Thursday, May 27, 2010


i actually came to school late today ><"
anyways i didnt spend a lot of time with him today
just a bit
which was during the break
and we only had one cause its thursday
i was hi fiving my friend
and he saw me
smiled and waved
and i smiled and waved back
lol and i was like nawww no hug
and he gave me that look saying
"alright :P"
and walked up to me
opened his arms and hugged me
i asked him if we was coming tomorrow
and he said he wasnt sure
hopefully he does
i want him to
i just realised his has debating ><"
i'll ask him tomorrow
grrrr i bet he'll say no
well then i went up to him again at the end of lunch
i told A.P the guy that he went home before me
and like yeah hahahah i laughed
A.P hit him
like in a friendly way
and he like my mummy was there LOL
i found it cute
then i started telling him how i was pissed at my sister
and stuff
and the we went to class
i saw him at the end of the day
like at the gate but i just walked passed
he didnt wave at me
so i dont wave LOL
idk if thats a laughing moment or what
well i walked with E.M
and then when i was waiting for my bus i saw him with his boys
and like yeah sad he wasnt catching bus :(
i went home
and yeah just hope the best for tomorrow now
RANDOM FACT: yesterday i was like telling him how his friend got me into korean music and he told me he likes korean music too and stuff LOL

well also today i was thinking of talking to B.R
and like making a bit of piece with her
even if i dont like her
just for him
but i didnt end up doing it
but like i'm think if i should
idk i'll let you know
thats all about today
i miss him already
dont ask me why
i love him very muchb

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