Saturday, June 12, 2010


another day at school
i saw him at recess
he saw me sitting with my group
and a big smile went across his face
and he waved at me
i smiled back :)
at the end of lunch
when B.R and that were gone
i went up to him
hugged him
and he started telling me about this game A.S made
i wasnt so interested
and when he was done talking he walked off
i saw him at lunch
but we didnt talk
i stayed with my group
he did too with the other girls
i didnt mind
HONESTLY i didnt
at the start of period 6 i saw him again
i was heading to the library to get a Tv
and he was heading to class
we stopped
i was SOO close to him
i looked up and him
and he smiled
i asked him if he was still coming on saturday
he said he should be
but i told him to contact me if he cant
we then went our separate ways
and went to class
at the end of the day
i saw him for the last time of the day
i hugged him
but he didnt hug back
i was cut
i was full like to him
nawwww no hug
and then he hugged me
idk if that bothered him or what
but i dont think it did
its long weekend now
and i miss him very much
i love him very much

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