Friday, May 7, 2010

At School

It was mufti day

and i didnt see him until recess

period 2 i had study with K.C

and like we full DNMed about him

cause i was a bit upset

cause i have a feeling he might have a thing for C.B

and like i dont like them together


but i’m not the type to like stop him

so we full talked about that

and i told her how i am still waiting for

us to be together

and she says she thinks it will happen

i then saw him at lunch

i poked his back

and he like turned

and complimented on my hair :)

i then pointed to his dog tag

he was like wearing it like he said he would :)

i was like to me

“you know i noticed that, if i die the people who find me will know my name and also my bestfriend’s name :)”

and like i full thought it was cute :)

i full like smiled

and he kissed the dog tag

it means alot to me

that my present to him means a lot to him

A.P the guy then wanted to take pics on his laptop

and so we were

i came into a couple

and so did he :)

like he was right next to me :)

that was basically it

he then went to hang out elsewhere

i saw him again at lunch

but only to ask if he wanted some of my food

and also when i asked him if he had debating

he stayed back

and i didnt see him for the rest of the day

he looked great today :)

i loved his shoes

well thats it

i dont see him till like Tuesday

cause of retreat :(

well thats all

<3 i love him

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