Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well today was basically a hi-bye day
first time i saw him was this morning
he said hi to me
i said hi back
and then we hugged
we then talked for literally a few seconds
he told me he had religion
and the we separated
the next time i saw him was like at the break
at the end
he said hi
and we hugged
and then we talked some more
i told him how i'm downloading big bang theory
and yeah
and i also told him my story about my cousin forgetting to meet up with me and my sister LOL
then he was about to get his bag
but i just told him i need to go to class
and so we hugged
while saying bye to each other
by the end of the day i saw him again
but more about that a little later
i saw him at the gate but we didnt say anything to each other
but thats normal sometimes
i then walked to the shops
i met up with my cousin
and like we just talked about shit
it was good
she then offered to get her friend to drop me home
but like i didnt want to
cause secretly i knew i might bump into him
so i told her i'd just catch bus
i then went to the station
and like sat for 20 mins until a friend of mine from school came and started talking to me
we talked about lots of stuff
we then saw him and his boys walk towards the station
inside me i felt joy
YAY i might be able to hug him again
then my friend mentioned him
and i was like in my mind YAY
i can talk about him LOL
he started to tell me how HIM and his friends grabbed catalogues from one of the shops inside
and like outside at the station they started to hand them out to random people
i found it funny
cause it def. sounded like something his boys and him would do
my bus then came
and as i got up i saw him approach where i was sitting
he saw me and waved
i got out of the line
and went over to wear he was sitting
and hugged him
me standing him sitting
but it was still good
i then asked him if he was going to the creative arts night at school
and he told me he wasnt
i got sad
cause i am going
but he isnt but thats fine
he then handed me a catalogue
as i started to explain the story i heard of him
me and my other friend were just waiting till the line got shorter
we just talked for a bit with HIM and the boys
it was good
the line started to get shorter
and so me and my friend headed to line up
HE was standing up at this point
talking to B.R who was already on the bus
well i went up to him
told him i was going
and so he said bye
and we hugged
i said bye while i was in his arms
[i love how he has to reach down to hug me cause he is tall & how i have to go on my tippy toes cause i'm short]
i then went to go on the bus
as the bus moved away i saw him sitting with his boys
[note; the bus i caught is the right bus for him to get on but he chooses not to cause he likes going on the later bus for a really weird reason LOL]
as i saw him sitting
as we slowly moved away
i knew exactly why i love him
me and my friend
then started to talk
about HIM
how he is confident
and i said how i love that about him
how he doesnt care what people think about him
that he thinks he's awesome
and he really is
then i was alone on the bus
as my friend got off

guys you know J.M the guy
well last year, he was the guy i wrote about in my blog
cause i liked him
like just a crush
not like love
and yeah
i thought he was cute and stuff
and so i told him
and we got heaps close after that
like me and him we like really good friends
he is like one of my bestfriends
i then got over it
cause i started to like HIM
and yeah
i tell J.M the guy everything
whenever i have a problem and shit like that
and he is always there to talk to
and yeah this year we seemed to become closer
like i talk to him heaps more now
and we're close at school
i joke with him and such
its really AWESOME
then last night i have a dream about him
[the first night in months when it wasnt a dream about HIM]
it creeped me out when i woke up
basically in my dream
he was hanging at my house
then i full jumped on his back
and he brought me up the stairs
but we were about to stack it so we just went back downstairs
but i was happy
like hanging with him like that
it was weird
and when i woke up all i kept saying was
why am i dreaming of J.M the guy when i love someone else [HIM]
why would i do that to HIM ?
well i started to tell a few people about it
just A.P the girl and E.M
cause i was that freaked out
and then A.P the girl says
if he like liked me and asked me out
would i give him a chance
and i was like idk
cause he is cute
but i love someone else
but idk
but i know J.M the guy doesnt like me
cause he likes someone else LOL
and i know that
and me and him are like REALLY good friends
and i wouldnt want to ruin it
well it was just creepy
he then walked into class in the morning
and i full said hi excitedly
as if i was guilty of something
as if he knew my dream
it was crazy LOL
J.M the guy is just a friend

that was my day
HELLO and bye from HIM is like the best thing i could ask off him
those are the two things that make me smile and happy everyday
a simple hello and goodbye
i love him very much
with all my heart
he is the best thing that has walked into my life
i love you babe, bestfriend

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