Monday, May 17, 2010

School day

SOOO today was interesting

well not really

i told A.P the girl to tell him

that i needed to talk to him

after tutor he came to me

i dragged him away from like his friends

i asked in a whisper

“did you tell your brother i like you”

and he gave me a look

like saying OH SHIT she knows

and i asked again

and he said yeah

i then asked why

and he said cause it is his brother

and said that i tell my sister

and i was like but its my secret so i can tell who ever

and yeah

then he said

why does it matter

like who knows i like him

i just said idk

i just gave him a hug

and went off to class

we were all good anyways

i just needed to clarify it

well after that i didnt talk to him until lunch

he came up to me

and i gave him a hug

and started saying how i was worried bout my sister

and like he promised me

everything will be okay

that whatever it is

it’ll be fine

and that was it

when the bell rang

i went up to him gave him a hug

and went to class

that was my day

not very interesting

but what can i say

i can be pretty average LOL

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