Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesome, for a little while

well today was good
first i come into tutor to pay my teacher back
for like paying for me the other day when we ordered food for pastrol
but he wouldnt take it
lol so yeah i spent it on something else
then it was period 1
before that as i was exiting i hugged J.M the guy
i guess it was a phase
cause i am fine now
like i only like HIM
not J.M
i guess i was just sad that HIM doesnt treat me as good as J.M the guy does
but oh well
at recess was when i talked to HIM
i was with my crew and he comes up
and i hug him
i asked him if he saw my cover online
but he didnt see it
but i told him i sent him a link
so it should be fine
i told him to watch it
i hope he does
well that was basically the only time i talked to him today
during period 3 i saw him go to english
i full just waved at him
and he waved back
cause he was far away from me LOL
it was funny cause A.C the girl was like WHO ARE YOU WAVING AT?
well then in EXP which was fourth period
i was telling my teacher about my cover i recorded
she was about to look it up
but the schools internet was majorly slow
so was didnt get the chance
my teacher is so cute
she was telling us how she waited all night to hear from her bf
cause he is travelling
and yeah
she couldnt sleep
i found it cute
well then it was lunch
and as i was about ti sit with my crew
me and HIM looked at each other and smiled
L.A and me used to be heaps close
but we kinda drifted
then i became kinda close with her old group
then all this drama happened today
which i got dragged into
which i guess i couldnt help
its what i get for being friends with all of them
well idk whats going on
i got stressed
L.A was crying
like LOTS
then i went to talk to the others
L.A goes off somewhere
i get worried
i find her with E.M
and tell her i was worried
and she gives me attitude
as if i'm the bitch
sometimes i feel like giving up on her
but shes my friend
sometimes i feel like a bad person
cause i talk to both sides
about both sides
am i a backstabbing bitch
well thats basically all that happened
then i came home

last time i check my video had 59 views :)
thanks everyone who watched <3
keep watching
i'll try and put up a vid
once a month
love you all

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