Saturday, June 19, 2010


i'm making peace with B.R right now
like idk if she'll get this message
but i felt i needed to do this
she was so nice to me on friday
i know its time

"Hey, ummms thanks for friday
like with directions
and like with the end bit
i'm sure you helped in some way
i'm gonna make this public,
the year is ending
and i wanted to say this
i'm sorry for the past
i've been a bitch and stuff like that
and i just wanted to say sorry and make peace
i know it may be too late
but idk i felt like saying this now
you're such a nice person
i can see that
this may not mean much
like i know it may not mean friends
i really dont mind
but i wanted to be able to at least make peace with you
so yeah
sorry if this is SOOOO random
just after friday, i felt like i needed to do this
thanks again for friday
and sorry for whatever happened in the past
idk if i ever thanked you for the past
like when we were bestfriends
but thank you
and again sorry
anyways i'm gonna leave it there cause i know this is already a lot
but yeah
ummm, see you at school i guess

now it is the waiting game
i wonder what will happen next

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