Thursday, June 3, 2010


well another day :)
well today i talked him
KINDA in the long break
he came up to me cause i was talking to A.P the guy
and then he comes up and i put my arms out
for him to hug me
and like he tells me he came first in maths :)
2 unit of course
and i was like really happy for him
so i gave him another hug
cause i know how hard he tries
then that was it
next time i talked to him
was at the end when he was with my ancient history teacher
idk why he is always with him
but whatever LOL
yeah they were talking about like history
and i was like to HIM
man you talk more to sir then you talk to me LOL
i was like "i'm so cut LOL"
then he grabed me for a hug
and i hugged back
and then he went off to class
then at the end of the day
i walked with him to the station
but he stopped half way
cause he was waiting for the other boys :)
so then i like walked with A.P the guy
it was so depressing
before we left HIM
i hugged him bye
he seemed confused why i was going
i told him i had to get home asap
so yeah he nodded and hugged me back
and i ran off to catch up with A.P the guy
i love him very much
even now
i love him MORE & MORE
he will always be my bestfriend

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