Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling the way i did when her first left me

these are just snippets of convos me and my ex had
that show me he did love me
he just moved on before i did
Me; what if you forget about me
him; i wont
me; you never know
him; i wont, i promise
me; i hope you dont, i wont forget you
him; i know

him; you walk past me like 50 times
me; i do??
him; yeah
me; noo
him; yes
me; i dont see you
him; cause you're talking to logan lol
me; then i dont walk past you on purpose
him; i dont care, ur happy wen ur with them
me; really?
him; yeah
me; so when i'm happy, you're happy
him; yeah

me; you smiled at the beginning, like in the lines and gave me a hug
him; id give you a hug even if i was depressed

me; i love you W...

Out Of The Blue he said this
him; i love you
me; i love you too, is something wrong
him; no why
me; idk
him; what, cant i say i love you
me; yeah you can :D i like when you say it

him; what did i promise you
me; do you mind telling me again
him; i would never leave you
me; but the point is you will
him; i wont
me; i'm not ready to let you go
him; i'm not ready too and i won't

i've relived 2 major fights between us
and i cant take it
i'll always love my ex
but in the end
we were two different people
and i know inside me
im better off without him

more than anyone in the world
i think of my ex
and then see a picture of sebastian
and know i'm gonna be okay

SEBASTIAN makes me a better person
he makes sure
everything works out in the end

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