Wednesday, June 2, 2010

010610 - 020610

Tuesday: Happy Birthday H.R
a mad day, celebrating her birthday

barely spoke to him
we talked and hugged once
at the end of recess
we saw each other
other times but we just smiled
i know we're still bestfriends
even if we dont spend lots of time together
i love him very much
and just knowing he is in my life
makes me extremely HAPPY
i love him very much
more and more everyday

well today was a bit of progress
and by that i mean there was a bit more talk
i was with him at recess
i was with my group
and i looked at him
he was listenning to his ipod
but he looked at me too
we both didnt approach each other until
my sister called me over to her
to show me something that he gave her
after she showed me i was like to him
and yeah we talked for a tiny second
we hugged hello
and yeah
and he started telling me about this song he likes
by like a group called "cream"
i just full liked
A.P the guy was like "cream in the pants"
he said "i thought that"
and i was like "me too"
A.P the guy was like see what you have done to her
i was just laughing
he was then telling me about his math test
and i told him he'll do great
and i hugged him
he hugged me back
then he sat down
playing a clap game with one of the boys
but i felt weird being there cause of B.R
so like yeah
i went back to my crew
BTW i'm not making peace with B.R
N.A made a good point to me
that what if me and her fight again
and i lose her and him again
i cant stand losing him
so i'm not gonna take that risk
that was the only time i talked to him
i saw him a few times
like once after lunch
i saw him standing with this other person
and like i wanted to go up to him to just hug him
but i had to go to class
so yeah
it was then after school that i saw him again
he was right in front of me
and he was about to get on the bus
and i hit his bag
and he turned and was like
he thought i was someone else
cause like i never used to hit his bag and stuff like that
and yeah
i hugged him for the last time of the day
and started walking to the station
that was the last time i saw him
i love him very much
more than idk
everything i guess LOL
but you know what
i'm satisfied with life
i am so happy
anything good that happens now
is just a bonus :)
i love him very much
he is my bestfriend

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