necklace

as i checked for myself

and he was like no

and i was like at least wear it on occasion

and then he told me the truth of what happened

he told me how he lost the connector bit of it

that puts the whole thing together


it annoyed me a bit

but i told him i’d get him a new one but like

he told me not to

we were full arguing about it

how he lied to me kinda about why he doesnt wear it

and L.A was just there listenning

we then stopped

in case one of us got mad

and like i leaned on him again

he was actually keeping me warm

then L.A wanted to take photos

she took some of me and him

and i took some of her and him

it was cool

i was then like to him

can you give me a piggy back ride

and he was like Alright

it was such a fail though

cause my dress kept going up :P

so yeah

then i tried carrying L.A

but like i couldnt

then he carried me ><”

my dress went up so he put me down LOL

it was fun though

we then went to sit back down

and like started talking again

L.A asked him if he ever had a girlfriend

and he just kept saying how he doesnt want one yet

which i guess put me down abit

then there was something lingering in my mind

A.P was off the phone so he joined us

i was like to him in a whisper

i need to tell you something

and he was like what

and like i told him how i wasnt sure if it was true or not

and yeah

cause this girl told me

who i used to be friends with

A.P and L.A were listening and wanted to be apart of it

i was so embarrassed

but ended up saying it anyways

turns out it was true

but i’m not gonna say what it was

i was a bit sad after that

Him’s bro then came outside

and was like annoying Him

he wanted to throw pebbles at him

but i told him not to

and he listened

and his bro said to him whipped

and so he got up and attacked him

idk why Him was so defensive

he then sat down again

some times my arm was wrapped around his

and sometimes his arm was around my shoulder

and i was leaning on him



i have no FUCKING idea half the stuff i wrote

and now i am so fucking pissed

if you read the past one


but half is gone now

and i’m so damn annoyed

i can’t rewrite it

fucking should of wrote the original



hopefully i’ll always remember that night

it was one of the best nights of my life

and all of a sudden my memories on here ARE GONE

well i’ll try and rewrite a bit

well …..


he actually did keep me warm

then him and A.P went for a walk

and so my and L.A talked

i sai how i was waiting

how Him didnt want a girlfriend right now

and how hurt i was cause of my ex

and i didnt want to get hurt again

she then told me how she felt about someone

and i said i felt about someone



i can’t be bothered fucking writing this shit again

my memories will always be with me

how he stayed back just a little longer to say a proper goodbye

and a hug that lasted longer than usual

how he asks me how i am every 5 seconds

him putting his arm around me

how he listens to me

how he kept me warm

how he told me

“going out with someone is just words”

which is true but i never thought of it until he said it

how i talked to L.A bout my jealousy issues

when he was out of the room

how my sister brought up the fact that i told her

he was smart and that he wants to go to the moon

how he made me laugh

how he made me smile

how i had my arm wrapped around his

and L.A said we were love birds

and so i quickly unclinged

how he laughed

how he made sure i was happy

that i wouldnt get sick

how i would look in his eyes

and just feel like it was meant to be

how i thanked him for coming to the party

and for staying so late

and how he replied by saying how he thought i wanted him to go home

and i told him i didnt want him to go

i hugged him 2 times cause i didnt want him to leave

how i just love him more now

how time just flew

and everyone was gone

and we didnt even notice

how i played with his hands when we were outside

and how i played with his hair when we were inside

how he proved to me he does have a hear t

and how he does care how i feel

hows he’s honest

and kind

and nice

i’m sure there is more

but of course i cant think of it on the spot

and i’m sorry most of it got deleted

i’m majorly pissed about it

i’m sorry this wasnt in as good of detail as the last

but i just tried to make it simplier

if i think of more stuff that happened that got deleted i’ll write it again tomorrow

so fucking pissed

well i remember at the end i wrote how my ssiter said his brother came up to her and asked if i liked…. and then he said that his bro told him

and like now i want to speak to ….

to like clarify it

well i will tomorrow

i hope tomorrow is never forgotten

i hope i cherish and remember every bit of it

for the rest of my life

i love him

very very very much


Again i am FUCKING sorry that my blog got deleted

they should keep a back up

i dont save my blogs

which is stupid i guess

but so what


i better go to bed

<333 him

and love all of you


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ask me anything, Be Curious :) I'll answer them to the best of my ability

