Saturday, June 19, 2010

i miss you very much

i missed him yesterday
but i heard he was happy whereever he was
which made me happy
i have been worried about him
but today i got the chance to speak to him
it was brief
but better than nothing i guess
i asked if he was okay
and he said he was
i asked if A.P the guy spoke to him
and he said yes
and yeah
i didnt bother going into depth
as i didnt have lots of time
cause i was at the shop
i asked if we were cool
and he said we were
i wanna leave it there
i want to leave it for now
cause i dont want to stress
and i dont want to panic
and so ima leave it at that
and just work it out on monday
i dont want to cry anymore
i dont want to do any of that shit
i wanna be myself
i wanna be me
i love him very much
ima leave him at peace
i'm not gonna put shit on him anymore

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