Monday, August 23, 2010


i feel totally bad that i have been leaving you guys out

how are you all?

i’ve been getting my results back

so far i have been passing which is good

except for english which i failed :(

but whatever

i’ve been really sick lately

also another reason why i havent been writing

but i’ve been shopping sooooo much

even when i’m sick

my sister bought me a new phone

it is the BEST

i also got to hang with one of my cousins on wednesday, last week

and then some more cousins on saturday

it was GREAT

i love my cousins very much

and i’ve been hanging with the sisters and the dad a lot lately

which i always love

but with my mum

well that problem will never fix

she made me cry twice yesterday

and its like really hard for me to express

she just hurts me way to much

just one thing i can say

if she wasnt my mum, i wouldnt feel like i have to love her

thats all i’ll say

but yeah with HIM everything is great

we talk and hug like always

and it feels good to have him as a bestfriend still

i hope i have updated you enough for now

well you guys are awesome for the support


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