Friday, May 14, 2010

Questions, Statements, Random Shizz

Ask me anything, don't be scared :)


well today i saw him at recess

we said hi waved

we talked and stuff

and yeah it was good

i watched him play games

and yeah just hung out with him for the majority of recess

then he left his chem textbook unattended

and decided to play a joke on him

i took his book and hid it in A.P the girl’s bag

more about that later

before i went back to my study class cause we had this thing

i was talking to him

about something i heard about him from the retreat

something bout being mean to migrants

he told me what he actually said and stuff like that

we hugged and talked and i stood so close to him

and looked in his eyes

it was the best moment

for now i guess

we both became late for class

so i hugged him bye

and ran to class

we then went to this talk that we had to pay for

about motivation or some shit

he sat diagonally behind me

i heard he talking and shit

it was really funny

i love him :)

then came lunch

he didnt notice his text book was gone until lunch

which he came up to me asking where it was

and i was just laughing saying i didnt have it

and yeah

then i went canteen

and he full went to me saying i know where it is and getting mad

i was laughing

and like then he got more mad

and so i told him where it was

and like he walked away

i then got really upset after that

cause i felt he was really mad at me

cause i took the joke too far

and then after we got back from the canteen

i was just sitting with L.A then A.P the girl

and just started to cry

i full walked away

like to the bathroom

and L.A caught up to me and hugged me

i full went to the bathroom and cried somemore

i was so angry at myself

and hated that i did what i did

the bell rang and then i went out of the toilet and ran to my bag

full snatched it and stormed off to class

at the end of the day A.C the girl told me he saw me when i did that

and like had a face of confusion and concern

but more on that later

i went to my class

but we werent in yet so i just sat crying

L.A came up to me and asked me if i wanted her to talk to him

and i said dont it’ll only make it worse

this other girl then asked me  what is wrong

she has a locker near mine so yeah

i then went into class

and the other girl comes in and asks if it was him

and like i said no

and she was like, nah L.A told her

and in my head i was like WTF

then she hugged me and walked off

i wanted to keep crying but like i didnt want to make a scene

class then ended and i walked to my next class

L.A went up to me asking if i felt better

i didnt really

and told her not to talk to him about it

he stood at my next class’s door

it would of been nice if it was to check up on me

even though that sounds selfish

but obviously he wasnt there for me

he was talking to this chick i had class with

i full just wanted to get to class

so i stormed past him

and sat in the class

i saw him and L.A talking

and i was like i told her to say anything

she then came into the class

and told me he is asking why i am mad or upset

and asked if it was about him

she said no to him

which is good i guess

but maybe he thinks its because at the end of lunch

when i stormed off he was flirting with C.B

i started to cry again

and she then said i should talk to him

but he already went to class

i was just really upset

and like didnt want to talk in class

at the end of the class

which was the end of the day

i received a message from L.A saying that he wasnt mad and stuff

which meant she talked to him

even though i didnt want her to

it didnt make me feel better

i was so mad at myself

i then was walking out of the school with A.C the girl

and like realised that him was still in class

cause i saw his back

i walked in to hug him

but he wasnt there so i just went home ( actually to A.C the girl’s house)

when i eventually got home from A.C’s

i called him

but he wasnt home yet

his mum got my number off me

and said he’ll call me back

i hope he does

i need to talk to him

that was my day

terrible :(

i love him <3333

Ask me anything, i know you wanna

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i love him

i love talking to him EVERYWHERE

i talked to him online

he wasnt mad at me

he said how he didnt notice

sometimes he doesnt

well yeah we talked

and stuff

and it was good

it made me feel better

i love him more and more



Ask me anything ;) Don't be scared, i don't bite

Ask me anything


is he mad at me ><”

hardly spoke

said hi and bye

waved and smiled

but nothing else

E.M tried to help

she said “HOYYYY” to him at the end of the day

he looked at us but then i walked away

i’m sad now :(

i love him


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty Ordinary

nothing majorly exciting happened today

i hardly spoke to him

not a lot

not sure if he was mad or what

but that was it

i saw him in the arvo

cause A.S wanted me to give him his book

but like i didnt see him till the bus drove away

so i gave it to his friend who lives near :(

i love him soooooo much


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retreat & School AGAIN

Yesterday was the year 12 retreat

there was 3 venues

and him and all my friends went to a different one than me

well i didnt see him

it made me sad

but oh wells

i got my letter back yesterday

it showed how far i have come from last year

i’m not so depressed anymore

i’m happy

but i did miss him alot

L.A kept saying she would be HIM for the day

which made me laugh

but didnt make a difference

we had to write another letter

that we get back next year

i wrote

some day me and him will be together

if we arent already

no matter what he loves me

i have to know that

even if its just as a bestfriend


well i think that was it

i missed him is all i wanted to say about that day

today i got to see him

and like i loved it

i saw him at recess

and he smiled at me while i was walking to my group

and he waved while smiling

i smiled back and waved


that was it for recess

well he came up to me to ask if someone was at school

and i asked him if he was wearing his dogtag

but he wasnt

i didnt slap him

cause he said it was starting to give him a rash and itch

and i didnt want him to be in any sort of pain

he looked like he was crying but he said he was just tired

which was understandable

he also said that he rather have been at my retreat than his cause he found his boring

