Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being Busy

yesterday i tried to keep busy

so that i could get my mind off everything happening

first thing i did was record my first ever cover

i dedicated it to my bestfriend HIM

and my two other little sisters A.C the girl and M.C

its on youtube now

heres the video so you guys can watch it

but be sure to visit my page

after i did that

i watched the rest of big bang theory season 3


i want season 4 to be made already ><”

then i got a message off N.A

she asked if i wanted to stay over her house

and like do karaoke and stuff

i asked the rents

and because i hardly ever go out

they let me :)

i then went over her house

and it was heaps of fun

D.C was there too

it was great :)

there was singing


and so on

it was great fun

i also realised

that the 3 of us all go to different schools

but we always seem to still be able to meet up

we then went to bed

and woke up this morning

then she dropped me home

it was awesome

all my worries went away for the day

well guys

i feel like i should bore you with my retarded stuff


so from time to time

i’ll just tell how my day was

like with my other people

besides him :)

dont forget to watch my video


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