Tuesday, July 20, 2010

190710 + 200710

yesterday i saw him in the morning

i ran to him

and we hugged

i asked how was his trip

and told him i missed him

but you know what

i feel like i didnt feel like i did before

i saw him a few times through out the day

at recess and lunch when i was with A.P the guy

and it wasnt too bad

it felt normal

i love him but idk, he’s suppose to be my bestfriend

but since the whole girl thing last term

its been weird

but idk

then at the end of the day

i was talking to M.C and was telling her how i might be over him

and she told me if i was sure

lol i decided to see how things go

cause like if he can lead a complete stranger on for like a year

what would he do if it was me

i dont wanna get hurt

i still love him

but its different now


i saw him in the morning

but we didnt hug

i got sad for a moment

but moved on from it

he actually said hi to me first

like he said my name :)


i only spoke to him a couple of times

well the only time i could remember was when i was trying to scare A.P the guy

i put my hands over his eyes

which i like do with everyone

and HE was helping me out trying to get him to guess

A.P the guy never got it


A.P the guy felt my ring

when he was trying to guess

and said it out loud

WOW a ring

and i saw HIS face light up when he saw it was the ring he gave me

i wear it all the time

i guess he was surprised i still did

well that was the most significant bit

idk it was just nice

i miss being close to him

far out

i love him


anyways on another note

i have an announcement

i may not be able to write for the next 4 weeks

cause i have to study

for my exams i have in like 2 weeks

my trial exams before the HSC

so yeah

forgive me if i dont get the chance to write

love you all


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