and mine interesting

when he heard stories

i loved my retreat :)

at lunch time i saw him again

i was playing guitar

secretly singing for him

:( he didnt notice

he asked me if i take requests

but i didnt know how to play the song he asked

i also asked if he was left handed

i keep forgeting

and yeah

he is left handed

that was it for lunch

he spent the whole lunch with C.B cause she is fighting with A.G

and yeah

i didnt like it at all

why does he give her attention so easily

but for me he cant ><”


well that was it

then it was home time

and i saw him as i walked

he said bye to me

and i said it back

and that was it

i didnt see him again

well that was my day

i saw him  after not seeing him yesterday

and it felt good :)


i love him

and i love all my readers

Blogging is the best diary in the world :)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

2010-05-09 15-18-06.123

It's Mothers Day :) i love my Mummy very much

Happy Mothers Day to mothers around the world <3

Thank you to my new follower


Did anyone do anything special for their mum?


P.S guys i had such a weird dream about him

he was inlove with someone else

and we were all telling him to go for it

and then he went to ask the chick to marry him

at this stage/time i was with someone else

and like we met all the time and stuff

but deep in me i still loved HIM

and then he came back

and i asked him what happened

and it seemed as though we were holding each other

like we were together

but we werent

and in the end of it

he never told me what happened with that girl

this is the basic details

i cant remember it all

its mostly a blur


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catch up photos

2010-05-06 19-29-01.202


Hi Guys, i just got back yesterday from Queensland
and i missed you all :)
how is everyone going today?

2010-05-07 20-57-34.007


Feeling Good today,
School work this weekend ><"
what is everyone doing on their weekend?
Thank you for following me

2010-05-08 17-22-24.040


It's currently 5:28 PM here in Australia
and i CBF doing school work
and trust me i have ALOT
Thank you for the follow
What time is it whereever you are ?




Friday, May 7, 2010

At School

It was mufti day

and i didnt see him until recess

period 2 i had study with K.C

and like we full DNMed about him

cause i was a bit upset

cause i have a feeling he might have a thing for C.B

and like i dont like them together


but i’m not the type to like stop him

so we full talked about that

and i told her how i am still waiting for

us to be together

and she says she thinks it will happen

i then saw him at lunch

i poked his back

and he like turned

and complimented on my hair :)

i then pointed to his dog tag

he was like wearing it like he said he would :)

i was like to me

“you know i noticed that, if i die the people who find me will know my name and also my bestfriend’s name :)”

and like i full thought it was cute :)

i full like smiled

and he kissed the dog tag

it means alot to me

that my present to him means a lot to him

A.P the guy then wanted to take pics on his laptop

and so we were

i came into a couple

and so did he :)

like he was right next to me :)

that was basically it

he then went to hang out elsewhere

i saw him again at lunch

but only to ask if he wanted some of my food

and also when i asked him if he had debating

he stayed back

and i didnt see him for the rest of the day

he looked great today :)

i loved his shoes

well thats it

i dont see him till like Tuesday

cause of retreat :(

well thats all

<3 i love him

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Back

yeah guys i'm back
sorry i didnt write while i was gone
there was no internet to be found ><"
it was a great trip
and i missed everyone
especially him
i gave everyones presents today
but i just really wanted to know
how he would react
he saw each present
cause there was four presents
the first he saw was the Chinese magazine i got him
a little joke we have
i think i explained that before
the second thing was this rubbery bouncy thingy
its blue
and thats his fav colour
he really liked it
he played with it
the third he was saw
was the keyring
with the letter of his first name on it
and said "if i had keys i would put this on it"
and the final thing
that meant the most to me to give
was the dog tag
that had engraved on it
"......(his name here)
Dearest Bestfriend
From Louise
and he loved it
it put it on
and i told him to wear it everyday
like i do with his ring :)
and he said he would
or else i get to slap him
he hugged me after openning all his presents
and i hugged him back
he told me how he loved what i got him
and i was very glad
we hugged like 3 times more after that
it made my day
after that we just talked
i told him about my trip
and i asked him if he missed me
and he kept saying YES
then we talked about like how A.P the guy was the first to greet me
which was funny
and he full was like i could of
but like he didnt see me LOL
it was cute
then i told him to walk with me after school
and he did
we walked to the station with his friend and M.C
and like we talked again
and then when my bus came
i hugged him bye
and walked off

i got hugged by everyone today
it felt real good to know people care :)
i love them all
i love you all
and i love him more :)