Monday, June 21, 2010

200th POST

Thanks everyone for the support :)

i know there are people out there who read this

thanks to my followers and those who arent following

i love to blog and amazed i reached 200 posts :)

well i realised i havent put pics up in a while so here i go :)

for the last pic posted on 9th of may

here is what i never put up

i love you all


2010-05-25 21-36-02.383

250510 – Being bored and tired, waiting for siblings to leave my room

2010-06-19 22-11-27.639

190610 – Jamming in my room :) My sister on my laptop

i love my laptop, i use it way too much

thats why i hardly ever webcam and take pics anymore

cause it doesnt have a webcam ><”

2010-06-21 17-37-14.418

2010-06-21 17-37-30.422

210610 – Just being majorly bored, and needing a new dp for facebook :) Love how i look in my school uniform <3

2010-06-21 20-05-04.366

2010-06-21 20-05-15.096

2010-06-21 20-06-53.637

210610 – Secondhand Books <3

i went to the public library today with my sister

and found out there was a book sale

that just started today and ends 4th of july <3

i love second hand books

i bought 4 books today for under $3 total

there books are

- Gossip Girl

- You Know You Love Me, Gossip Girl

- Seven Deadly Sins, Envy

- Alice Through The Needle’s Eye

i love them

totally want to go again <3


well those are my photos


i love all you guys

thanks for the support


very proud <3

please keep reading

i love you guys


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