Monday, June 21, 2010

A new week

the weekend was shit
i would have to say
dealing with so much
its not funny
but today was a great day :)
the first thing was at the end of recess
i went up to B.R
and like asked if she got my message
she told me thank you for apologizing
and said how cause of everything that happened
we cant be like friends
but we are like neutral
like yeah
and thats what i want
so i was happy
then as i was in study
i talked to HIM
cause he was there for an assignment or something
i told him like
how i was sorry
casue i talked to L.N and shit
and yeah
but it was all good
he got kinda mad that i keep saying sorry
but anyways
i moved on to the next thing
i told him how i like worked things out with B.R
and he first thought it was cause of him
but then i told him it wasnt
that i wanted to do it
cause she was nice to me and stuff
and he was happy
i full told him how i'm not gonna do shit for him anymore
cause he told me not to
and i'm fully fine with that
hahahaha it was good
then i told him about my cafs results which was 14/15 :)
and he was proud
and we hi fived LOL
then we talked bout maths cause of my parents reaction
then i asked him about A.P the guy
cause A.P the guy went up to him
and told him something
HE told me i can never start a fight between them two which is good
but A.P the guy said to him
" you ruined my friendship with louise"
and he was feeling guilty about it
and like i felt bad
and i was like it wasnt his fault
and he was like it kinda was
then we started talking bout the whole thing
he was telling me how it was A.P's gf, to let him figure the shit out
i admitted i miss being his friend and stuff
and yeah
so i got me thinking
then i realised i was beginning to be like distracting to him
i full hugged him
and like said " arent you proud"
he was full like yes :) and i went up to study
then lunch came
and i didnt know what to do
so i hung out with a couple of my other friends L.C the girl (wow i'm starting to run out of codes LOL)and R.M
so yeah i was talking to them
telling them how shit is going down
but i worked out some of it already
i then asked about like what to do with A.P the guy
they told me to give him another chance
like a final one
and yeah
so when the music started to play
as it was the end of lunch
i walked up to him with M.C
and told him how i am willing to give him another chance
cause i miss hanging with him
and yeah
full telling him
this is his last chance
to not blow it
and that he was on a thin string
so we sorted that out
and like he said sorry
and full hugged me
and i hugged him
and then we had a group hug me, A.P the guy and M.C
it was good
then he went to class
and then me and M.C talked
like about that
why i did it
what changed my mind
then we started talking about A.C
cause ive been having difficulty with her
and yeah
its such a small thing
but it is tearing me and her apart
idk why
so i started to explain
then i left it at that
cause i was late for class
then M.C stayed back at school with me
and me and her talked
like cause my weekend was so shit
cause of me and A.C kind of fight
and yeah
it was pretty bad
emailing and shit
we currently still email
cause it is weird at school
today was weird
i just worry bout M.C
how she is taking all of it
we talked about it and other stuff like A.P the guy
and HIM
and yeah it was good
then we got on the bus after school
and talked some more about it all
and then i saw him with his boys
and just smiled :)
i have a good feeling about this week
i love him very much
just gotta work shit out with A.C

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