Sunday, June 13, 2010

My bestfriends

today i got to spend the day with my bestfriends
A.P the girl and HIM
i woke up heaps early
and got ready
then A.P the girl (the only A.P in this entry)
messaged me to call HIM
to ask if he was going
well i called
and he told me i was the one who woke him up
and then he said sorry how he couldnt come yesterday
and i said it was fine
and yeah
then yeah
i let him wake himself up
cause he sounded still like he was a sleep LOL
A.P then picked me up
and we went to the place
when we got there
we saw like a couple of rockets launch
and it was so cool
we went to this like place
where this club meets up
and launches rockets they make themselves
it was full hectic
A.P told me to keep calling HIM
and i did
after like 100000000000000000 tries of calling
someone finally answered
and said he already left the house
i then walked up this long ass park
to meet him at the front
to guide him in to the park
as i got to the front
he just arrived
he got out of the car
and walked towards me
i hugged him and said hi
then his mum parked the car out the front
and then he decided to tell me
that his mum and brothers are coming
cause they want to see the rockets too
i was full shocked
and surprised
cause he didnt mention it previously
me and him started walking up
his family behind us
but me and him just kept talking
i told him what i did yesterday
since he didnt come and yeah
we talked and talked
and it was really good
his mum then started talking to me
so we stopped so they could catch up to us
then it was me, him and his mum
as his brothers started running ahead
then we finally got to the park
and i saw A.P
i went up to her
and we all talked and stuff
his fam, him, me and A.P
then more rockets were being launched
i could see the excitement in his eyes
i did get some time with him without his family
it was good
i sat with him on the floor
he started poking me
and i started poking him back
and like i starting punching him lol
i then leaned on him alot
and yeah
we walked
and talked
and hung out
it was the best
at some stages we were with his mum
which was good
cause she is really nice
he is soo smart
he asks all these questions to this man
it was so fun today
i also got to tell A.P about my dream
hahaha O_O
and i started telling her how i was self conscious
like about being with him around his mum
cause like i act really close to him
like at school and stuff
but around his family i am a bit more scared
cause like, idk how they see me
i know one of his brothers k now i like him
but around the others its scary
but it ended up fine
the day was then over
and his mum and youngest bro went off to the car
while him and his other brother stayed with me and A.P
as we asked questions
he finished before us
and like we were still taking a while
so he headed off
i hugged him
and he hugged me back
and i looked in his eyes and said
i'll see you on tuesday
me and A.P then finished and started walking up to the front
we talked heaps
i started telling her again how i was scared being like
all close to him around his mum and stuff
and yeah
and i told her how i had a good day and everything
and yeah we waited for her dad to come
we chilled
and said we should do it again soon
i had a great day today
so much happened
that i cant explain it all
i miss him already :(
and i have to wait till tuesday to see him again
i love him very much
he is the best thing that has happened to me

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